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About Kathmandu

It is the capital of Nepal and is named after its valley that is surrounded by the Himalayas. It is filled with fascinating villages, natural beauty and ancient temples. It is situated at an elevation of over 4,000 feet. There are lots of sites for trekking too and the Durbar Square built in 1627 is also well known in the city. Those interested in travelling here can book flights to Kathmandu.

Best Time to Book Flights to Kathmandu

The best time to tour Kathmandu is during its winter season when the weather is stable. The months from September to December are the best with October and November months being considered as the peak season for tourism.  

Places to Visit in Kathmandu

National Museum of Nepal Kathmandu
National Museum of Nepal

Locals also call it the Rashtriya Sangrahalaya and is nearly a century old. It has been preserved well and is a great place to learn about Nepal’s history. It has three buildings which are the Juda Jayatia Kala Shala, Historical Museum Building and the Buddhist Art Gallery. 

Pashupatinath Temple Kathmandu
Pashupatinath Temple

It is one of the country’s holiest Hindu shrines and can be found near the sacred Bagmati river. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and attracts many devotees to it. It spans over a large area with temples and ashrams. It has also been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Garden of Dreams Kathmandu
Garden of Dreams Kathmandu

It is also called ‘The Garden of Six Seasons’ and the ‘Swapna Bageecha’. It was built in 1920 by Kishore Narsingh and is a neo-classical garden located in the capital city. The garden has urns, beautiful pavilions, paved perimeter paths, ponds, pergolas and an incredible amphitheatre.

Popular Flight Routes to Kathmandu

Origin DestinationDurationBest Price
DelhiKathmandu (KTM)01h 35mNPR रू 35,482
DammamKathmandu (KTM)07h 10mNPR रू 86,291
Kuwait CityKathmandu (KTM)07h 20mNPR रू 68,966
Kuala Lumpur (KUL)Kathmandu (KTM)04h 40mNPR रू 33,803
IstanbulKathmandu (KTM)14h 15mNPR रू 112,279
Seoul (ICN)Kathmandu (KTM)07h 10mNPR रू 122,932

Popular Airports in Kathmandu

The main international airport that serves the city is the Tribhuvan International Airport. It has a land area of around 356 hectares and recorded an annual passenger traffic of around 7.3 million in 2019. It links the nation to over 40 destinations across 17 countries.

When Is the Best Time to Book Cheap Flight to Kathmandu?

A good idea would be to book cheap flights to Kathmandu during shoulder season which are the months of September and December. The weather is still decent and the rush also tends to drop. It can prove to be a good time to find cheap flights.

Which is The Cheapest Day to Fly to Kathmandu?

Going by our research, Monday appears to be the best day to book cheap flights. Weekends and holidays tend to be expensive for booking flights. 

Which Time of The Day is The Cheapest to Book Flights to Kathmandu?

As per our research, flights that take off early in the morning tend to be cheaper than those at other hours. 

Top Tips to Get Cheap Flights to Kathmandu

  • Round Trip Tickets
    Tourists that know their return date should book round trip flights as they are considered cheaper than buying two one way tickets. 
  • Off Season
    Flight prices tend to drop during shoulder season and off season. So they can prove to be a good option for getting tickets to cheap flights.
  • Set Price Alert
    Airfares tend to change frequently. Set a price alert to help book cheap flights and reduce expenses. 
  • Identify the Cheapest Day and Time
    In most cases, airfares are expensive during weekends and holidays while on weekdays they tend to drop. If travel dates are flexible, buy flight tickets when prices are lower.  


  • What is Kathmandu most famous for?

    The city is most renowned for its holy monuments. It is a great place for religious tourism among hindus.

  • Is Kathmandu good for travel?

    The city is one of the best places to tour in Nepal. It has natural beauty, history, culture, etc. all of which make it very appealing.

  • Is Nepal tourist friendly?

    Yes, the country is considered safe for tourists as long as they follow guidelines, take necessary precautions and use a bit of common sense.

  • Is it safe to walk around Kathmandu?

    Generally, it is safe but of course one should still use their common sense and also remain alert too. Also avoid walking alone late at night. These tips apply to any place.

  • Can you see Everest from Kathmandu?

    Everest can be seen from some parts of Kathmandu Valley. Also, if the weather is clear then Everest and other important peaks can be seen from other parts of the city.

  • How many airports are there in Kathmandu?

    At present there is only one airport in Kathmandu which is the Tribhuvan International Airport. There is another airport nearby called the Pokhara Airport but that is another town and is a domestic airport.

  • Which airlines are serving at Kathmandu airport?

    The airport acts as a hub for multiple airlines some of which are Nepal Airlines, Buddha Air, Himalayan Airlines, etc.

  • Is Nepal a hot or cold country?

    It is generally considered among the warmer countries. It can also get hot here in the summers.

  • What are the coldest months in Nepal?

    Usually January is considered the coldest month in the country.

  • What language is spoken in Nepal?

    Nepali is the most commonly spoken language in the country.

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Airports Near Kathmandu
  • Tribhuvan International Airport – KTM
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