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About Nashik

This ancient holy city in Maharashtra is known for its links to the Ramayana. It is one of the destinations, where the Maha Kumbh Mela is celebrated every 12 years. Furthermore, people booking a Pune to Nashik flights can explore its beautiful lush vineyards, scenic landscapes, and stunning architecture.

Furthermore, if traveling from Pune, take the flight from Pune Airport and land at Nashik Airport (PNQ-ISK).

Best Time to Book Pune to Nashik Flights

Nashik has a tropical climate, and remains hot throughout the year. The wet season is wet, cloudy, and overcast, and the dry season is mostly clear. The best time to book flights from Pune to Nashik is during winters, which runs from October to March.

Details About Pune to Nashik Flights

The aerial distance between Pune to Nashik (PNQ-ISK) is 164 km. No non stop flights available on this route. Hence, expect at least one layover at Delhi or Hyderabad. In addition, there are only seven flights available on this route on a daily basis. It takes 06 hours 30 minutes to reach your destination.

To avail Pune to Nashik flights, book your seat with Spicejet at the cost of INR 11,508 for a one-way trip, INR 17,357 for a round trip.

Furthermore, the nearest airports to travel between the two cities are Pune Airport and Nashik Airport (PNQ-ISK).

Here are some insights concluding flight fares from Pune to Nashik (PNQ-ISK):

One Way Trip
AirlinesAirlines NamePriceAction
SGSpicejetINR 11,508Book Now
6ESGIndiGo, SpicejetINR 11,678Book Now
Round Trip
AirlinesAirlines NamePriceAction
SGSpicejetINR 17,357Book Now
6ESGIndiGo, SpicejetINR 11,580Book Now

Best Places to Eat in Nashik

Soma at Sula Restaurant Nashik
Soma at Sula

Freshly produced wine, delicious food, and awe-inspiring landscapes of vineyards make Soma at Sula a must-visit restaurant in Nashik. Its spinach risotto, veg kebab, and biryani are the best offerings.

The Blue Leaf Restaurant Nashik
The Blue Leaf

The tiny bulbs hanging from the wooden ceiling give this restaurant a rustic look. With warm and cozy ambience, attentive staff, and delicious dishes, The Blue Leaf makes for a great place to dine-in with friends in Nashik.

Al Arabian Express Restaurant Nashik
Al Arabian Express

For a hearty Mughlai dinner in Nashik, come to Al Arabian Express. Its middle-eastern inspired dishes are a must-try. This brightly-lit restaurant has comfortable and spacious seating and the staff is convivial.

Best Hotels in Nashik

The Source at Sula Hotel Nashik
The Source at Sula

Location : Sula Vineyards Gat 36/2, Govardhan Village, Off, Gangapur-Savargaon Rd, Nashik, Maharashtra 422222

Price : INR 8,500

Express Inn- The Business Luxury Hotel Nashik
Express Inn- The Business Luxury Hotel

Location : Mumbai – Agra National Highway, Ambad – Uttam Nagar Rd, Prashant Nagar, Pathardi Phata, Nashik, Maharashtra 422010

Price : INR 4,500

Little Cove Nature Resort Nashik
Little Cove Nature Resort

Location : Nagalwadi, Girnare, Maharashtra 422203

Price : INR 2,300

Places to Visit in Nashik

Panchvati Nashik

This pilgrimage site is known for its link to Hindu epic Ramayana. It is at this place, where Lord Rama, Devi Sita, and Lord Laxmana spent their days during exile. Hindu pilgrims from all over the world come here to visit Kalaram temple and Sita Gufha.

Sula Vineyards Nashik
Sula Vineyards

This famous winery in Nashik is spread across an area of 1800 acres and is home to sixty wineries. It is the first winery in India and today, it is known for its varieties of grape wines, like Chenin Blanc, Zinfandel, Riesling, etc. The vineyard has a resort, two restaurants, gift shops, bottle shop, and a wine tasting room.

Pandavleni Caves Nashik
Pandavleni Caves

It is a group of 24 caves, which were carved between 3rd century BC and 2nd century AD. These caves represent the Hinayana Buddhist beliefs. The inscriptions found in the caves suggest that all the three rulers of Nashik during that era were the supporters of Buddhism, though they were not Buddhists.


  • What is the flight duration from Pune to Nashik?

    It takes 06 hours 30 minutes to reach Nashik from Pune By flight.

  • Are there any flights available for Pune to Nashik?

    Spicejet offers a flight between Pune and Nashik. You may book connecting flights as well.

  • What are the best flights from Pune to Nashik?

    To avail Pune to Nashik flight, book your seat with Spicejet at the cost of INR 11,508 for a one-way trip, INR 17,357 for a round trip.

  • How many flights are there between Pune and Nashik?

    There are only seven flights available between Pune and Nashik on a daily basis.

  • How many direct flights are there between Pune and Nashik?

    There is only one direct flight available between Pune and Nashik, which is offered by IndiGo.

  • Which Airports will I be using to fly from Pune to Nashik?

    You will board a flight from Pune Airport and land at Nashik Airport (PNQ-ISK).

  • Which is the earliest flight from Pune to Nashik?

    To get an early flight, book connecting flights with IndiGo and Spicejet, which departs at 02:0 am and reaches its destination at 08:30 am, with one layover at Delhi.

  • What is Nashik famous for?

    Nashik is an ancient Indian city, famous for its pilgrimage sites, lush vineyards, and scenic landscapes.

  • Which language is spoken in Nashik?

    Marathi is widely spoken in Nashik.

  •  Is Nashik worth traveling to?

    It is considered as one of the best places for explorers. However, it's best to follow a travel itinerary to avoid any unnecessary confusion.

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