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About Mexico

With year-round warm weather and diverse destinations, Mexico is a popular tourist destination in North America. From luxury beach resorts to the ruins of Mayan civilization, Mexico is home to a wide array of attractions that appeal to all kinds of visitors. Additionally, its colonial heritage, rugged landscape, and Mexican culinary scene equally captivate visitors. Hence, while taking an India to Mexico flight, make sure to have enough days in your itinerary to explore the country’s best cities.

Best Time to Book India to Mexico Flights

Mexico has a diverse climate. The northern and central Mexico experiences very arid and semi-arid climate. The mountains, coastal plains of the Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, and the northeastern part of Yucatan peninsula experience sub-humid climate. The most popular month to explore Mexico is between December and April, when there is no rain.

Details About India to Mexico Flights

There are no direct flights available from India to Mexico. Popular non-direct routes between the two countries are DEL-MEX, BOM-CUN, and DEL-CUN. Airlines like Air Nippon, Air France, KLM, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Air Canada, American Airlines, Lufthansa offer regular flights between the countries. It may take around 30 hours to reach Mexico from India, with one or two layovers at Tokyo, Barcelona, Paris, and Amsterdam.

Moreover, the average India to Mexico flight ticket price would be around MXN 13,277 for a one-way trip and MXN 25,358 for a round trip.

Best Restaurants in Mexico

Campobaja restaurant Mexico


If you are in Mexico City, a trip to this oyster bar restaurant is a must. This trendy restaurant with wooden accents and terrace, is frequented by the locals, who come here to relish their seafood. Their spiny shell scallop and kumamoto oysters are popular among the patrons.

Rosa Negra restaurant Mexico

Rosa Negra

Rosa Negra is a Latin American restaurant in Cancun. Its extensive menu features Kobe beef and a giant plate of crab. You may also like their highly recommended lobster tacos with avocados, habañero-cucumber dressing, and pico de gallo, and ceviches and tiraditos.

Alux Restaurant Mexico

Alux Restaurant

Diners descend down the stairs of Alux Restaurant and step inside a cave. With colorful lighting and live bats, this one-of-a-kind Playa del Carmen restaurant offers an extraordinary dining experience. Diners here are surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites.

Best Hotels in Mexico

Punta Blanca Beach House Mexico

Punta Blanca Beach House

Location : Santa Fatima 3 Blvd. Costa Mujeres, 77400 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico

Price : MXN 5,420

Meliora by Bunik Mexico

Meliora by Bunik

Location : Calle 10 Nte Bis entre Ave 20 y 25 Avenida Solidaridad 25, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

Price : MXN 3,400

Casa Mazonce Mexico

Casa Mazonce

Location : Río Amazonas 11, Col. Renacimiento, Cuauhtémoc, 06500 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Price : MXN 670

Places to Visit in Mexico

Tulum Mexico


If you are fascinated by the ancient civilizations, then Tulum should be on your list. Tulum is home to several pristine beaches and waterfront Mayan ruins that appeal to both beach goers and history buffs. Moreover, in Tulum, you can find several water-filled caverns and bio reserves to explore.

Copper Canyon Mexico

Copper Canyon

Located in Chihuahua, the northern state of Mexico, Copper Canyon is home to one of the most visited tourist attractions of the country. The Copper Canyon is a group of spectacular canyons, which are larger and deeper than the US’s Grand Canyon. You can explore the beauty of the canyon either by scenic trail trip or by bike.

Chichen Itza Mexico

Chichen Itza

Visit Chichen Itza, one of the biggest and best restored archeological sites of Mexico. This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to some of the most fascinating Mayan ruins, including massive El Castillo, also called the pyramid of Kukulkan. Caracol, a 1000 year old observatory, is another highlight of Chichen Itza that proves how advanced the Mayans were.

Book an India to Mexico flight to explore the country’s rich heritage.


  • Does Air India go to Mexico?

    Air India doesn’t have any flights to Mexico from India.

  • Is there a direct flight from India to Mexico?

    At present, no airline offers direct flights from India to Mexico.

  • Does Mexico allow Indian Citizens?

    Yes. Mexico receives a large number of tourists from India. However, before visiting Mexico, Indian passport holders must apply for a visa.

  • How long can Indians stay in Mexico?

    Indians can stay up to 90 days. However, the Mexican tourist visa for Indians is valid for 180 days. If you want to extend your stay, you need to complete a new FMM application form from outside Mexico.

  • How much does a flight cost from India to Mexico?

    An average airfare for a flight from India to Mexico costs MXN 13,277 for a one-way trip and MXN 25,358 for a round trip.

  • Is Mexico safe to travel now from India?

    Being one of the most popular tourist destinations, Mexico is pretty much safe. However, it is best to stay away from secluded areas after dark.

  • Is Mexico visa free for Indian?

    Indians visiting Mexico must obtain a valid visa to enter the country.

  • What is the best day to fly from India to Mexico?

    While traveling from India to Mexico, consider flying on a Monday, and avoid weekends and holidays since it’s more expensive.

  • What is Mexico famous for?

    Mexico is home to luxury resorts, towns, pristine beaches, mountains, rainforests, colonial buildings, ancient Mayan ruins, rich culture, and incredible cuisine.

  • Which language is spoken in Mexico?

    Spanish is widely spoken in Mexico.

  • Which month is the cheapest to fly to Mexico?

    As per our latest research, airlines are dropping their fare for flights to / from Mexico in the month of November.

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