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The Best Things To Do In Pennsylvania

by Dhriti

About Pennsylvania

From the old towers to the sandy shores, Pennsylvania is the keystone state which is well recognized for its role in forming the foundations of the United States of America. Along with fulfilling the role of the foundation, this state is also the perfect blend of beauty throughout history. Also, travelers from all across the world love to explore this magnificent state and its various landscapes and attractions. There are many things to do in Pennsylvania that offers an unforgettable experience. In addition, there are many airlines that also operate their services in Pennsylvania. You can plan your adventurous trip in Pennsylvania with cheap flights to Pennsylvania. Let’s begin the adventures in Pennsylvania.

Begin your Exploration in the Pennsylvania State Capitol

Immerse yourself in the beautiful architecture of the Pennsylvania State Capitol.

Located in Harrisburg, The Pennsylvania State Capitol is the perfect place to begin your adventures. This building is one of the finest examples of architecture in this city and the surrounding area. Moreover, it features a beautiful dome that was built in 1906. You can explore this beautiful architecture and can get to know more about the cultural legacy of this city.

Get mesmerized by the beautiful gardens at Phipps Conservatory

Find out more about the formation of the Phipps conservatory

Head towards the Phipps Conservatory that was founded in the year 1898. It was a real estate magnate and steel magnate who constructed the conservatory as a present to the City of Pittsburgh. Moreover, these public gardens are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. You can explore and enjoy the unique way of educating.

Explore the biggest collection of Rodin’s work at The Rodin Museum

Explore the largest collection of Auguste Rodin’s Work at the Rodin Museum that was opened in 1929. This collection was presented by the business magnate Jules Mastbaum who donated the works in the hope of enriching the lives of fellow citizens. In addition, The Thinker is one of the eBay known works of Rodin which attracts many tourists to visit this museum. Moreover, it is one of the best things to do in Pennsylvania where you can learn more about the work of Rodin.

Fall in Love with the chocolates at Hershey Park

Indulge in various chocolate flavors at Hershey Park.

Discover the joy of everyone’s favorite Chocolate Hershey at Hershey Park which is located next to Hershey’s Chocolate Factory that began its life in the year 1906, when the famous chocolate factory Hershey inaugurated this leisure park for their employees which is nowadays a very popular theme park globally. With over 70 attractions and rides,this park is globally famous and attracts lots of tourists. Moreover, it is one of the best things to do in Pennsylvania. The major attraction of this park is showing how chocolate is formed along with the free samples of chocolates.

Attain more information about the city at The Rivers of Steel

Explore the National Heritage Area of The Rivers of Steel situated in Southwestern Pennsylvania which focuses on the promotion, interpretation, and celebration. With the valleys of Monongahela, Ohio, and lower Allegheny rivers, the area of Rivers of Steel develops historical and cultural resources in western Pennsylvania at some of the destinations like Carrie Blast Furnaces, Pinkerton’s landing, and many more. If you are keen on learning more information then Rivers of Steel offers plenty of informative tours and events to the public.

Get inspired by the Bible stories at The Sight and Sound Theaters

Take inspiration from the biblical stories at the Sight and Sound Theater.

Know more about the bible stories at The Sight and Sound Theater. This company has two locations one in Ronks and the other one in Branson. Moreover, the main purpose of this theater is to bring more bible stories to life and inspire more people in the world to follow the path of positivity.

Explore the Amish Culture along with the railroad history at the Strasburg

Know more about the Amish culture at Strasburg

Know more about the Amish Culture and railroad history at Strasburg. This attraction is a home to the National Toy Train Museum that has extensive displays of model train collections from the era of the 1800s through today. You can discover more about these trains and can also purchase souvenirs from the Strasburg Train Shop. 

Get the deep insight into the life of American pop artists at the Andy Warhol Museum

Get an insightful look at the life of the great American Pop Artist at the Andy Warhol Museum. This museum displays some of the popular pieces of Elvis portraits, Marilyn, and many more. Moreover, there are some exhibits that are related to his life from his early years till the end of his life.

Explore the Reading Terminal Market

Discover more about the Philadelphia institution that was inaugurated in 1893. At that time farmers and fishermen used to sell their goods in an open-air market. Nowadays it has become the major attraction where locals and tourists enjoy a wide variety of cuisines at the nearby restaurants along with some purchasing of fresh vegetables and baked goods. Moreover, to keep up with the theme, visitors will also find plenty of cookbooks with unique kitchen supplies to fulfill the complete experience.

Get mesmerized by the beauty of Fallingwater

The beautiful Fallingwater is the ideal place to discover the tranquility of nature.

Fall in love with the mesmerizing architecture of Fallingwater which is one of the popular buildings designed by Frank Llyod Wright with the natural world around it. Moreover, the Kauffman family is the main attraction of the city and one of the best things to do in Pennsylvania. Also, the immense and small sculptures showcase the culture of Mexican folk art.

Dig into the history of this cave at The Indian Echo Caverns

The glorious caves are a greater reflection of Pennsylvania's history

Find out more about the history of the stunning show cave that is found not far from Hummelstown in the southeast corner of the state. The fascinating caves are the center attraction that allures many tourists worldwide. Various archeological findings are unearthed in the fields and farms in the entrance from where they can learn more about its fascinating past during the tour of the commercialized caverns. Furthermore, you can also find the picnic area, the playground here where you can plan and enjoy your next get-together with your family and friends.

Enjoy thrilling rides at the Dutch Wonderland

Create memories by exploring and enjoying the thrilling rides at Dutch Wonderland.

Dutch Wonderland is home to thrilling roller coaster rides along with the various castles and slides. It is a festive and fun theme park that is a delight to all the family and friends. Moreover, to the east of Lancaster, the Kingdom for Kids is particularly suitable for small children. Once you enter this wonderland the festival of sounds, sights, and smells along with the colorful rides will greet you everywhere you look.

Wrapping Up

Pennsylvania is not only part of the Appalachian and Great Lakes but the Mid-Atlantic too. With lots of different sides situated in the northeast of the United States, it boasts the scenic countryside and the farmland along with some mesmerizing beauty of valleys and mountains. This state is definitely a must-visit state once in a lifetime you can also fly and book cheap flight tickets to Pennsylvania with lowestflightfare.

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