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About Queensland

It is one of the states of Australia. It is large in area and also well populated too. Due to its large size its climate and geographical features are variable by region. Many of the large cities of the country are also located in this state. The economy of the state is also greatly dependent on tourism. Those planning on touring the state can book flights to Queensland

Best Time to Book Flights to Queensland

The climate of Queensland varies by region due to its size. It has even been divided into 6 climatic zones. The best time to travel to Queensland is from June to October with September being considered the peak month. 

Places to Visit in Queensland

Brisbane Queensland

It is the state capital and also one of the most populated cities in the land. The City Botanic Gardens, Story Bridge, City Hall, etc. are some of its most popular attractions. The city has great transportation facilities. The Gold Coast is also considered a part of it and is highly toured.

Cairns Queensland

The city is known for its tropical climate. It has lots of beaches, cafes, markets, etc. A lot of the tourism for this city is from the people that come to see the Great Barrier Reef. It is also known for its general natural beauty.

Townsville Queensland

It has a lot of diverse range of experiences to offer. It has water parks and beaches as well as a lot of natural beauty too. Many people that want to visit the Magnetic Island tour Townsville as well. 

Popular Flight Routes to Queensland

Origin DestinationDurationBest Price
Vancouver Brisbane14h 45mAUD $ 2,980
Kuala LumpurGold Coast10h 35mAUD $ 1,240
SingaporeCairns12h 25mAUD $ 1,500
Tokyo-NaritaCairns7h 20mAUD $ 892
AucklandGold Coast3h 35mAUD $ 416
Los AngelesBrisbane14h 40mAUD $ 2,608

Popular Airports in Indonesia

AirportsCodeCity ServedAnnual Passengers
Brisbane AirportBNEBrisbane23,205,702
Gold Coast AirportOOLGold Coast6,457,086
Cairns AirportCNSCairns5,075,887 

When Is the Best Time to Book Cheap Flight to Queensland?

Going by our research, the best time to book cheap flights to Queensland while saving costs would be during May. Also, the weather during this month will be more manageable as well. 

Which is The Cheapest Day to Fly to Queensland?

Going by our research, Wednesdays are considered the best days to book cheap flights. Also, weekdays are usually more affordable. Booking at least four weeks prior can also help one get a good deal. 

Which Time of The Day is The Cheapest to Book Flights to Queensland?

As per our research, flights departing in the afternoon are usually cheaper than those at other times. 

Top Tips to Get Cheap Flights to Queensland

  • Round Trip Tickets
    For those that are aware of their return dates, they can consider booking round trip tickets as these have been found to be more affordable than one-way ones.
  • Off Season
    Airlines tend to decrease their prices during shoulder season or off season so these are good times to get a cheap flight ticket.
  • Set Price Alert
    Airfares are subject to constant fluctuation. Set a price alert to help save up on a few bucks.
  • Identify the Cheapest Day and Time
    It has been found that weekdays are better for booking cheap flights than weekends and holidays when prices rise. To save up on costs book flights to Queensland when prices are cheaper.  


  • What is a good month to go to Queensland?

    As per our research, the month of September is the best for touring Queensland.

  • Why do tourists visit Queensland?

    The Great Barrier Reef is arguably the biggest crowd puller in terms of tourism for the state. But apart from it the state has a lot of natural beauty to offer too.

  • What is the coldest month in Queensland?

    July is considered as the coldest month in Queensland.

  • Is Brisbane a good place to live?

    Yes, it is well developed and has a lot of amenities to live well. It is also considered a good place to raise families as well.

  • What is the main airport in Queensland?

    Brisbane Airport is considered the main airport in Queensland and is an international one too.

  • What are the biggest airlines in Australia?

    The top airlines in AUstralia include Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, etc.

  • What are the international airports in Queensland?

    The state has four international airports and are in the cities of Cairns, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

  • What is the biggest airport in Queensland?

    The Brisbane International Airport is the largest in the state.

  • What is the largest airline in Australia?

    The Qantas Airline is the largest airline of the country.

  • Does it get cold in Queensland?

    The state’s climate has been divided into six zones. Due to its large land size the climate is variable. Many places are usually warm but some places do get cold

Top Flight Destinations in Queensland
Popular Airports in Queensland
  • Brisbane Airport – BNE
  • Gold Coast Airport – OOL
  • Cairns Airport – CNS
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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

Calling before booking can save you big