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Maredumilli Resorts: A 101 Guide

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Andhra Pradesh is an exotic South-Indian state where you can spend your vacation close to nature. But inside this incredible state is a range of tiny villages which you might not have heard of. One such beautiful hamlet is Maredumilli. For those who love exploring the remote villages and hidden towns, would certainly be mesmerized by this village. Furthermore, if you’re concerned about your staycation, then don’t. It might come as a surprise, but here you will find several Maredumilli resorts that’ll enlighten your travel buds. 

In this article, we will be disclosing top 13 resorts best suited for a stay. But first let’s find out more about this paradise.

It is a village of Alluri district in Andhra Pradesh, India. It has become a popular location for various films and television shows in recent years. On another note, it is replete with picturesque vistas followed by swaying paddy fields. Valmiki Vihari Valley is another popular attraction of this district, offering a visual feast to the visitors. Moreover, Maredumilli forests are extremely rich in flora and fauna. The area is encompassed by hilly terrains, waterfalls, fragrant medicinal plants, dense bamboo grooves, and silvery streams cascading down the rocks.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit here would be when you can completely soak in the experience and not worry about such hassles. That said, the most favorable months to visit this town are November-December. During this time, the district experiences the winter season. Besides, the weather remains pleasant with an average temperature of 20°C to 25°C. 

How To Reach

The quaint village Dindi is well-accessible by air, train, and road. Here is a guide on how to reach Dindi by the following means of transport.

By Air

The nearest airport to Maredumilli is located at Rajahmundry, which is approximately at a distance of 85 km away from the place. Frequent cab services are available from the airport.

By Road

Maredumilli is well connected to other major cities of India via regular buses. Regular buses are available from its bus terminus, which is located in the heart of the town.

Top 13 Resorts

Whenever you plan to visit this village, make sure you plan your stay at one of the popular hotels. That said, here comes a list of popular Maredumilli resorts you will definitely love to spend your vacation at. 

Birds Nest Resorts​

Built in 2012, this beautiful resort ensures that you stay close to nature. Spread over 15 acres, it promotes ecotourism and offers accommodation for over 100 guests. Additionally, this is one of the best resorts in the district which provides a camping experience along with fun Outdoor activities. Besides, there’s also an option of day outing available at INR 300-500 depending upon the age group.

  • Location: State Highway 41, Near Geddada, Ramannavalasa, Andhra Pradesh
  • Price: Varies from INR 3000 – INR 3500, per night per room. 
  • Amenities: Outdoor Swimming Pool, Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, Water Slides, Outdoor Activities, Tribal Dance and more.
  • Distance from the village: 16 Kilometers.
Birds Nest Resorts​

Papikondalu Bamboo Hut Resorts ​

This hotel is located in one of the best Maredumilli resorts location. In addition, it offers several wonderful views of the Godavari river and Papikondalu hills. It is an eco-friendly resort that offers Indian and Continental cuisine buffet along with the option of Campfire, Barbeque, and many recreational activities. Interestingly, here you can choose to stay in any of the following: bamboo huts, tent houses, or mud plaster houses.

  • Location: FGP2+M87, Kolluru, Andhra Pradesh
  • Price: Varies from INR 1200 – INR 2000, per night per room.
  • Amenities: Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, Indoor-Outdoor games, Bird watching, Lush Green Gardens, Air-Conditioned Rooms, and more.
  • Distance from the village:  20 Kilometers.
Papikondalu Bamboo Hut Resorts ​

Wood Resort ​

As the name suggests, this resort is made out of wood with a cottage-styled interior. This unusual resort houses an outdoor swimming pool and cottages with a private balcony and green garden sitting area. Moreover, it is surrounded by picturesque views along with a peaceful atmosphere.

  • Location: The Woods Resort, HNTC Site, Maredumilli, Andhra Pradesh
  • Price: Varies from INR 4000 – INR 5000, per night per room.
  • Amenities: Brown Wooden Interior, Private Parking, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Comfortable Bedding, Wide Sitting Area, and more.
  • Distance from the village: 15 Kilometers

Green Island Resort ​

This is one of the best Maredumilli resorts which looks like a small island. Spread across a huge area, this resort offers breathtaking views of the backwaters and mountains. With cottage-styled rooms, here you can enjoy various outdoor activities like pedal boating, houseboat safari, claypot making, speed boating, hammock, etc.

