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About Barcelona

Barcelona is a city in Spain and is the capital of the region Catalonia. It is famous for its architecture, art, the fantastic Sagrada Familía church and other landmarks. Barcelona is a commercial centre and the major Mediterranean port of Spain. Apart from this, it is well renowned for the very famous Football Club of Barcelona, festivals, street parties, sand beaches and what not. If you want to visit this beautiful city, book your cheap flights from rdm to bcn Spain, and get ready to explore all that it offers. A trip to Barcelona will be worth a visit if you plan your itinerary well in advance and take notes of this guide.

To travel on flights from Redmond to Barcelona, you’ll have to take flights from Redmond Municipal Airport in Redmond and land at Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport in Barcelona, Spain.   

Peak/Low Season ( rdm to bcn Spain )

The best time to visit Barcelona depends on what weather or climate you like to travel and explore the city in. The average temperature in this city is around 16°C annually with August, being the most hottest month with a temperature of 24°C and January, being the most coldest with a temperature of 9°C. If you want to travel from rdm to bcn Spain, the ideal time to visit his city according to the majority of tourists is from the month of May to the month of June.

Flight from Redmond to Barcelona ( rdm to bcn Spain )

To get Barcelona city pass, you’ll have to consider booking your flights with United Airlines at a cost of 958 USD for a one-way trip. However, for a round-trip, consider booking with Delta Airlines at a cost of 1340 USD. In addition, there are no direct or nonstop flights available for this route, you’ll have to expect at least one layover in Seattle or Paris.

Furthermore, the merchandising airports on this route for flights from Redmond to Barcelona are- Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM) and Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport (BCN). And, the airlines serving on this route are- United, Air Canada, SWISS, Delta, Air France, KLM, Alaska, Finnair, etc.

Let’s look at the insights concluding the flights from rdm to bcn Spain:

AirlinesOne-way tripAirlinesRound-trip
United, Air Canada958 USDDelta, Air France1340 USD
United, SWISS963 USDDelta, KLM1346 USD
Delta, Air France988 USDAlaska, Finnair1348 USD
Delta, KLM995 USDUnited, SWISS1750 USD
United, Air Canada, Austrian1094 USDUnited, Air Canada, Austrian1759 USD
Alaska, Finnair, British Airways1204 USDUnited, Air Canada1763 USD
United, Lufthansa1773 USDAmerican, Iberia1869 USD
Delta, KLM1810 USDUnited, Lufthansa1950 USD

Eateries in Barcelona City ( rdm to bcn Spain )

  • Bellebuon
    One of the highest rated restaurants that serve the best Italian cuisine along with gluten free options. It is ranked as one of the best restaurants because of the amazing quality of food. This restaurant also takes complete measures against COVID-19.
  • Lato Café – Breakfast Brunch y Ceviches 
    With an amazing ambiance, this cafe is the most preferred as it serves Latin cuisine along with delicious seafood in a cozy and modern environment. This is an instagram-able place in Barcelona City and you should try it for sure.
  • Vrutal 
    This place is a must try if you travel from rdm to bcn Spain. It offers a bar setting but also serves healthy food including vegetarian dishes and gluten free options. This is best ranked in terms of ambiance, food, service, worth of money and taking proper precautions against COVID-19.

Accommodations in Barcelona City

LowAlimara Barcelona Hotel  79 USD
MidCasa Camper Hotel Barcelona  193 USD
LuxuryW Barcelona  373 USD

Things to do in Barcelona City

  • La Sagrada Familia
    La Basilica de Sagrada Familia is an exceptional temple built by Antoni Gaudí in and for the town. This temple is still under construction even after 140 years. It is still the largest unfinished Roman Catholic Church. Book your flights from rdm to bcn
  • Spain to visit this famous place.  
  • Casa Batllo
    This is a huge building in the centre of Barcelona, also one of the finest artworks of Antoni Gaudí. It was the home of the Batlló family and due to its marvellous architecture it is currently a UNESCO world heritage site that offers space for various events.
  • Cathedral of Barcelona
    It is a Gothic cathedral of Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia constructed from the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries. This site has gone through various changes by the years and also because of the increasing number of tourists who visit this place. The cathedral is dedicated to Eulalia whose body is entombed in the cathedral’s crypt.
  • Visit the other places such as stadiums to watch Barcelona’s favourite football matches, Barca, man city vs Barcelona, and make your trip worth the visit. 


  1. What is the duration of flight from Redmond to Barcelona?

    The flight duration will be about 16h 11m.

  2. Are there any direct/ non-stop flights from Redmond to Barcelona available?

    No, there are no non-stop flights available for this route, you'll have to expect at least one layover in Seattle or Paris.

  3. What is the best day to take flights from rdm to bcn Spain?

    For travelling from Redmond to Barcelona consider flying on Wednesday and avoid Saturday for the best deals.

  4. What are the cheapest prices to take flights from Redmond to Barcelona?

    The cheapest prices to take flights from Redmond to Barcelona are offered by United Airlines for a one-way trip at a fare of 958 USD and 1340 USD for a round-trip offered by Delta Airlines.

  5. Which Airports will I be using to take flights from Redmond to Barcelona?

    You will board a flight from Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM) and land at Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport (BCN).

  6. Can I travel from Redmond to Barcelona now?

    Yes, you can travel from Redmond to Barcelona now, but with some travel restrictions. You might need to provide a Covid-19 negative report taken within three days or a valid vaccination certificate at arrival.

  7. Can I cancel my flight booking from Redmond to Barcelona due to COVID-19?

    You can easily cancel your flight booking, although it's best to check in with the airline's policies before moving forward. The cancellation policies vary from airline to airline. Moreover, visit the customer support portal of the particular airline to learn more about the guidelines for your flight from rdm to bcn Spain.

  8. How much is the distance from Redmond to Barcelona?

    It is approximately 5401 miles from Redmond to Barcelona.

  9. Is Barcelona safe for travel?

    Barcelona is usually a safe city provided that you avoid indulging in any unnecessary nuisance.

  10. What is the currency used in Barcelona?

    The currency used in Barcelona is Euro (€).

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