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About Yerevan

If you want to experience picturesque landscapes, ancient culture, and native tradition, visit Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. It is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and hence, is home to ancient sites. Yerevan is a city that proudly flaunts its ancient roots with modern architecture. Additionally, its roads are packed with Mercedes sedans, streets are lined with chic European-style wine bars, and the street fashion ranges from hipster to babushka. You can take flights to Yerevan and explore the city.

Best Time to Book Flights to Yerevan

Yerevan features a highland continental climate, with hot, dry, and clear summers, and cold, snowy, and cloudy winters. The best time to explore Yerevan is between May and September, when the weather remains pleasant to stroll around the city.

Places to Visit in Yerevan

Yerevan Cascades
Yerevan Cascades

A visit to the Yerevan Cascades will offer you uninterrupted views of Mount Ararat and the city’s center. This huge complex features staircases, escalators, fountains, gardens, and museums. One of the must-visit attractions here is Cafesjian Museum of Art. Visitors climb the staircases to admire the sweeping views of the mountains.

Mother Armenia Monument Yerevan
Mother Armenia Monument

It is a female personification of Armenia and houses the Military Museum of the Ministry of Defence. Each year on May 9, thousands of Armenians come here to pay their tribute to the Armenian victims of WWII.The current statue replaces the statue of Joseph Stalin, which was created as a victory memorial for WWII.

Erebuni Museum Yerevan
Erebuni Museum

Erebuni Museum was founded in 1968 on the 2,750th anniversary of Yerevan. It is one of the top cultural attractions in Armenia. It is situated in the foothills of Arun Berd Hill, where Urartian Fortress Erebuni is situated. Archeologists have found a large collection of artifacts, such as, jars, bronze bracelets, glass items, and agate beads, which are housed in the museum.

Popular Flight Routes to Yerevan

DepartingDestinationDurationBest Price
BrusselsYerevan06h:40m78,840 դր
ParisYerevan06h:20m69,964 դր
IstanbulYerevan05h:35m50,682 դր
Los AngelesYerevan19h:20m226,276 դր
TehranYerevan11h:20m82,654 դր

Popular Airports in Yerevan

Zvartnots International Airport (EVN) is the main international airport in Armenia that serves Yerevan. It is also a major transport hub in Yerevan and the busiest airport in Armenia. Additionally, it is a major hub for airlines like Armenia Airways, Armenian Airlines, FlyOne Armenia, Fly Arna, and Shirak Avia. According to 2023 statistics, the airport has received 5,052,056 passengers.

Which is The Cheapest Day to Fly to Yerevan?

Airlines generally drop their airfare for flights to Yerevan on weekdays. However, there is no guarantee. So, it is best to set a price alert to snag excellent deals. If you’re aiming for cheaper flights, flexibility in your travel schedule is highly recommended.

Which Time of The Day is The Cheapest to Book Flights to Yerevan?

Generally, early morning flights and red eye flights are cheaper compared to lights departing between 8 am and 6 pm. It is best to set a price alert so that you get notifications whenever an airline drops their price or there is a discount on airfare.

Top Tips to Get Cheap Flights to Yerevan

  • Compare Price
    Visit meta search engines to book flights as it allows you to compare prices across multiple channels. For cheap flight tickets to Yerevan, visit Lowest Flight Fares.
  • Round Trip Tickets
    Return tickets are generally less expensive. If you are not planning to stay in Yerevan forever and know the date, get yourself a return ticket.
  • Off Season
    Travel during the off-season or shoulder season, when the airlines decrease their price.
  • Set Price Alert
    The airfare constantly fluctuates. To get an inexpensive flight ticket that will save some extra bucks, set a price alert.
  • Identify the Cheapest Day and Time
    Generally, during weekdays airlines drop their price and increase during the weekends and holidays. If your travel date is flexible, book cheap flights to Yerevan when the price is cheaper.


  • What airlines goes to Yerevan?

    Aegean Airlines, Aeroflot, Armenia Airways, Armenian Airlines, Bulgaria Air, Fly Baghdad, Georgian Airways, are some of the major airlines that connect Yerevan with a few airports.

  • What is the cheapest month to fly to Yerevan?

    As per our latest research, the months between May and September are considered the cheapest to fly to Yerevan.

  • Which is the busiest airport in Armenia?

    Zvartnots International Airport (EVN) is the busiest and largest airport in Armenia.

  • What airlines fly out of Yerevan?

    Aegean Airlines, Aeroflot, Armenia Airways, Armenian Airlines, Bulgaria Air, Fly Baghdad, Georgian Airways, offer regular flights out of Yerevan.

  • How can I find the best flight deal to Yerevan?

    Several major international airlines connect Yerevan with the rest of the world. So getting good flight deals can be competitive. However, if you set a price alert or book the flight at least 35 to 115 days prior to your journey, you may get the ticket at an affordable price.

  • What is Yerevan known for?

    Yerevan is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. It was founded in 782 BC and has a historical and archaeological significance. It houses several notable fortresses, monuments, and other historic sites.

  • Which language is spoken in Yerevan?

    Armenian is the official language of Yerevan.

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Airports Near Yerevan
  • Zvartnots International Airport – EVN

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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

Calling before booking can save you big