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About Haryana

Haryana is a state blessed with history, natural beauty, heritage, monuments, etc. It has well developed modern infrastructure as well. The state culture has a strong connection with enjoyment of folk music. The Punjab Plains and the Indo-Gangetic Plains also run through the state. The state is well known for its involvement in agriculture and livestock and plays a vital role in supplying food to the rest of the nation. There are a large number of both domestic as well as international Cheap flights to Haryana to experience its culture and beauty.

Best Time to Book Flights to Haryana

The state experiences very low rainfall throughout the year. The months from October to March are considered the most favourable ones to visit the state as the heat levels drop and the weather starts to become more favourable and pleasant. This is especially beneficial for those interested in sightseeing.

Top Places to Visit in Haryana

Sultanpur National Park

A city that has come a long way from once being a dull suburb to one of the nations most urbanised locations. Its popularity among tourists has only grown over the years. For the modern day millennials there are a decent number of malls and night clubs available here. Additionally, the state also has a lot to offer for nature lovers such as the Sultanpur National Park and Bird Sanctuary or the Sohna Lake which also offers a beautiful view of the Aravalli mountains and is considered a great picnic spot for tourists as well as locals. 

Kurukshetra Haryana

The city also known as Dharmakshetra and is also referred to by many as the “Land of the Bhagavad Gita”. The city has a lot of religious and historical significance in Hindu scripture. It is believed to have been a prominent location for Vedic civilization and education as well. Several Sikh Gurus and Lord Buddha himself are also believed to have visited the city before adding to its importance in their religions as well. The city is known for its museums, lakes, temples, etc. which make great tourist attractions. Its religious appeal as well as archeological attractions also appeal greatly to tourists.

the Kabuli Shah Mosque Haryana

The city is famous for three historical battles that were fought in it. The place was also founded as one of the five prasthas by the Pandava brothers during the Mahabharat times. Remains of countless temples, forts and monuments exist even to this date. There’s Islamic architecture as well present within the region such as the Tomb of Bu Ali Shah Kalandar, Ibrahim Lodhi’s grave, the Kabuli Shah Mosque, etc. All the aforementioned sites add great historical and archaeological significance to the city and act as great crowd pullers with regards to tourism. The city is also known for its textile production and has been nicknamed as the ‘Textile City’ and the ‘City of Weavers’.

Popular Flight Routes to Haryana

Haryana doesn’t have too many major airports; most people book flights to nearby cities and then travel into the state.

DepartingDestinationDurationBest Price
MumbaiChandigarh02h 15mINR 4,585
ChennaiChandigarh02h 50mINR 6,797
LucknowChandigarh01h 15mINR 3,232
BangaloreDehradun02h 40mINR 5,884
HyderabadDehradun02h 15mINR 6,750
PuneDehradun02h 25mINR 5,539
KolkataDelhi01h 50mINR 5,147
KochiDelhi03h 05mINR 5,961
AhmedabadDelhi01h 25mINR 2,339

Popular Airports in Haryana

Haryana doesn’t have any functional airport as of today; most people book flights to nearby cities and then travel into the state.

AirportsCodeCity ServedAnnual Passengers
Indira Gandhi International AirportDELDelhi3,93,38,998
Dehradun Airport / Jolly Grant AirportDEDDehradun9,17,949
Chandigarh Airport / Shaheed Bhagat Singh International AirportIXCChandigarh22,89,169

When Is the Best Time to book Cheap Flight to Haryana?

As per our research, the month of February is considered the cheapest time to book a direct flights to Haryana. The winter is entering its end, hence, the reason for the drop in prices, however the weather is still decent up until the end of March. This makes it a good time to book flights and get good value for your bucks.

Which is The Cheapest Day to Fly to Haryana?

Our analysis suggests that Tuesdays are the best days to schedule a cheap flights to Haryana. If you plan to visit during holidays or high peak season it’s recommended to book flights at least two weeks beforehand to help reduce airfare.

Which Time of The Day is The Cheapest to Book Flights to Haryana?

Early mornings are considered the best time of the day in terms of affordability to book a flights to Haryana.

Top Tips to Get Cheap Flights to Haryana

  • Round Trip Tickets
    One way tickets have been found to be more expensive in comparison to their round trip counterparts. Generally speaking, if you are sure of the date on which you plan to come back it’s best to book round trip tickets for your flights.
  • Off Season
    Airlines tend to decrease their prices during offseason or shoulder season making them a favourable time to plan your travel.
  • Set Price Alert
    Using price alerts helps as airfares are known to constantly fluctuate. Consider setting up price alerts to help save up a few bucks.
  • Identify the Cheapest Day and Time
    It’s common practice within the airline industry to reduce prices during weekdays and increase them during holidays or weekends. If you have flexibility in picking travel dates, pick weekdays to schedule your flight.


  • Which airlines fly to Haryana?

    Airline carriers like GoAir, Air India, IndiGo, etc. offer flights to or near Haryana.

  • How much are the cheaper flights to Haryana?

    It depends on various factors such as distance, location, duration of flight, etc. For example, here at Lowest Flight Fares ticket fares to or near Haryana typically range from around INR 2,000 – 7,000.

  • Which is the most beautiful city in Haryana?

    It depends on each individual’s perspective. Some prefer natural beauty, some modernity, some historical architecture. One popular choice, could be Gurgaon as it has a good mix of nature and modernity as well as museums to appeal to the intellectuals thereby appealing to a wider range of visitors.

  • Which is the coolest place in Haryana?

    As per our research Hisar has recorded one of the lowest temperatures recently in the region.

  • Which city is big in Haryana?

    Faridabad is the largest city in Haryana.

  • Why is Haryana so famous?

    The state is well known for its contribution to agriculture and livestock. It has a decent amount of natural beauty as well as modern infrastructure. Add to that, lots of places of religious and historical significance too. All these factors together make a strong combination for pulling tourists to the state.

  • How many tourist places are in Haryana?

    It's difficult to put an exact number on it but many places like Ambala, Hisar, Faridabad etc. are considered tourist spots.

  • What is famous of Haryana?

    The  state is famous for various types of weaving and embroidery, pottery, handicrafts, dance, folk music, etc.

  • Is bus service available in Haryana?

    Haryana has both chartered as well as regular bus services available and a good public transport system in place..

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