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LFF India- born with an aim to cater to the millions of Indians who are looking for a seamless and affordable means of air transport. We have been empowering budget-savvy travelers by making air travel accessible and affordable to all. We endeavor to avail the access to an innovative and intuitive travel technology, where you can find the most desired flights. We invest in a technology that helps remove the friction and seamlessly connect Indian travelers with the most cost-efficient budget travel.


As one of the largest travel marketplaces, we aggregate millions of real-time data on both domestic and international flights traveling to/from /within India. With more organized filter options, travelers can easily get the desired flights at the price they are looking for.

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We are a rare breed of travel service providers, who dedicate themselves to providing you with detailed and organized flight booking information at a reasonable price, sometimes paired-up with big deals and discounts. No matter where and when you want to go, we make it seamless and back it up with our round-the-clock assistance.

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Booking a flight is tough when there is millions of information, yet you can’t find your desired deal. To make it uninterrupted and smooth, we have organized the data categorically so that when you filter your search, you can easily get the desired results and book our service easily.

Book Domestic Flights

Indian airlines carry over 400,000 passengers daily, which is a big number. Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi itself, is ranked the second-busiest airport in the world and has seen a huge surge in daily average domestic traffic. The airport operates over 867 domestic flights daily, let alone international ones.

These large numbers of domestic air passengers prefer online booking sites to get the most affordable flight deals. Being a cheap flight provider, LFF India collaborates with Indian airlines and makes flight fares affordable for domestic and international passengers.

Since the domestic airlines have taken to the sky, the flight fares have decreased, making air travel lucrative to Indian passengers. Due to the boom of low-cost airlines, cheap tickets, and ease of booking, passengers are giving high preferences to air travel. Being in the market for more than a decade, our expertise in the field states that people will seek a more seamless and fast-paced flight booking site that offers cheap flights.

Major Airlines in India


Air India

Air India- the flag carrier airlines of India, operates a fleet of over 127 aircrafts, mainly consisting of Airbus and Boeing. The airline connects more than 102 domestic and international destinations across four continents. It is owned by Talace Private Limited, a special purpose vehicle of TATA Sons.



Vistara is an Indian full-service airline, based in Gurgaon. It is a joint venture between TATA Sons and Singapore Airlines, and has a 4.7% share of the domestic carrier market. With a fleet size of 51 aircrafts, consisting of Airbus and Boeing, Vistara connects 34 destinations worldwide.


Indigo is a low-cost airline, headquartered in Gurgaon. It is the largest airline in India and fourth-largest air carrier in Asia by passengers carried and fleet size, which consists of 277 aircrafts. The airline connects 71 domestic and 25 international destinations, and operates over 15,00 flights daily.



Spicejet is an Indian low-cost airline, which is also the second-largest airline in India by number of domestic passengers carried. It operates 630 daily flights to 54 domestic and 15 international destinations, from its hub at Delhi and Hyderabad.


Go First

Go First, formerly known as Go Air, is an Indian ultra-low-cost airline, headquartered in Mumbai. Furthermore, it operates 330 daily flights and connects 36 destinations, including 27 domestic and 9 international destinations, from its hubs at Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, and Kannur.


AirAsia India

AirAsia India is a joint venture between TATA Sons and AirAsia. It commenced its operation in 2014 and is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. With a fleet size of 28 aircraft, it connects 17 destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Air Travel has become a popular means of transport in India. Each day, at least 400,000 passengers take up the Indian skies and travel to different cities. There are nine major airlines in India that accommodate such a large number of travellers. The most popular airlines are- Air India, Vistara, Indigo, Spicejet, Go First, and AirAsia. If air travel is on your card, you can conveniently book cheap flights with lowestflightfares.com.

The reason behind the popularity of air travel in India is the affordability. When you book your flights with lowestflightfares.com, we help you get the cheapest flight rates of the day, so that you can make an informed decision.

The best way to avail cheap flights is to first authenticate the airline ticket fares and cling to the website, which offers you the cheap flight deals. If you book flights to/from/within India with Lowest Flight Fare, we let you scrutinize your search, so that you can get your desired flight deals.

To book a domestic flight with Lowest Flight Fare,

  • Visit our website
  • Enter the origin and destination
  • Mention the date
  • Number of passengers

Once you enter the information, you are eligible to filter the search. If you are looking for a cheap flight, our page will display the most affordable flight deals of the day. Once you select, you can book your reservation easily.

We are known for offering the lowest flight rate and so if you are looking for budget flight tickets, then look no further than Lowest Flight Fares. Once you enter the details of your journey, like, origin, and destination, with the number of passengers, just select the ‘price’ filter, and adjust according to your convenience.

To avail the best flight ticket price, and flight deals on every route, you must visit Lowest Flight Fares. However, for more convenient results, search and book your flights at least two weeks before the scheduled journey. We frequently offer occasional flight deals, discounts, and promo codes, which you can add while booking flight with us.

Whether you are booking domestic flights or international flights, our commitment to offer the lowest flight price remains the same. You just have to mention the route, and we will cater the most updated and cheapest flight rate to you.

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