  • Location: Gandhinagar, Maredumilli road, near Bhupathipalem project, Bhupathipalem project, SH 41, Peddapadu, Andhra Pradesh
  • Price: Standard rooms begin with INR 2999, per night per room.
  • Amenities: Lake View Cottages, High-Speed Wi-Fi, Authentic Traditional Restaurant, Indoor and Outdoor Activities, Yoga Session, Welcome Drinks, Air-Conditioned Rooms and more.
  • Distance from the village: 21 Kilometers

Sk Riviera Resort ​

Located on the banks of River Godavari, this riverfront resort is spread across 5 acres of land. It houses 12 traditionally designed cottages, green lawns, tropical plantations and many indoor and outdoor activities to connect you with nature. Along with this, SK Riviera provides a soothing and calm atmosphere to soothe your mood and let you experience the best time of your life.

  • Location: 7-1-3 Godavari Bund Road Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh
  • Price: Ranges from INR 3277 (including breakfast) and INR 4300 (including breakfast and another major meal).
  • Amenities: Free Parking, Dining Area, Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, Luggage Storage, Medical Service, Round the Clock Room Service, Sitting Area, and more.
  • Distance from the village: 40 Kilometers

Ratnagiri Resort​

Designed with the Atrium architecture, this spacious resort provides ample space for an entire family to stay, and that too on a great budget. Furthermore, this hotel is located near East Godavari region. And since it’s surrounded by lush Maredumilli forests, the place offers a calming view of the beautiful green outskirts. In addition, the rooms are decently designed with all the basic amenities and comfortable bedding.

  • Location: National Highway 5, Annavaram, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh
  • Price: Starts from INR 2500 onwards, per night per couple.
  • Amenities: Indoor Games, Wi-fi Service, Laundry Service, Kids Playing Area, Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, Lake View Rooms, and more.
  • Distance from the village: 28 Kilometers
Ratnagiri Resort

Surya’s Family Resort ​

Sitting in the midst of a beautiful environment, this popular family resort offers an excellent blend of modern facilities and lets the visitors stay close to nature. Being surrounded by backwaters on one side and hills on the other, the hotel lets you spend relaxing time followed by a line of outdoor activities. Some of the highlighted ones are- nature walks, water harvesting, bird watching, speed boating, etc.

  • Location: Venkannababu Gudi Veedhi, Kota Veedhi Road, Rowthulapudi, Andhra Pradesh
  • Price: Starts from INR 1500/- per night per couple.
  • Amenities: Reception and In-Room Services, Television, Air-Conditioned Rooms, Lush Garden Area, Buffet Breakfast, Private Parking and more.
  • Distance from the village: 33 Kilometers
Cozy World Resort​

VanaVihari Resort​

Located in the lap of lush flora, this hotel offers the most number of facilities and adventurous activities. Furthermore, it houses several attractions such as: an Ethno Medical awareness center, Coffee and Pepper Plantations, Vali Sugriva Medical Plants conservation area, Wildlife spotting area, and Jungle site camping. Such notable attractions make it the topmost preferred place to stay and certainly a memorable one.

  • Location: Vanavihari Eco-tourism Complex, Maredumilli, Andhra Pradesh
  • Price: Varies from INR 1250 – INR 3000 per night with choices of Bison Cottage, Wooden Cottage, Deluxe Rooms and more.
  • Amenities: Outdoor Activities, High-Speed Wi-Fi, Power Backup, Breakfast Buffet Restaurant, Air- Conditioned Room, Comfortable Beds, and more.
  • Distance from the village: Located within 1 Kilometer 

Jungle Star Eco Camp ​

It is one of the iconic Maredumilli resorts that features more than 10 traditional style cottages, equipped with basic amenities and sublime vistas. However, remember that rooms here are classified under tented and permanent cottages. And since the entrance area of the hotel is surrounded by water, you will have to reach here via the bridge. Further, the place offers several outdoor activities like trekking, camping, hiking, nature walks, picnicking, swimming, etc.

