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About VivaAerobus

Is there a sudden change in the plan after booking a flight? You don’t have to worry about the last-minute change in plan, as VivaAerobus protects you from such situations. VivaAerobus flight change policy allows passengers to change their reservations instead of canceling them. You can simply change the flight date, destination and origin, and name correction in case of a typo by visiting VivaAerobus’ official website. However, the change fee depends on various factors. We have compiled some important rules related to the VivaAerobus flight change.

VivaAerobus is a Mexican low-cost airline which was founded in 2006. It operates flights throughout Mexico and the United States and covers 58 destinations. Each year the airline carries millions of passengers, making it one of the most popular airlines in the US and Mexico. VivaAerobus offers a very flexible flight change policy to its passengers as a low-cost airline.

VivaAerobus Flight Change Policy

  • VivaAerobus permits its customers to make date changes without any change fee.
  • Viva Smart fare holders can change or reschedule their flight multiple times without penalty.
  • If you have a Viva Extra and Viva Light fare, you are allowed to make only three changes to your booking.
  • Viva Smart, Viva basic, and Viva Light combos can change their flight without any change fee.
  • Passengers can change their reservation via the official website, customer service phone number, and airport ticketing counters.
  • Passengers are allowed to change their name (for typing errors), destination, date, and flight time. For name correction and origin and destination change, passengers need to call VivaAerobus customer support number +1 844 673 0381.
  • Passengers must make the changes at least 4 hours prior to scheduled departure, provided passengers have not completed the check-in request.
  • In case of a flight change, if the new flight costs more than the original one, passengers must pay for the fare difference.
  • Passengers must use the same name if multiple flights are scheduled under the same PNR.
  • Zero fares are not entitled to any changes in reservation other than the 24-hour window.
  • If the passenger makes changes 48-hours before the scheduled departure, they must incur 10% of the fare value as the additional change fee and the applicable fare difference.

VivaAerobus 24-hour Flight Change Policy

  • VivaAerobus flight change policy states that if the changes are made within 24-hours of booking and the scheduled departure of the flight is at least 7 days later, then no change fee will be applicable. However, passengers must pay for the fare difference.
  • For Group Booking, only 9 passengers on the same booking are eligible for flight change for free, if the changes are done within 24-hours. In case of any changes in the group booking for more than 9 passengers, it becomes a subject to VivaAerobus Group contract.
  • Any reservation which was originally made with a travel credit voucher or travel gift certificates are not entitled to the airline’s 24-hour flight change policy.
  • Any flight which is already rescheduled for a different date is not allowed to make any changes even if the request was initiated within 24-hours of booking.

VivaAerobus Flight Change Types

VivaAerobus doesn’t entertain all types of change requests. It allows only specific changes in the bookings. To know more about the policy, read below.

Change Flight Date

Passengers can easily change the date of their flight any time prior to the scheduled departure. You can request the airline for the date change online via ‘Manage Booking’ option. However, not all fare types are allowed to change the date online. For such fares, the request must be made by calling the airline’s customer support number.

VivaAerobus Name Change

  • VivaAerobus doesn’t allow transferring the ticket to a different person.
  • Passengers can only make corrections for simple typing errors. The airline allows correcting a spelling mistake up to three characters on the first name, middle name, and last name.
  • The airline allows gender change too and adding or removing suffix and prefix.

VivaAerobus Seat Change

VivaAerobus lets its customers change their seats whenever they want. However, it is subject to availability and certain fares will be applicable to some fares.

VivaAerobus Route Change

VivaAerobus passengers are allowed to change the flight’s origin and destination only before the outbound flight departs. If the passenger wants to change the route after the outbound flight is flown, no change request will be entertained.

VivaAerobus Schedule Change

VivaAerobus publishes its flight schedules 11 months in advance, which gives passengers the opportunity to make adjustments with the schedule as per their convenience. However, if something comes up and you need to change the booked flight, then the airline has some specific rules for that:

  • To be eligible to change the schedule of the flight, the passenger must request the airline at least 4 hours before the flight departs.
  • If the flight is delayed or rescheduled by VivaAerobus, the airline will offer the affected passengers an alternate flight with the same origin and destination, as it was in the original flight. If the alternate flight doesn’t match with the passenger’s needs, then vivaAerobus will initiate the refund process.

