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About Bogota

Bogota, the vibrant capital city of Colombia, is home to 8.8million people. Cradled by the Andean peaks, Bogota offers some stunning views of the mountains. The city was founded by the Spanish conquistador Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada after a difficult expedition into the Andes conquering the Muisca. So, the historic neighborhoods like the famous La Candelaria have Spanish colonial buildings. Meanwhile, if you book cheap flights from Miami to Bogota, Colombia, to explore the city, you are in for a dramatic journey of history.
While traveling from Miami to Bogota, you will board a flight at Miami International Airport (MIA) and land at El Dorado International Airport (BOG).

Best Time to Visit

If you plan to visit Bogota, then the lowest Season to visit Bogota is from April to July, as they are known as the wet months.
If you plan to visit Bogota, the best time to visit is during December, January, February, and March, as they are the driest months in Colombia.

Best Flights from Miami to Bogota

Numerous airlines like Spirit, Avianca, Wingo, LATAM, Delta, United, Viva Air, Copa, Aeromexico, and American Airlines offer their flights from Miami (MIA) to Bogota (BOG).
The distance between Miami (MIA) and Bogota (BOG) is 1,509mi. The fastest flight time from Miami to Bogota, offered by LATAM Airlines, takes 03h 30m.
The average price of a flight ticket from Miami to Bogota will cost you around USD 94.93 for a one-way trip and USD 233.99 for a round trip.Furthermore, the airports connecting the two cities are- Miami International Airport (MIA) and El Dorado International Airport (BOG).

One-Way Trip
AirlinesAirlines NamePriceAction
Spirit NKWingo P5Spirit, Wingo AirlinesUSD 94.93Book Now
Spirit NKavianca logoSpirit, Avianca AirlinesUSD 97.36Book Now
Spirit NKLatam LASpirit, LATAM AirlinesUSD 100.23Book Now
avianca logoAvianca AirlinesUSD 178.46Book Now
VHViva AirUSD 182.22Book Now
CMCopa AirlinesUSD 206.89Book Now
Round Trip
AirlinesAirlines NamePriceAction
Spirit NKavianca logoSpirit, Avianca, Avianca, Spirit AirlinesUSD 233.99Book Now
Spirit NKSpirit Airlines, Spirit AirlinesUSD 290.51Book Now
avianca logoAvianca, Avianca AirlinesUSD 335.26Book Now
VHViva Air, Viva AirUSD 338.47Book Now
CMCopa Airlines, Copa AirlinesUSD 345.52Book Now
Spirit NKCMSpirit Airlines, Copa AirlinesUSD 393.26Book Now

Places to eat in Bogota

  1. Andrés Carne de Res
    Famous for the juicy steaks, this legendary restaurant has a 75-page menu that features classics like arepas, ceviche, succulent steaks, charcoal-grilled beef, etc.
  2. Mini-Mal
    If you are craving some authentic Colombian cuisine, then Mini-Mal cooks each of its dishes from fresh Colombian ingredients in a traditional style to enhance the taste.
  3. Abasto
    This restaurant is located in Usaquén and is the ideal breakfast spot to sample various arepas made with the ingredients from the local farmer markets.
High-rangeJW Marriott HotelUSD 158.87
Mid-rangeGrand HyattUSD 118.04
Low-rangeHabitel HotelUSD 52.06

Places to visit in Bogota

  • La Candelaria
    From colonial-era cathedral to some 300-year-old buildings, from neoclassical capitol flanking Bolivar Plaza to Centro Cultural Gabriel Garcia Marquez, La Candelaria is a vibrant heart of Bogota. This neighborhood has preserved historic architecture from pre-Columbian times.
  • Plaza Bolivar
    This pigeon-filled plaza in the center of Bogota is home to the Capitol Building, Palace of Justice, Cathedral, and Mayor’s office.
  • Museo del Oro
    Museo del Oro is a stunning gold museum in Columbian. It is an amazingly inaugurated museum located in the downtown area of La Candelaria Bogota.

It is one of the top attractions for every tourist. This museum focuses on the art and the gold objects created by the craftsmen.


  1. u003cstrongu003eAre there any direct flights available from Miami to Bogota?u003c/strongu003e

    Several airlines like Spirit, LATAM, Avianca, United, Delta, American Airlines offer direct flights from Miami (MIA) to Bogota (BOG).

  2. u003cstrongu003eWhat is the earliest departure time out of Miami to Bogota?u003c/strongu003e

    The earliest flight departs from Miami at 05:26 AM and arrives at 11:03 AM at Bogota.

  3. u003cstrongu003eWhich airlines provide the cheapest flights from Miami to Bogota?u003c/strongu003e

    Spirit, Wingo, Avianca, LATAM Airlines offer cheap flights from Miami to Bogota.

  4. u003cstrongu003eWhat is the airfare for the fastest flight?u003c/strongu003e

    The airfare for the fastest flight from Miami to Bogota starts from USD 353.41 and is offered by LATAM Airlines.

  5. u003cstrongu003eWhen is the cheapest month to fly from Miami to Bogota?u003c/strongu003e

    August is the cheapest month to fly from Miami to Bogota.

  6. u003cstrongu003eAre there any covid restrictions imposed in the country while traveling?u003c/strongu003e

    Whether you are vaccinated or not, you are required to carry an RT-PCR test report with you, and if you are vaccinated, you must bring your vaccination certificate.

  7. u003cstrongu003eWhich airlines are flying from Miami to Bogota?u003c/strongu003e

    Avianca Airlines, Copa Airlines, United Airlines, Spirit, LATAM, American Airlines etc. are some of the airlines flying from Miami to Bogota.

  8. u003cstrongu003eWhich day is the cheapest to fly from Miami to Bogota?u003c/strongu003e

    Monday is the cheapest day to fly from Miami to Bogota.

  9. u003cstrongu003eIs Bogota safe?u003c/strongu003e

    Although Bogota has a violent past, the capital is pretty safe to visit now. It has dozens of safe and friendly neighborhoods with music, food, dance, and art.

Airports Near Miami

  • Miami International Airport (MIA)
  • Monkey Mia Airport (MJK)
  • Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (FLL)
  • Palm Beach International Airport (PBI)

Airports Near Bogota

  • El Dorado International Airport (BOG)
  • El Real Airport (ELE)
  • La Vanguardia Airport (VVC)
  • Perales Airport (IBE)

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Flights to Bogota

  • Flights from Mcgrath to Bogota – MCG to BOG
  • MSP to Bogota
  • Flights from Midland Odessa to Bogota – MAF to BOG
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Airlines Fly from Miami to Bogota

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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

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