Home Destination Butterfly Beach Goa: All You Need to Know About This Paradise

Butterfly Beach Goa: All You Need to Know About This Paradise

by Dhriti

Butterfly Beach Goa or Butterfly Island? This secluded destination in Goa is known only by a few, and most of them consider it as an island. Since this semi-circular place is only accessible by a boat ride from Palolem Beach, many believe it to be an island- an island for butterflies. Although it is connected to the mainland, the land journey requires a challenging and difficult hike through the forest.

The beach is far from tourist’s radar and thus exudes an unexploited charm, impressive landscapes, pristine atmosphere, and exotic marine life. The glittering sands against the emerald waters, swaying palm trees, and millions of butterflies offer a postcard perfect setting to enjoy a relaxing vacation here. However, before you add Butterfly Beach on your list, there are a few things you must know. Here are a few:

Best Time to Visit Butterfly Beach

The best time to visit Butterfly Beach in Goa is between November and April, when the weather is perfect to enjoy your most-awaited beach vacation. There isn’t much rain during these months, which allows the beachcombers to enjoy sun, sea, and sand here. The beach remains open throughout the week between 9 am to 5 pm. So, ensure to head back to your abode before the sun sets on the beach.

How To Reach Butterfly Beach

Wondering how to reach Butterfly Beach in Goa?There are two ways to reach the beach. But the most popular is a ferry ride from Palolem. If you are feeling adventurous, you can take a challenging two hour trek through forests. You have to pass through several brooks, steep climbs, fields, and forested areas with wild animals. Well, visitors coming to enjoy a beach vacation never take this route.

Instead, you can rent a boat from Agonda or Palolem, which may cost you around INR 1,200-2000. If you are good at bargaining, it shouldn’t cost you more than INR 1,000. Boat rides are popular among the tourists, as it offers you the opportunity to admire the scenic sea views and lush vegetation on the shores. And if luck favors, you may get to see dolphins riding along with the boat.

Where to Stay

Butterfly Beach doesn’t have any resorts, so don’t expect to check-in once you reach there. The nearby accommodations are available at Palolem Beach. The area is prepped with several plush as well as affordable Butterfly Beach Goa hotels and beach resorts. All of them offer comfortable stay, activities, and amenities. Let’s check out some.

With 28 comfortable huts, one stone house, three stone rooms, and wooden decor, Simrose could be your abode for a few days during your Goa vacation. Each room has sea views and the beach is easily accessible. Its beachfront restaurant offers scrumptious seafood and other Goan delicacies.

This fancy beach resort includes a selection of refined amenities like a sophisticated concert stage, private cabanas on the beach, and adventurous water sports. They have their suites furnished with workspace, a dedicated entertainment/dining lounge, and balconies with a sea view.

This sophisticated resort in Goa provides a relaxing and pleasant stay. It has a number of amenities to enhance your stay. It further boasts warm hospitality and a comfortable setting to ensure that your stay in Goa is unforgettable.

The Caravela Beach Resort is a popular Butterfly Beach resort Goa. in Goa overlooking the Arabian Sea, featuring its own beachfront accommodations with private balconies. Each of its suites overlooks the beach and has splendid sea views. It has an outdoor swimming pool with a swim-up bar and also offers thrilling water activities.

Placed along the white sandy shore of the Arabian Sea, Taj Exotica Resort & Spa in Goa, spreading across 56 acres of land offers the ultimate luxury to its guests. This Mediterranean-style resort, overlooking the Arabian Sea, has golf courses, a full spa and an outdoor pool in addition to 6 dining establishments.

Where to stay in Goa Beach

Shacks Near Butterfly Beach

If shacks are what you are looking for then you will be glad. Goan beaches are dotted with numerous beach shacks, which offer access to its bars, amazing Goan seafood, thrilling activities, and relaxing atmosphere. However, you may not find them in Butterfly Beach, so book one at either Palolem or Agonda.

Fernandes Wooden Hut

Fernandes Wooden Hut

The wooden huts of this shack in Palolem Beach have a rustic charm. On a bright sunny day, when you are too tired to go swimming, just lay down in one of the lounge chairs and enjoy the beachfront views. The shack offers all amenities for dining, drinking, Wi-Fi, television, and more.

Ramsons Resorts Agonda Huts

The wooden huts of the resorts are aesthetically pleasing and offer comfortable stay to its guests. It provides easy beach access, and is known for the sublime vistas of the surrounding environment.

Orange Sky Agonda Beach Huts

This beachfront hut supplies premium amenities like complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and AC rooms at reasonable prices. Moreover, since these amenities are located near the seashore, the shack is popular among the tourists as well.

Things to Do in Butterfly Beach

Take A Boat Ride

As the dawn breaks, head to the shore and rent a ferry to Butterfly Beach. A ferry ride to the beach makes the trip even more surreal. As you wade through the water, the cool breeze brushes your hair and you feel it on your face. The trip is enough to make you ready for all the upcoming exciting events of the day. However, a ferry ride may cost you a fortune or you end up with a good deal. It totally depends on your bargaining skill. Even if you can’t bargain, make sure someone from your group can.

Admire the Butterflies

As the name suggests, the beach is home to millions of beautiful butterflies. Upon reaching the beach, you will be overwhelmed by the large number of colorful butterflies on display. Sadly, this magical destination in Goa is often overshadowed by the tourists. But now that you know about this place, make sure to visit. The magical setting of the beach rejuvenates your soul and offers you a relaxing vibe. Apart from the soothing sites of the magnificent butterflies, you can also easily spot sea urchins, sea cucumbers, crabs, and goldfishes.

