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About Bogota

Bogota is the capital city of Colombia and the third-highest capital in South America. It is known for its rich culture and heritage. Further, it was founded in 1538 and still retains its historical charm in areas such as La Candelaria. Hence, when you take a trip to Bogota, spend ample time exploring the beautiful city. Prior to planning your excursion and booking flights from Bahawalpur to Bogota, explore the famous eateries, places to stay and attractions this city has to offer and make your trip worthwhile.

Best Time to Visit Bogota

The best time to visit Bogota starts from April, followed by January and May. These months mark the beginning of the holiday season. In addition, you may find the fares of accommodation expensive in these months. However, the month of July is the low season to visit the city.

Flights from Bahawalpur to Bogota

The average distance for flights from Bahawalpur to Bogota is 7108 miles or 11,440 kilometers. Further, the merchandising airports in both the cities are- Bahawalpur Airport  and El Dorado International Airport (BHV-BOG).

Best Places to Eat in Bogota

Restaurante Los Galenos
<strong>Restaurante Los Galenos<strong>

Cuisine : Continental

Address : Transversal 23 No. 93-23 Piso 8, Bogotá 111811 Colombia

Umami Sabor Perfecto
<strong>Umami Sabor Perfecto<strong>

Cuisine :  South American, Colombian

Address : Cl. 72 #20 – 79, Bogotá, Colombia


Cuisine : Latin, Continental

Address : Autopista Nte. #114-44, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Best Hotels to Stay in Bogota

AC Hotel by Marriott Bogota Zona T
<strong>AC Hotel by Marriott Bogota Zona T<strong>

Location : Ac. 85 #12-66, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Price : USD 310

Casa Dann Carlton Hotel & Spa
<strong>Casa Dann Carlton Hotel Spa<strong>

Location : Cl. 93b #19-44, Bogotá, Colombia

Price : USD 234

Ek Hotel
<strong>Ek Hotel<strong>

Location : Cl. 90 #11-13, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Price : USD 189

Best things to Do in Bogota

Cerro de Monserrate
<strong>Cerro Monserrate<strong>

Cerro Monserrate is one of the highest mountain peaks in Colombia, and a perfect place to indulge in some adventurous activities. Here you can join a hiking trail and reach up to the top to observe the incredible city.

Plaza Bolivar
<strong>Plaza Bolivar<strong>

Head to the center of this capital city to see where government business gets done. This sprawling, pigeon-filled plaza is home to Colombia’s Palace of Justice, the Capitol Building, the Cathedral of Bogotá, and the city mayor’s office.

Laguna de Guatavita
<strong>Laguna de Guatavita<strong>

After taking an exit from Museo del Oro, head straight to Lake Guatavita. Apparently, this is the most peaceful place where you can spend a relaxing afternoon and discover more about the lake’s connection to Colombian History.


  1. What is the flight duration from Bahawalpur to Bogota?

    The flight duration for this route will be about 35h 18m.  

  2. What are the cheap flights from Bahawalpur to Bogota?

    There are no flights available for this route. 

  3. Which Airports will I be using to fly from Bahawalpur to Bogota?

    You will board a flight from Bahawalpur Airport and land at El Dorado International Airport (BHV-BOG).

  4. When is the best time to visit and take a flight from Bahawalpur to Bogota?

    The best time to take a trip from Bahawalpur to Bogota (BHV-BOG) is around December to March, when the weather is dry and pleasant. 

  5. Which airlines provide nonstop flights from Bahawalpur to Bogota?

    There are no direct or nonstop flights available for this route. 

  6. How to avail cheap flights from BHV to BOG?

    To avail cheap flights for this route, it’s best to constantly check Lowest Flight Fare’s website and also consider booking on the cheapest day. You can also find cheap flights during the off-season. 

  7. What is the language spoken in Bogota?

    The language spoken in Bogota is Spanish.

  8. Is Bogota the capital of Colombia?

    Yes, Bogota is the largest capital city of Colombia and the third-highest city in South America.

  9. Is Bogota worth visiting?

    Full of art, fashion, culture, history, opportunities, and unique experiences, Bogotá is a great city to visit and live. 

  10. What is the currency used in Bogota?

    The currency used and accepted in Bogota is Colombian Peso.

Airports Near Bogota

  • El Dorado International Airport (BOG)
  • El Real Airport (ELE)
  • La Vanguardia Airport (VVC)
  • Perales Airport (IBE)

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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

Calling before booking can save you big