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A Guide to Auroville Beach, Puducherry

by Dhriti

South India is undoubtedly a destination to discover. The southern region of the country is blessed with long shorelines, sun, sea, and sand. So what could be more enticing than planning a trip to the most hyped and stunningly beautiful Auroville Beach of Puducherry, the most significant beach getaway in the region.

Auroville Beach or Auro Beach as it is popularly nicknamed by the natives, is a pristine beach, nestled inside a region of an experimental town Auroville. Located along the shoreline of the Bay of Bengal, Auroville Beach is known for its unique golden-colored, soft black volcanic sand. Hence, for those seeking sun, sand, and sea, Auro Beach is a perfect getaway, located just 12 km from Puducherry. Furthermore, its picturesque landscapes make it a must-visit place in the region. Every year, both domestic and international tourists flock to the beach to admire its golden sands and silent waves. If you too are planning to discover this unadulterated beauty, here’s our guide to Auroville Beach.


Puducherry features a tropical wet and dry climate, with hot and oppressive summers and cool winters. You can plan your trip to Puducherry between October and March, when the weather remains pleasant. However, during these months, Auro beach gets crowded with visitors, especially during the weekends, so expect a little more hustle. But no doubt these are the best months to let your toes feel the sands. Bring a lot of sunscreen if you don’t want to be tanned.

Moreover, if you are looking for an opportunity to unleash your inner adrenaline junkie, then you’d be glad to know that the waves are ideal for surfers and swimmers. If you are a lazy beach bummer, enjoy your vacation by lying down on a hammock or a beach chair and enjoy the sun tan, before taking a dip into the waters.

How to Reach Auroville Beach

The beach is just 12 km from Puducherry and is accessible by bus, cab, taxi, or bike. It takes just 15 minutes to reach the beach via Mahatma Gandhi road and the East Coast road. Frequent bus services are available on this route, so it won’t be difficult for you to reach this scintillating Puducherry beach.

How to Reach Auroville Beach

Places to Visit in Auroville Beach

If you are wondering what to do next after a prolific beach day, then the area is packed with numerous attractions, and Auroville places to visit, where you can head to. Being one of the most popular beaches, it offers plenty of opportunities for visitors to know more about the region’s culture and tradition. Let’s find out.


Auroville or ‘City of Dawn’ is an experimental township in Tamil Nadu’s Villupuram district, with some parts of it in Puducherry. It was founded by Mirra Alfassa in 1968 and is dedicated to the vision of Sri Aurobindo. This international community works towards peace, sustainability, and divine consciousness, where people from all corners of the world work together to build a universal, cash-free, nonreligious township.

For those seeking spirituality and serenity, Auroville City is a must-visit place. Currently the city is officially home to 2,800 people from 195 countries, including Indians from 23 different states.


Matrimandir is located in the middle of Auroville township, which was conceived by Mother Mirra Alfassa as a ‘symbol of the Divine’s answer to Man’s aspiration for perfection’. Visitors are required to maintain silence, as the surrounding area of the temple is called the Peace Area, where nobody talks.

The temple is surrounded by carefully manicured gardens and equipped with solar plants. The residents believe that the temple binds them with an enigmatic power of eternity. If you want to introspect your inner self, attend the meditation, which starts at 09:35 am and lasts for half an hour. However, this beautiful gold dome structure is only for those who have a brief understanding of the idea of the township. The best spot to admire the surrounding beauty of the temple is the Viewing Point. It is located at the south of the Park of Unity, and offers a bird’s eye view.

Matrimandir, Puducherry

Youth Center

As the name says it all, the Youth Center, situated behind the Town Hall, is a concept for the young generation. The Youth Center keeps the participants hooked up with various creative activities, which help in building up a community.

From cooking to cleaning and gardening, youth in the city are free to do whatever activity they like. As a visitor, you can enquire about the activities going on and help the young community of the township. You might get invited to one of the parties organized by the Youth Center.

Auroville Bakery and Boulangerie

This famous bakery and restaurant in Auroville is a perfect place to satiate your hunger. This popular store sells a wide range of products, which are made with locally sourced ingredients. The regularly available products are croissants, baguette, plus buns, pizza, quiche, vegetable tarts, rolls, and pies. Each of its offerings are freshly baked and are drool-worthy.

Auroville Bakery and Boulangerie, Auroville

Cultural Pavilions

One of the must things to do in Auroville during your beach trip is to visit the Cultural Pavilions. It brings an exquisite cultural extravaganza of 50 countries and organizes multiple cultural events to promote the diversity of the world’s various cultures, heritage, and tradition. The idea of hosting such cultural events is to show the world how they can celebrate diversity.

Cultural Pavilions, Auroville

Where to Stay

Being a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of Auroville Beach resorts in Puducherry, where you can check-in to enjoy an unbothered stay during your vacation.

The resort is spread across 15,000 sq m, and offers a world-class experience. The surrounding atmosphere is undisturbed and offers a perfect blend of scenic charm, modern amenities, and world-class hospitality.

  • Address:  Mariamman Koil St, Periyamudaliyar Chavadi, Tamil Nadu 605104
  • Price: INR 2,000/Night

Located near the palm-fringed Puducherry beach, St. James Court Beach Resort is a popular resort that exudes sheer opulence, comfort, and high-class hospitality. Your stay here will be complimented by spacious rooms and delicious seafood buffets, along with high-standard recreational activities, including beauty treatment and spa.

  • Address: SH 49, opp. Pondicherry Engg. College, Chinna Kalapet, Kalapet, Puducherry 605014
  • Price: INR 4,000/Night

Owing to its distinctive design and relaxing atmosphere, Prince Park Resort is popular among the travelers. The resort is surrounded by 26 acres of lush greenery, which offers a scenic view. The resort features cottages with a swimming pool, and studio rooms, and bungalows.

  • Address: New no.. 283, Old, Auroville Rd, Chinna Kottakuppam, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu 605102
  • Price: INR 2,800/Night

Handy Tips for Visitors

  • Publicly smoking and drinking is strictly prohibited in Puducherry.
  • There are no food stalls on the beach, so it is better to bring some light food items and water.
  • Bring sunscreen lotion to the beach.
  • Carry UV protected sunglasses.
  • Wear loose cotton dresses, and slippers to move around the beach comfortably. Avoid heels or shoes.

Final Takeaway

Unlike other beaches, in Auroville beach, you will experience tranquility. You can also visit the nearby colony of fisherman, where the residents earn their living from the resources available in the beach or by catching fish. Visit the beach early in the morning to admire the jaw-dropping sight of sunrise over the Bay of Bengal.

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