Admire the Butterflies

Dolphin Sighting

Butterfly Beach has a distinctive marine life and the waters are home to numerous exotic marine species. Sighting a pod of dolphins is not a rare sight here, which is why it has become popular among the tourists. Come to the beach early in the morning, when the dolphins swim near the shore. On a good day, you can feed or play with this friendly creature too. However, the authority ensures that no marine life is harmed.

Dolphin Sighting

Snorkeling and Kayaking

No beach vacation is complete without unleashing the adventure spirit in you. Even if you are not an enthusiast, try some water activities. At this part of the Arabian Sea, the tides are low and water is calm, which make it a perfect spot to indulge in snorkeling and kayaking. As you snorkel in the water, you will get a glimpse of the exotic marine life. Or just paddle forward to admire the calm waters, and if luck has it for you, you may get to see some dolphins splashing around.

Snorkeling and Kayaking

Bask in the Sun

Bring a lot of sunscreen and a sunglass and just lay on the sands and let the tanning do the work. This is what a beach vacation looks like. This secluded and less discovered beach with minimal crowd is ideal for people seeking solitude. Lay down on the sands, listen to the music of gentle waves, and unwind in the relaxing atmosphere. Once you have had enough of the sun, collect some beautiful sea shells, or aquatic creatures such as crabs, sea urchins, jellyfish, sea cucumbers, and colorful fishes brought back and forth by the tides.

Bask in the Sun

Watch the Magical Sunset

Admiring the magical sunset over the Arabian Sea from Butterfly beach is a must-to do activity. The Butterfly Beach Goa images of sunsets are so alluring that it can fascinate anyone. However, why see the images, when you can witness it in person? The sublime sight of the setting sun is a treat to your eyes. Capture this surreal view in your camera as the horizon turns golden and the sun drowns in the Arabian Sea. Well it also means that it is time for you to wrap up and leave the beach for the night.

Watch the Magical Sunset

Things to Carry

Before you visit Butterfly Beach South Goa, pack some essentials. Without them, you may feel the beach trip incomplete. Here are some important things you must carry on your trip to the beach.

Picnic Basket

Don’t forget to bring some snacks, enough water, juice, and meals to the beach. Butterfly Beach doesn’t have beach shacks or food vendors, and so it is better to bring your food yourself.

Sunscreen and Sunglasses

Sunscreen and Sunglasses

No matter which beach you go to, don’t forget to apply lots and lots of sunscreen. Sunglasses are equally important on the beach, as the sun shines the brightest at noon. These two things protect you from direct sunlight.

A Bedsheet and A Jacket

A Bedsheet and A Jacket

Bring a bedsheet and lay down if you don’t want sand on your back. A jacket can keep you warm from the sudden cool breeze on your way back to the mainland in the evening.

Pro Tips to Remember

  • Be reasonable and don’t hesitate to bargain with the boatman. If your bargaining skill is not up to mark, you may end up paying a fortune.
  • Bring your own food, water, and alcohol. There are no shops nearby.
  • Don’t stay too long after the sunset, as the beach is surrounded by dense forest. Leave when it is already packed with a few tourists.


If you visit Goa and keep Butterfly Beach Goa for the next trip then you will miss out big time. You must not overlook this hidden gem, especially when you are in South Goa. From colorful butterflies to diverse marine creatures and surreal views of the surrounding, Butterfly Beach in Goa is something you haven’t seen before. Plan a trip to the beach, find out yourself, and thank us later!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Butterfly Beach located in North Goa or South Goa?

    Butterfly Beach is located in South Goa near Palolem Beach of Canacona City.

  • Is Butterfly Beach a beach or an island?

    Due to its remote location, far from the mainland, many believe it to be an island. However, it is a beach near Palolem, and is accessible via a ferry ride. One can also take a hike through the jungle, which is difficult and dangerous.

  • How do I get to Butterfly Beach

    You can hire a cab, scooter, or a taxi to reach Palolem Beach. From there, you will get several boats and ferries on the shores, which can take you to Butterfly Beach.

  • Is Butterfly Beach Safe?

    Yes, Butterfly Beach is safe. The waters at this part of the Arabian Sea are gentler and the tides are low. However, it is better to be cautious around kids. But remember to leave the beach before dark, as the area is surrounded by dense forests.

  • What is the cost of a boat ride to Butterfly Beach from Palolem?

    A ferry or a boat round trip ride from Palolem Beach to Butterfly Beach may cost between INR 1,000 to INR 2,000. Use your bargaining skills to avoid paying a hefty amount.

  • Is Butterfly Beach open during the night?

    The accessibility to the beach at night depends on the number of footfalls. If there is a huge crowd of tourists, who want to spend the night camping, or barbequing, then they can do so. Otherwise, it is advisable to leave the beach before it gets dark.

  • Are there any hotels in Butterfly Beach?

    There are no hotels in Butterfly Beach. However, you can find several luxurious and budget-friendly beachside resorts and shacks in Palolem Beach.

  • Do I need to pay an entry fee to visit Butterfly Beach?

    No entry fee is needed to visit Butterfly Beach.

  • Are there any restaurants in Butterfly Beach?

    Not exactly. It is advisable to bring your own food and water for the day. However, once you reach Palolem, you will find several restaurants here.

  • Which activity is famous in Butterfly Beach?

    Tourists visiting Butterfly Beach can admire the magnificent butterflies hovering around the beach, a pod of dolphins slashing in the water, diverse marine species, and the surreal views of the setting sun over the Arabian Sea.

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