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About Riyadh

Riyadh is a world of contrasts. The futuristic projects and ancient tradition co-exist here peacefully. This capital city of Saudi Arabia  is known for its seamless blend of ancient fortresses and modern glass skyscrapers that stand side-by-side. From desert landscape to barren mountains, from audacious skyscrapers to the oasis of Wadi Hanifah, Riyad promises a myriad of experiences. Hence, while taking Bengaluru to Riyadh flights, expect to discover a land, which is steeped in Arabian history and yet thriving with urbanization.

Best Time to Book Bengaluru to Riyadh Flights

Riyadh features a desert climate, with the exception of the southwestern part, which experiences a semi-arid climate. Summers in Riyad are long, hot, sweltering, and arid, and winters are cool and dry. Hence, the best time to visit Riyadh is between November to February, when the weather is comparatively comfortable for sightseeing.

Details About Bengaluru to Riyadh Flights

Major airlines providing regular flights from Bengaluru to Riyadh are Gulf Air, Etihad, Air India Express, Air Arabia, Oman Air, IndiGo, Air India, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Saudia, Lufthansa, and Turkish Airlines, etc. But none of these airlines offer non-stop flights on this route. So, expect one or more layovers at Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Bahrain, Sharjah, and Delhi.

There are 110 flights available on a daily basis and the fastest flight on this route takes 07 hours and 20 minutes. To avail cheap flights from Bengaluru to Riyadh, book your seat with Gulf Air at the cost of SAR 680 for a one-way trip, and SAR 904 for a round trip.

Furthermore, the nearest airports to travel between the two cities are Kempegowda International Airport and King Khalid International Airport (BLR-RUH).

Here are some insights concluding flight fares from Bengaluru to Riyadh:

One Way Trip
AirlinesAirlines NamePriceAction
Gulf AirGulf AirSAR 680Book Now
Oman AirOman AirSAR 692Book Now
SV - SaudiaSaudiaSAR 714Book Now
Air indiaAir India ExpressSAR 778Book Now
6EIndiGoSAR 801Book Now
Round Trip
AirlinesAirlines NamePriceAction
Gulf AirGulf AirSAR 904Book Now
Air indiaAir IndiaSAR 912Book Now
6EIndiGoSAR 1,036Book Now
EYEtihadSAR 1,094Book Now
Air ArabiaAir ArabiaSAR 1,120Book Now

Best Restaurants in Riyadh

Agio - Restaurants Riyadh


Agio is a recently opened Italian restaurant in Riyadh. Its menu draws inspiration from the Amalfi Coast and so, you can expect an exquisite dining experience here. Its decor is sophisticated and has an inviting ambience. Their pasta, pizza, fish, and meat dishes stand out as excellent.

Zafran Restaurant-Riyadh


Zafran is an Indian restaurant that stands out as a culinary gem in Riyadh. Its eclectic menu and vibrant ambience attract a large crowd. The dining area is filled with the aroma of spices and herbs. You must try their parda biryani, gosht biryani, prawn coconut curry, Awadhi gosht, and fish curry.

Cipriani Restaurant Riyadh


This upscale restaurant in Riyadh is popular among the international crowds, who stop by at this place to enjoy Italian fare. It has a classy decor, with glass chandeliers, high gloss oak tables, and bespoke blue leather chairs. Apart from pastas and pizzas, patrons appreciate their veal brisket.

Best Hotels in Riyadh

Hilton Riyadh Hotel & Residences

Hilton Riyadh Hotel & Residences

Location : 6623 Eastern Ring Rd, Ghirnatah, Riyadh 13241, Saudi Arabia

Price : SAR 858

Ramada by Wyndham Riyadh

Ramada by Wyndham

Location : MPF8+JCM, 7038 Prince Mansour Bin Abdulaziz St, Al Wizarat, Riyadh 11422, Saudi Arabia

Price : SAR 490

Business Inn Tahlia Hotel Riyadh

Business Inn Tahlia Hotel

Location : Prince Muhammad Ibn Abd Al Aziz, As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh 12242, Saudi Arabia

Price : SAR 300

Places to Visit in Riyadh

Ein Heet Cave - Riyadh

Ein Heet Cave

Heet Cave is a natural solutional cave, located 30 km from Riyadh. It is known for its unique limestone formations and natural water reservoir. It also has several sinkholes that serve as an entrance to a large groundwater basin. It is not a very popular tourist attraction but is a must-visit.

Deera Square Riyadh

Deera Square

If you have heard about the horrific Chop Chop square of Saudi Arabia, then you are already aware of what happens in this square. The Deera Square, also known as Chop Chop Square, is a former site of public executions, where those sentenced to death were publicly beheaded. On general days, the square is lively, full of people, who visit the Murabba Historical Palace, Masmak Fort, nearby park, and a mosque.

Wadi Hanifa Riyadh

Wadi Hanifa – Riyadh

Wadi Hanifa, in the Najd Plateau, is one of the city’s prominent natural landmarks. This verdant valley, cutting across 120 meters of desert rock is a real treat to the sore eyes in an otherwise dry landscape. It is also one of the biggest natural reserves of Saudi Arabia.


  • How long does it take to fly from Bengaluru to Riyadh?

    It takes 07 hours and 20 minutes to fly from Bengaluru to Riyadh. The aerial distance between Bengaluru and Riyadh is 2,203 miles.

  • Can I fly directly from Bengaluru to Riyadh?

    At present, no airlines have any non-stop flights between Bengaluru and Riyadh.

  • Which airlines fly to Riyadh from Bengaluru?

    Gulf Air, Etihad, Air India Express, Air Arabia, Oman Air, IndiGo, Air India, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Saudia, Lufthansa, and Turkish Airlines, etc., are some of the major airlines that fly from Bengaluru to Riyadh.

  • How much is a flight from Bengaluru to Riyadh?

    An average airfare for a Bengaluru to Riyadh flight may cost you around SAR 680 for a one-way trip, and SAR 904 for a round trip.

  • How many flights are there between Bengaluru and Riyadh?

    There are a total of 1,400 weekly flights between Bengaluru and Riyadh, which means 200 flights daily.

  • Which Airports will I be using to fly from Bengaluru to Riyadh?

    You will board a flight from Kempegowda International Airport and King Khalid International Airport (BLR-RUH).

  • What’s the cheapest day to fly to Riyadh?

    While traveling to Riyadh consider flying on a Monday, and avoid weekends and holidays since it’s more expensive.

  • What is Riyadh known for?

    Riyadh is the cultural capital of Saudi Arabia. It is known for various cultural centers, museums, libraries, and ancient Arabic monuments.

  • Which language is spoken in Riyadh?

    Arabic is the official language of Riyadh.

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Airports Near Riyadh
  • King Khaled International Airport – RUH
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