  • Location: Jungle Nature CampSite Trek Path, Valamuru, Andhra Pradesh
  • Price: Starts from INR 4000 for 2 Guests per room with meals included.
  • Amenities: Air-Conditioned Room, Buffet Breakfast, Power Sockets, High Speed Wi-Fi, Parking Facility, CampFire and more.
  • Distance from the village: 11 Kilometers 

Aranya Eco Resorts​

This is the most renowned resort of the district. It is in harmony with nature and welcomes each visitor to an environment full of natural beauty and modern facilities. Here you can enjoy your favorite meal at the in-house restaurant, let your kids play at the play area, cherish a few cozy moments at the outdoor swimming pool. Furthermore, being surrounded by a lush garden area, the hotel also provides several outdoor activities like boating, fishing, cycling, bird watching, nature walks, trekking, etc.

  • Location: 105-2, Sunnampadu, Maredumilli, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
  • Price: Starts from INR 2900, per night for a couple.
  • Amenities: 24 Hours Front Desk, Lush Green Garden, Air Conditioned Rooms, In-Room Television, Wardrobe, Free Toiletries and more.
  • Distance from the village: 10 Kilometers
Aranya Eco Resorts​

Seven Hills Resort ​

Tucked in the heart of the village is this incredible resort offering sublime mountain vistas and all basic facilities. And since its location is far away from the city, here you will experience a more calming atmosphere than anywhere else. Moreover, there are a variety of outdoor activities available here including, bird watching, hiking, campfire, nature walks, fishing, etc.

  • Location: Main road, Maredumilli, Andhra Pradesh
  • Price: Starts from INR 2500- INR 4000, per night per room.
  • Amenities: 24 Hours Front Desk, Nature-Friendly Services, Traditional Restaurant, Luggage Assistance, Lawn Area, and more.
  • Distance from the village: 15 Kilometers 
Seven Hills Resort ​

Sunrise Valley Resort ​

Sunrise Valley is one of the Maredumilli resorts location which serves as a perfect fusion of traditional architectural charm and modern opulence. Moreover, this traditionally styled hotel features more than 15 modern cottages and even luxurious suites. Here you can also enjoy tons of outdoor activities such as campfire, jungle trekking, chilling at waterfalls, exploring wildlife at Bhupathipalem Reservoir, and much more.

  • Location: HPX7+8CH, Sunnampadu, near Waterfall, Maredumilli, Andhra Pradesh
  • Price: Starts from INR 4500- INR 5000, per night per room.
  • Amenities: Free Parking, High Speed WiFi, Room Service, In-House Restaurant, Pick and Drop Service, Dining Area, Garden Sitting Area, and more.
  • Distance from the village: 20 Kilometers 

Oak Tree Garden Resort ​

This beautiful resort is tucked in one of the greenest locations near the village and offers the finest vistas of lush forests and mountainous regions. Moreover, with the widest range of rooms available, it is considered as one of the best places to stay in the district. On another note, the hotel also provides several adventurous activities for visitors such as hiking trails, nature walks, trekking, camping, fishing, etc.

  • Location: HPX7+8CM 5-48, Somi Reddy Palem Street Bhadrachalam, Maredumilli, Andhra Pradesh
  • Price: Starts from INR 3999, per night per room.
  • Amenities: Free Parking, 24-Hour Front Desk, Rooms with Mountain View, Air Conditioned Rooms, Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, Outdoor Activities, and more.
  • Distance from the village: 6 Kilometers


So these were the top Maredmulli resorts you can consider once you plan a vacation here. Interestingly, each hotel is one of its kind and offers the best amenities and adventurous activities one could ask for. Furthermore, the unusual forest vistas of this village, encompassed with waterfalls and dense bamboo grooves, makes it a prominent tourism worthy destination of Andhra Pradesh. 

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