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About Ireland

The Republic of Ireland has an economy that is strongly dependent on tourism. It has both modern as well as natural attractions. The country also has a great deal of accessibility which encourages tourism. It also has a strong reputation for being a cultural hub and is known for music and literature. Those planning to tour it can book flights to Ireland and visit it.   

Best Time to Book Flights to Ireland

Going by the climate of the nation, the months spanning from June-August which coincide with the summer season are the best months to travel. Winter season has been considered as one that should be avoided by tourists. 

Places to Visit in Ireland

Dublin Ireland

It is the national capital and is known for architecture, history, food, etc. It has churches, parks, castles, etc. The region is known to have been inhabited since prehistoric times. It is the largest city and also one of the commercial hubs of the country too. 

Galway Ireland

The place is known for its scenic beauty and vibrant ambience. There are a lot of outdoor activities that are popular here. Some of the main attractions here include Wild Atlantic Way, the Spanish Arc, Galway Cathedral, etc. 

Cork Ireland

It is also an important city in the country and has a lot of historical attractions too. These include the Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral as well as the Cathedral of St Mary and St Anne. There is also The Church of St. Anne which is known for its clock tower called ‘’The Four Faced Liar’’ as all four sides show slight variations in time. 

Popular Flight Routes to Ireland

Origin DestinationDurationBest Price
MalagaIreland West03h 05m€ 155
BostonShannon05h 55m€ 1,152
AmsterdamCork01h 50m€ 233
Hahn (HHN)Kerry02h 05m€ 128
FrankfurtDublin02h 05m€ 288
DohaDublin07h 40m€ 874

Popular Airports in Ireland

AirportsCodeCity ServedAnnual Passengers
Ireland West AirportNOCIreland West174,027
Shannon AirportSNNShannon322,162
Cork AirportORKCork255,014
Kerry Airport / Farranfore AirportKIRKerry115,398
Dublin AirportDUBDublin8,266,271

The country has five main international airports. The Dublin Airport is considered as the busiest one among them with a passenger traffic of 32,907,673 in 2019. It is connected to many global destinations. 

When Is the Best Time to Book Cheap Flight to Ireland?

The best time considering prices as well as the weather would be the shoulder season which are the months of April and May along with that of September. 

Which is The Cheapest Day to Fly to Ireland?

Going by our research, Wednesday appears to be the best day to book cheap flights to Ireland. Weekdays appear to offer lower prices. It is also recommended to book flights at least 3 weeks in advance to get a lower airfare.

Which Time of The Day is The Cheapest to Book Flights to Ireland?

As per our research flights that are late night usually with take off time that post-midnight but before sunrise are best for affordable flight tickets.

Top Tips to Get Cheap Flights to Ireland

  • Round Trip Tickets
    Those that are aware of their return dates should purchase round trip tickets instead of two one-way ones as that is considered more affordable.  
  • Off Season
    Airlines reduce prices during off-season and shoulder season so these can be a good time to book cheap flights. 
  • Set Price Alert
    Airline ticket prices are subject to constant fluctuation. Set a price alert to get affordable tickets and save a few bucks. 
  • Identify the Cheapest Day and Time
    Usually, during weekdays flight prices drop and during weekends and holidays they rise. To save up on cash book flights when prices are lower.  


  • Is Ireland good for tourists?

    The Republic of Ireland is a popular tourism destination among tourists from all over the world. There have even been years when the number of tourists that have visited was higher than the population itself.

  • Why is Ireland a tourist attraction?

    The country has a lot of beautiful landscapes, natural beauty, places of historical significance, modern amenities, etc. which draw tourists

  • Who visits Ireland the most?

    The Republic of Ireland receives most of its tourism from other parts of Great Britain itself.

  • Is tourism big in Ireland?

    One of the biggest contributors to the economy of the country is tourism and it receives millions of tourists every year.

  • How many international airports does Ireland have?

    The country has five international airports which are Ireland West (Knock) Airport, Shannon Airport, Cork Airport, Belfast International Airport and Dublin Airport.

  • What is the most beautiful airport in Ireland?

    Donegal Airport is one of the most scenic in the world and arguably the most beautiful one in the land.

  • What is Ireland's biggest airline?

    Aer Lingus is considered the biggest airline in the country and is also the national carrier.

  • What is the biggest airport in Ireland?

    The Dublin Airport is the largest one in the country.

  • Is Ireland costly?

    The country has a reputation for a high quality lifestyle but it comes at a price. It is considered expensive to live in.

  • What is Ireland's coldest month?

    The coldest months in the Republic of Ireland are January and February.

Top Flight Destinations in Ireland
Popular Airports in Ireland
  • Ireland West Airport – NOC
  • Shannon Airport – SNN
  • Cork Airport – ORK
  • Kerry Airport / Farranfore Airport – KIR
  • Dublin Airport – DUB
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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

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