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10 Insta-Worthy Cafes to Check Out in Champa Gali

by Austin

In a millennial and gen z era, insta-worthy cafes and restaurants are a popular choice. Visitors appreciate the aesthetic appeals more than the culinary delights. However, Saket’s Champa Gali is one of the most hyped places in South Delhi or probably in NCR. For the Delhites, this Parisian passageway is a hidden gem of the capital, which is mainly known for its artistic approach and culinary bliss. 

It has gained significant momentum among the masses for its Parisian alleys, chic, boho cafes, and glitzy labyrinthian settings. It has a rustic old-world charm, and you will find modern cafeterias, and art galleries, with tinsel lights, boho decor, tiny seating areas, and fancy outlook. To truly appreciate the ambiance of Champa Gali, visit this tiny little space in the evening and feel the vibe.

A Bit Of History

Champa Gali was not always the same as it is now. Before 2013, it was a place with cow sheds and furniture shops, where roads were being ruled by the strays most of the time. However, in 2013, some entrepreneurs wanted to rent a piece of land Kuldeep Singh, a local bus contractor and driver and his brother used to own in Saidulajab Village, Saket. Later, this area was transformed into a Parsia alley, dotted with cafes, art galleries, design studios, reading rooms, and handicraft shops.

All About the Name

It wasn’t always ‘Champa Gali’ and the story behind its name is as interesting as its history. When Blue Tokai, an onsite roastery was established here, the owner brought a lot of Champa plants for decor. Also, the area already had several neem plants and other trees, so it was anonymously decided to name this place ‘Champa Gali’.

How to Reach Champa Gali

The correct address is Khasra 258, behind Kuldeep House, Lane 3, Westend Marg, Saidulajaib, Saket. The Champa Gali nearest metro station is Saket Metro Station, which is well-connected by other parts of NCR. Once you reach the metro station, take an auto. Despite being a popular internet-hyped destination in Delhi, many autowallahs don’t know about its whereabouts and hence, turn on your GPS to navigate through the small lanes.

What Made it Popular?

If you are a Bollywood-buff, you probably know it was Imtiaz Ali, who made it a popular spot. His movie Love Aaj Kal 2 was shot here and since then it has been on the radar of every insta-influencer. It has become the hidden secret of Saket, which is visited by a large crowd, especially during weekends.

Is It Worth A Visit?

Maybe yes or maybe no. Many compare it with European cafe alleys with tine seating spaces and chic decor. But once you visit Champa Gali, you will understand it is just the internet-hype. You may find some good coffees, European and Indian snacks here, and it occasionally organizes music concerts, and live programs, as well.

Best Cafes in Champa Gali

JugMug Thela

Probably one of the most popular cafes in Champa Gali, which is always packed with guests. This cafeteria was initially started as a small tea stall, inspired by rural India’s Chaupal culture. Today, this atmospheric cafe with wooden garden and street view seating, makes it a popular spot among the gen z. They also have a book corner, where you can read a book while sipping a cup of masala chai.

Baari Cafe

The menu of this laid back restaurant offers similar pub grubs, including pizza, burgers, and fries. The whitewashed walls and blue-framed windows of Baari try very hard to resemble the houses of Santorini in Greece. Whether it is successful in doing that or not is a different question. But overall, it has a very soothing vibe and the green plants hanging from the ceiling exudes an aura of calmness.

Big Box Cafe

If you are looking for elegant Champa Gali cafes, consider visiting Big Box Cafe. It has wooden seating arrangements, wide European-style windows, a book shelf, ceilings adorned with cute lights, half covered with several bamboo baskets or tokri. Come here during lunch, pick your favorite book, and order tacos or pizzas along with a cup of coffee.

The Green View Cafe

It looks like more of a garden than a cafe. The entrance is covered with beautiful plants, which give it a tropical vibe. Come here on a weekend evening to enjoy live music performances by local artists. Talking about the menu, this easy going restaurant dishes out some of the most scrumptious international dishes, including Mexican, continental, Chinese, and north Indian.

Red Brick Cafe

With a bamboo wall on one side and a red brick wall on the other, Red Brick Cafe is one of the best themed-based cafes in Champa Gali. It has a rustic look and the red brick walls are adorned with murals. Although the diverse menu has various options, you may want to go for its hot, steaming sizzlers, which are popular among the frequenters.

Rose Cafe

This cozy cafe with homey-chic decor and terrace seating arrangements, offers international dishes and homemade desserts. If you are visiting Champa Gali for a romantic date, then Rose Cafe’s ambiance is perfect to set your mood. The pink and blue theme adds to its romantic vibe. The rose-themed pastel-colored menu highlights British breakfast, Italian pasta, pizza, and shakes.

Four Directions Cafe

With uneven walls, glitzy tinsel lights, Indian decor, walls covered in decorative paint, make Four Directions Cafe a perfect place to enjoy a lazy evening. You may not like this place in the daytime, and hence make sure to come here in the evening, when the twinkling lights make it seem like a wedding venue.

Dream Catcher’s Cafe

It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cafes in Champa Gali Saket. The ceiling is covered with hundreds of tiny little glitzy lights to keep the dining space bright. The other dining area of the restaurant has beautiful decorative items hanging from the ceiling. It is a family-friendly cafe, where you can also organize a get-together party with friends and family.

SOHO Bistro & Cafe

This adorable cafe, offering delicious shakes and sandwiches, is a perfect place to plan a romantic date. The plant-themed decor, bright lighting, a dedicated reader’s corner with a bookshelf is what make it worth a visit. Go for its coffee even if you are not a coffee person. The thin-crust cheese-loaded pizza is worth dying for.

The Nerdy Indian Cafe

The whitewashed walls and blue window and door frames, give this chic cafe a Mediterranean vibe. Being a nerdy cafe, the restaurant gives visitors a book for every meal that costs INR 500. It is a perfect place for those who love their coffee, book, and a cozy corner.

Final Thoughts

You may find mixed reviews about Champa Gali on the internet. It may not turn out to be what you had expected, but its cozy cafes, laid-back vibe, small alleys, and boho decor of the cafes, make it insta-worthy destination in Delhi. Try for yourself to know about this little secret of the Capital.

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