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About Nanded

Nanded is the second-largest city of Maharashtra’s Marathwada region. It is home to many gurudwaras, ancient forts, temples, and museums. It is a Sikh pilgrimage and has some Sufi shrines as well. Hence, while taking a Mumbai to Nanded flight, ensure to visit these historic places.

Best Time to Book Mumbai to Nanded Flight

Nanded has a tropical climate, with hot, oppressive, and overcast wet seasons, and sweltering and clear dry seasons. The best time to book flights from Mumbai to Nanded is between October to February, when the weather is pleasant for sightseeing.

Details About Mumbai to Nanded Flight

The aerial distance between Mumbai to Nanded (BOM-NDC) is 467 km. However, there are no direct flights available on this route. Hence, consider a road trip to travel between the two cities.

Best Places to Eat in Nanded

Madhur Bhoj Nanded
Madhur Bhoj

A traditional restaurant, offering authentic Rajasthani thali in Nanded. You will see the staff wearing traditional Rajasthani attire as they serve you scrumptious dishes on their traditional thali meal.

Pooja Bhojanalay Nanded
Pooja Bhojanalay

For an affordable yet delicious homely meal, visit Pooja Bhojanalay. The exterior as well as the interior may not entice you, as the dining area is small. However, the dishes are simple yet delicious and are affordable.

UP And Above Nanded
UP And Above

This popular restaurant in Nanded has both outdoor and indoor seating. The diners who love their privacy can sit in one of the cabins, which have quirky decor. Visitors prefer to relish their Chinese and tandoor appetizer.

Best Hotels in Nanded

VITS Bharat Nanded Hotel
VITS Bharat

Location : 2nd Floor, Meera Mall, Canal Road, Samarth Nagar, Dyaneshwer Nagar, Tirumala Nagar, Nanded, Maharashtra 431605

Price : INR 4,500

Hotel Florence Nanded
Hotel Florence

Location : Hotel Florence, Ram Setu, opposite to Kardile Hospital, opposite to Pharande Honda Showroom, Tiranga Chowk, Vazirabad, Nanded, Maharashtra 431601

Price : INR 3,200

Hotel Icon Nanded
Hotel Icon

Location : Dadra Bridge Guru Gobind Singh Ji Road near center point building, Khadakpura, Nanded, Maharashtra 431602

Price : INR 1,900

Places to Visit in Nanded

Hazur Sahib Nanded
Hazur Sahib

It is one of the ‘Panj Takht’, where Guru Gobind Singh Ji held his final congregation. This Sikh shrine was built in 1609 by Guru Hargobind. The dome of the Gurudwara is covered with a gold palette. The Gurudwara has preserved belongings of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, which include his golden dagger, a matchlock gun, an archer with 35 arrows, two bows, and a steel shield.

Nanded Fort
Nanded Fort

The well-known tourist attraction in the Maharashtra state is Nanded Fort, an impressive edifice that is enclosed by Godavari river. The fort overlooks the impeccable lands surrounding the tranquil river. Protected in the secluded land, the fort is immersed in the exquisite history of Maharashtra.

Kandahar Fort Nanded
Kandahar Fort

The fort is now in ruins, and its grandeur seems to be nowhere in sight. A clock tower is enough to suggest that it was once surrounded by a bustling market on the outside of the fort. There are ten temples close by. Lal Mahal and Darbar Mahal have an attractive appearance.


  • Are there any flights available for Mumbai to Nanded?

    There are no flights available between Mumbai and Nanded. The best way to travel between the two cities is by road. Several public and private transports are available on this route.

  • Which are the Airports that serve Mumbai and Nanded?

    Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (BOM) serves Mumbai, whereas Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Airport (NDC), serves Nanded.

  • What is the Mumbai to Nanded distance?

    It is approximately 467 km from Mumbai to Nanded.

  • What is Nanded famous for?

    Nanded is a sacred Sikh pilgrimage site, which is home to the sacred Hajur Sahib Gurudwara, where Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji held his last congregation.

  • Which language is spoken in Nanded?

    Marathi is widely spoken in Nanded.

  • Is Nanded worth traveling to?

    It is considered as one of the best places for explorers. However, it's best to follow a travel itinerary to avoid any unnecessary confusion.

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