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About Pereira

Want to explore ‘Beantown’ to a corner of ‘Coffee Triangle’?
Here is all you need to know about these two historically dignified cities. Whether choosing a moderately priced transportation route or considering staying or eating there, we’ll help you guide you through all of your troubles from Boston to Pereira, Colombia! Boston is a city to shine forth in terms of revolution and progressive thinking. During the colonial period, the regional food of Boston used to be ‘slowly-baked beans in molasses.’ Perhaps, they ended up giving this city nickname ‘Beantown.’ Now, let’s exchange Boston’s beans with the coffee beans of Pereira. Pereira, the chief city of eje cafetero (coffee triangle made by three cities), is situated in the foothills of Andes. This UNESCO world heritage site is the perfect gateway from your boredom. With beautifully embraced coffee zonas, Pereira is one of the cities with miraculous views.

Experiencing seasons from Boston to Pereira

Pereira, Columbia has lost its many original buildings due to an earthquake in the past. But it still gets noticed for its spring-like vibes.  Throughout the year, Pereira experiences warm and overcast Columbian weather with a typical temperature of 63°F to 79°F. If planning a trip from Boston to Pereira, the months from late December to late January & from mid-June to early September would be best for touristy sports. It captivates the heart of many domestic & international tourists for its eye-popping landmarks. Rich in Flora and Fauna, this city also has a theme park based on the former, named Ukumari. Not only it is a Sports & Adventure destination but also, Health destination.  

Best Flights from Boston to Pereira

Here is the guide to reaching either via the fastest route or cheapest route. Book the cheapest flight from Boston (BOS) to Pereira (PEI) for a price of USD 370 or less (one-way) and USD 682 or less (round-trip). To book the fastest flight ticket from Boston to Pereira, it’d cost you USD 255.44. Matecana International Airport, the busiest airport, receives numerous national and international flights: Multiple Airlines, COPA, American, DELTA, and other airlines. Starting the lowest prices from USD 375.29 with Multiple airlines and highest prices till USD 1031.44 with other airlines. 

There are many other ways to travel to Pereira, via: 

  • From prices USD 256.9-USD 861.64 approx., you can reach Pereira, Colombia via plane. But first, you have to take a bus from Boston South Buses to reach Logan Airport. Taking a flight from the airport of BOS-PEI will land you at PEI airport. After, that with the walking distance of 6 minutes, you’ll reach El viajero. Take a bus from there to Mercados, and you’ll reach your final destination. 
  • The shortest flight time route with prices USD 174.59-USD 620.5 approx., reaches your destination economically. Take the bus from Boston South Buses to reach Logan Airport. Fly to Medellin Jose Marie Cordova (MDE), and then directly from Medellin Jose Marie Cordova airport you can take a bus to Pereira. 
  • With prices USD 185-USD 634.9 approx. and most straightforward route, you can opt for this route. Within three steps, you can reach your destination. Starting from Boston South Buses to Logan Airport (with bus); Next, a flight to Armenia (AXM). Last, a taxi directly from AXM airport to Pereira. 
Cheap Flights from Boston to Pereira

Things to do in Pereira

A glimpse at Architecture
A glimpse at Architecture

The city without doors,’ as used to say by many, this city is not only lively and vibrant but also known for warm-welcomes. Pereira, Colombia has a unique-style architecture, representing their traditional roots of the Spanish-colonial period with modern era innovation. To view more of it you can visit La Pobreza, Plaza Bolivar and Ciudad Victoria, Pereira Art Museum, Cesar Gaviria Trujillo Viaduct, Centro Cultural Lucy Tejada, Don Manolo, a coffee farm tour. 

Nature creations
Nature creations

Focused more on preserving flora and fauna, Ukumari is the largest theme park and must-visit. Also, Lake Otún and Parque Consotá are best recommended. This theme park includes many water rides and a miniature replica of Pereira.  

High jinks
High jinks

Whenever it comes to things to do in Pereira, you must count in;
First: Hiking & climbing this dramatic volcano Santa Isabel with a spectacular view. 
Second: Waterfall hike at Cascada de Los Frailes and birdwatching at Yarumo Blanco.
Last: Skating at The Biggest Skate Park in Colombia and joining the free live performance of Pereira symphonic band at 4:00 every Friday evening. 

Best Places to stay in Pereira

The home of sky-high Palm trees with palmy traits, this city can offer you striking views within your ways and the best places to stay. El Lugar Nordico is one the best Pereira, Columbia hotels. They provide exceptional services which have resulted in them in gaining the title of best wedding & event destination too. Hostal Kolibri, in every sense, makes the tourists feel best. It provides commendable facilities, including hot water, jammed kitchens, a game room. 

Best Places to eat in Pereira

When craving authentic tastes, it’s impossible to search for options at the moment. So, for that, prepare your list before. Here are some mentions where to eat, for- 

  • Spanish and Mediterranean Cuisine- El Olivo 
  • Authentic Italian Cuisine- La Trattoria 
  • Authentic German Cuisine- Biergarten Aleman  


  • Which airports do I’ve to go to to take a flight from Boston to Pereira?

    The airports you’ll be using are Boston Logan Intl from Boston (BOS) to Pereira (PEI) Matecana while landing in Pereira.  

  • How much time does it take from Boston to Pereira? 

    There are no direct flights from Boston to Pereira. The fastest route takes 8h 15m. 

  • What is the distance from Boston to Pereira? 

    The distance from Boston to Periera is 2,608 mi. 

  • Can we drink tap water in Pereira? 

    Yes, you can drink directly from the tap. The water quality in Pereira is excellent than in other parts of Columbia. It is in the top 20 in terms of the quality of water. But here is a piece of advice don’t drink tap water in other parts of Colombia.  

  • Is going to Pereira safe? 

    Not exactly. The Columbians are lively and vibrant but still, in some parts here, you have to be cautious.    

  • Which one is the most reliable airline from the route from Boston (BOS) to Pereira (PEI)?  

    For on-time arrivals, American is considered one of the most reliable airlines. 

  • What is the airport code for Boston airport?  

    The IATA code for Boston airport, Boston Logan International Airport is BOS. 

  • Can I carry my own food on Boston to Pereira flight?  

    Every airline has different baggage policies, for exact information do check their website or contact customer service. 

  • What is the high peak season time for Boston to Pereira flights?  

    December is the high peak season to travel from Boston to Periera. 

  • What is the low season time for Boston to Pereira flights? 

    September is the low peak season to travel from Boston to Periera. 

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Airports Near Pereira
  • Perales Airport – IBE
  • Quibdo Airport – UIB
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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

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