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About Rajasthan

It is the largest Indian state by land area. It also contains the famous Thar Desert as well. The state possesses a strong blend of music, history, culture, olden architecture, etc. despite being a desert state. Rajasthan is also known for its handicrafts, olden palaces, forts and local cuisines. Its folk dances and festivals are also talked about and are an important part of the state’s culture. The state also has natural attractions like National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries. Both domestic and international tourists book flights to Rajasthan every year and flock to the state. 

Best Time to Book Flights to Rajasthan

The vast majority of Rajasthan has been categorised as a desert. The state’s climate ranges from arid to semi-arid with very low and variable rainfall which makes it prone to droughts. The state mainly experiences three seasons: Summer, Monsoon and Winter. 

Summer season lasts the longest and temperatures can climb up to 40°C to 45°C. The monsoon season comprises two distinct periods of rainfall: The first caused by the South-West Monsoon after summer and second due to Western Disturbances. The winter season lasts from October to February and temperatures can drop to as low as 2°C.

The months from October to February which coincide with the winter season are believed to be the ideal period to visit the state as temperatures are balanced and the weather is stable.

Top Places to Visit in Rajasthan

  • Jaipur
    It is the state capital and has also been nicknamed as the ‘Pink City’. It is one of the nation’s most popular tourist destinations. It also contains multiple UNESCO World Heritage sites, like the Jantar Mantar and Amer Fort. The city is filled with several museums, temples, palaces, forts, etc. The city also contains local Bazaars and is also known for hosting the Jaipur Literary Festival. The biggest in Asia of its kind. The city also also boasts great connectivity and accessibility and is well modernised as well to combine with its traditional touch.
  • Jaisalmer
    The town is a popular destination for tourism in Rajasthan. It is also called the ‘Golden City’ due to its golden dunes and castles clad with gold honey sandstone. The state is filled with beautiful lakes, ornate temples and Havelis. The city is also home to the well renowned Jaisalmer Fort which stands as a citadel with narrow alleys. To reach the sand dunes travellers have to take a Jeep safari and then a camel ride to reach the Sand Dunes. The town offers good scope for adventure.
  • Jodhpur
    It has been nicknamed as the ‘Blue City’ as it appears blue from an aerial view due to its blue walls and houses. It is renowned for its lakes and palaces with the incredible Mehrangarh Fort being one of its main attractions. With tons of guesthouses, vendors, eateries, shops, etc. adding to its bustling ambiance particularly near the Sardar Market or the landmark clocktower. The city also hosts the Rajasthan International Folk Festival and Marwar Festival. The Bishnoi Village Safari which is a tour around some traditional villages located near Jodhpur.and is a pop;uar activity in the region.

Popular Flight Routes to Rajasthan

DepartingDestinationDurationBest Price
HyderabadJodhpur02h 05mINR 4,739
ChennaiJodhpur02h 50mINR 6,204
AhmedabadUdaipur00h 55mINR 1,165
BhopalUdaipur05h 10mINR 7,130
SuratKishangarh01h 15mINR 2,878
DelhiBikaner01h 30mINR 6,197
MumbaiJaisalmer01h 50mINR 4,397
PuneJaipur01h 45mINR 4,192
BangaloreJaipur02h 30mINR 4,783

Popular Airports in Rajasthan

AirportsCodeCity ServedAnnual Passengers
Jodhpur AirportJDHJodhpur7,68,227
Maharana Pratap AirportUDRUdaipur9,17,938
Kishangarh AirportKQHAjmer, Kishangarh, Bijainagar, Bhilwara1,38,981
Bikaner Domestic AirportBKBBikaner16,183
Jaisalmer AirportJSAJaisalmer90,343
Jaipur International AirportJAIJaipur29,43,171

When Is the Best Time to book Cheap Flight to Rajasthan?

Winter is believed to be the best time to travel when it comes to weather. However, as far as prices are concerned the month of March is considered the cheapest time to book a direct flight to Rajasthan. If you are looking for affordable hotel and airline rates, set an alert and monitor the prices.

Which is The Cheapest Day to Fly to Rajasthan?

Going by our research, Wednesday is the best day to book a cheap flight to Rajasthan. If you plan to visit during holidays or high peak season consider booking at least one month in advance as prices are expected to be lower.

Which Time of The Day is The Cheapest to Book Flights to Rajasthan?

Evenings are usually considered the best time to book an affordable flight to Rajasthan. 

Top Tips to Get Cheap Flights to Rajasthan

  • Round Trip Tickets
    Generally, one-way flight tickets are more expensive than round trip tickets. If you are sure of your return date then consider booking round trip tickets which are more affordable. 
  • Off Season
    Visit during the shoulder season or off-season when airline prices tend to drop.
  • Set Price Alert
    Flight ticket prices are subject to fluctuation. To get an affordable flight ticket and save some extra bucks consider setting a price alert.
  • Identify the Cheapest Day and Time
    Usually, during weekdays airfares reduce while on weekends and holidays they soar. If travel dates are flexible, book when costs are lower.


  • Why is Rajasthan famous for tourism?

    The state has a lot to offer culturally and historically. Its incredible olden architecture pulls crowds every year. Its arts and handicrafts are well renowned too.

  • Which tourist places are famous in Rajasthan?

    The state has several popular attractions like Jaisalmer Fort, Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, Amer Fort in Jaipur, etc. 

  • How much is a flight to Rajasthan?

    This can vary depending on various factors. But a flight to one of Rajasthan’s airports from some of the major cities of India should range between INR 1,000 – 7,500.

  • What is the traditional art work of Rajasthan?

    Art like painting on camel hide, embroidery, cloth painting, carpets, durries, inlay work on brass and wood, etc. and handicrafts such as blue pottery, hand block printing, tie and dye, terracotta sculptures, etc. are common in the state.

  • How many airports are there in Rajasthan?

    There are seven airports in the state out of which six are functional. They are Jailsalmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaipur, Udaipur, Kishangarh and Kota. The Kota airport though is not functional.

  • Which is the main airport in Rajasthan?

    Jaipur International Airport is the most prominent airport in the state. It is also the only international one in the state.

  • Why Rajasthan has a rich culture?

    It has been ruled by various kings like Marathas, Rajputs and even Muslim rulers too in the past. All of them have contributed to the state’s culture and diversity over the eras.

  • Which clothes are famous in Rajasthan?

    For women the traditional outfits are the Ghagra, Choli and Odhini. For men traditional clothing items such as  angrakha, dhotis, kurtas, turban, etc.

  • What is the first language of Rajasthan?

    The first language of Rajasthan is Rajasthani which is also an important language of the Indo-Aryan family. 

Airport Near Rajasthan
  • Jodhpur Airport
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