VivaAerobus Change Flight Policy for Third-Party Agents

  • The airline allows third-party agents to request for a change at least 30 to 90 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.
  • The policy is allowed only if the agent selects an alternate flight maintaining the same inventory.

VivaAerobus Same-day Flight Change

  • VivaAerobus same-day flight change allows passengers to change their flight on the same-day of departure in case of an emergency. However, the request must be made at least 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the original flight.
  • No change fee will be applicable for passengers who require changing routes, date, or schedule within the same day of travel on all domestic and international flights. However, they must pay for the fare difference if applicable.
  • The free same-day change policy is applicable to only Viva Smart, Viva Basic, and Viva Light Combos.

VivaAerobus Flight Change Fee

  • VivaAerobus has permanently eliminated the VivaAerobus change fee for passengers holding Viva Smart, Viva Basic, and Viva Light combos.
  • For Viva Zero passengers, the flight change fee  for domestic routes ranges between $150 to $200. And for international routes, the change fee ranges between $200 to $250.
  • Viva Smart passengers are allowed to enjoy unlimited free changes for up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure. After that, a certain fee will be levied by the airline, which depends on the route, date, and type of change.

Steps to Change VivaAerobus Flight

Online Method

  • Visit
  • Click on ‘Modify your reservation’
  • Enter your reservation code and last name
  • Select the itinerary you want to change and click on ‘Change flight’ and proceed.
  • Select the new flight and click on ‘Continue’ button
  • Once you pay for the fare difference and change fee, if applicable, review your itinerary and confirm the change.
  • Once the airline approves your request, you will receive a confirmation mail from the airline for the same.

Offline Method

VivaAerobus’ change policy is not the same for certain fares and circumstances. They are not entitled to request the change online, and the changes can be made only over the phone call to VivaAerobus customer support number.

  • Dial VivaAerobus customer support number at +1 844 673 0381
  • Provide the required information to customer support executive
  • Check your new flight options
  • Pay for the change fee and any fare difference if applicable
  • Ask the executive to recap the itinerary
  • You will receive a confirmation mail from the airline, once it approves your request.


  • Can I change my VivaAerobus flight without change fees?

    VivaAerobus has eliminated its flight change fee from Viva Smart, Viva Light Combos, and Viva Extra. Viva Zero ticket holders must pay for the change fee if the changes are done after a 24-hour risk-free window. If there is a difference in fare between the new flight and the previous one, then passengers must pay for the fare difference.

  • How late can you change a VivaAerobus flight?

    VivaAerobus permits its customers to modify their reservations for up to a certain period for urgent scenarios. You can change the name, time, and destination at least 4-hours before the flight's scheduled departure free of charge. Viva Zero fare holders have to pay a nominal change fee.

  • How much does it cost to change a VivaAerobus Flight?

    VivaAerobus has eliminated its change fee for all types of fares except for Viva Zero fares. However, the 24-hour no-change fee will be applicable to all types of fares. If somehow you miss the window, the airline will charge you $150 to $250 as change fee along with the fare difference.

  • What happens if my new flight costs less than my original flight?

    If your new flight costs less than the original flight, then the remaining will be credited for future travel or VivaAerobus will completely refund you the amount.

  • How do I modify a reservation?

    If you are eligible to make changes in your flight ticket, then you can do the same by visiting VivaAerobus’s official website and following the instructions. If you are unable to change the reservation online, you can call VivaAerobus at +1 844 673 0381.

  • Can I change my ticket, which was purchased from a third-party agent?

    VivaAerobus allows you to make changes for the tickets purchased from a third-party agent. However, additional charges may apply along with the change fee and fare differences.

  • Can I change my VivaAerobus flight the same day?

    VivaAerobus allows passengers to make the changes up to 4-hours of the flight’s scheduled departure.

  • Can I get a refund for an unwanted flight change?

    If the airline forces you to change the flight due to overbooking, then you are eligible for a refund. In such scenarios, the airline sometimes compensates you by providing an alternate flight.

  • Can I transfer a flight ticket with VivaAerobus?

    VivaAerobus never allows passengers to transfer a ticket to someone else. The airline’s name change policy states that a passenger can correct only minor typing errors in their name for up to three characters only.

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