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Vijayawada, the bustling city of Andhra Pradesh, is known for its magnificent Kanaka Durga temple, historic Undavalli caves, and impressive Prakasam Barrage. It is the second-largest city and thriving business hub in the state, and offers a plethora of captivating sights and experiences. If you are traveling from Maharashtra to explore Vijayawada’s best sights, then several airlines offer regular Mumbai to Vijayawada flights everyday.

Best Time to Book Mumbai to Vijayawada Flights

Vijayawada features a tropical climate, with annual temperature ranges between 23℃ to 34℃. The best time to book flights from Chennai to Vijayawada is between December to February, which marks the city’s winter season.

Details About Mumbai to Vijayawada Flights

Looking for flights from Mumbai to Vijayawada? IndiGo and Air India offer regular flights between the two cities. However, there are no nonstop flights available on this route, and hence expect one or more layovers at Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. A total of 60 flights connect the two cities daily. It takes 03 hours and 20 minutes to reach Vijayawada from Mumbai on flight.

To avail Mumbai to Vijayawada flight, book your seat with Indigo at the cost of INR 5,219 for a one-way trip, and INR 11,504 for a round trip. 

Furthermore, the nearest airports to travel between the two cities are Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport and Vijayawada International Airport (BOM-VGA).

Here are some insights concluding flight fares from Mumbai to Vijayawada (BOM-VGA):

One Way Trip
AirlinesAirlines NamePriceAction
IndigoINR 5,219Book Now
AIAir IndiaINR 6,482Book Now
Round Trip
AirlinesAirlines NamePriceAction
IndigoINR 11,504Book Now
AIAir IndiaINR 11,756Book Now

Best Restaurants in Vijayawada

TFL Labbipet Restaurant Vijayawada

TFL Labbipet

If you’re a vegan looking for great restaurants in Vijayawada, look no further than TFL Labbipet. They not only offer delicious vegan dishes but also have a menu specifically designed for those on a Keto Diet.

Platform 65 Vijayawada

Platform 65

With casual ambience and family-friendly set-up, Platform 65 is a popular option in the city to relish both good Indian and Chinese delicacies. The menu offers a wide range of options to order. However, patrons rave about their kebab, chicken manchurian, and chicken 65.

Verandah Coffee Roasters and Cafe Vijayawada

Verandah Coffee Roasters and Cafe

This chic Cafe in Vijayawada, is a popular spot for a coffee date. The coffee is roasted here on-site. It also offers a diverse menu featuring sandwiches, salads, pastries, and desserts.

Best Hotels in Vijayawada

Fortune Murali Park Hotel Vijayawada

Fortune Murali Park

Location : 40-1-28, MG Rd, Revenue Colony Park, Sidhartha Nagar, Labbipet, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520010

Price : INR 9,000

Vivanta Vijayawada


Location : 39-1-63, MG Rd, Labbipet, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520010

Price : INR 5,726

Treebo Trend Vijayawada

Treebo Trend

Location : 40-3-18, MG Rd, Venkateswara Puram, Sidhartha Nagar, Labbipet, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520010

Price : INR 2,156

Places to Visit in Vijayawada

Kanaka Durga Temple Vijayawada

Kanaka Durga Temple

Situated on the Indrakeeladri Hill, the Kanaka Durga Temple is a highly venerated Hindu shrine that attracts millions of devotees. According to an ancient legend, this temple was constructed by Arjuna, one of the Pandavas, and is devoted to Goddess Durga. Within its premises stands a 4-foot tall statue of the divine deity.

Mogalarajapuram Caves Vijayawada

Mogalarajapuram Caves

The Mogalarajapuram Caves, a 1500-year-old historic landmark, houses numerous sculptures and artifacts that pay homage to the cultural and religious traditions of ancient Vijayawada. Among its treasures is a statue of Lord Ganesha and Lord Nataraja.

Subramanya Swamy Temple Vijayawada

Subramanya Swamy Temple

This beautiful temple on the foot of the Indrakiladri hills is dedicated to Lord of serpents Kartikeya. The temple worships all three forms of Subramanya in His original form and in the form of Serpent as well. There is a silver-covered Garuda Pillar in the temple, which holds a great religious significance.


  • What is the flight duration from Mumbai to Vijayawada?

    It takes just 03 hours 20 minutes to reach Vijayawada from Mumbai .

  • Are there any direct/non-stop flights available for Mumbai to Vijayawada?

    Currently, no airlines offer nonstop flights from Mumbai to Vijayawada.

  • What are the best flights from Mumbai to Vijayawada?

    To avail Mumbai to Vijayawada flight, book your seat with Indigo at the cost of INR 5,219 for a one-way trip, and INR 11,504 for a round trip.

  • How many flights are there between Mumbai and Vijayawada?

    There are 60 flights available between Mumbai and Vijayawada on a daily basis. So, it is not tough to get a flight even at the last-minute.

  • Which Airports will I be using to fly from Mumbai to Vijayawada?

    You will board a flight from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport and Vijayawada International Airport (BOM-VGA).

  • Which is the earliest flight from Mumbai to Vijayawada?

    The earliest and fastest flight from Mumbai to Vijayawada is offered by IndiGo, which departs at 07:45 am and reaches its destination at 12:40 pm, with one layover at Bangalore.

  • What is Vijayawada famous for?

    Vijayawada is a major road and railway junction. In addition, it is a popular center for Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage.

  • Which language is spoken in Vijayawada?

    Telugu is the official language of Vijayawada.

  • Is Vijayawada worth traveling to?

    It is considered as one of the best places for explorers. However, it's best to follow a travel itinerary to avoid any unnecessary confusion.

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