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About Ilulissat

Ilulissat is a charming coastal town in western Greenland. It is considered as the ‘iceberg capital of the world’, due to the number of ice fjords and icebergs in Disko Bay. With a population of only 4,905 inhabitants, Ilulissat is the third largest city in Greenland. The community of this settlement offers visitors several ways to experience its enormous ice sculptures, which are indeed a sight to behold. This Arctic town is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Tourists booking flights to Ilulissat explore the Arctic region’s rich wild and marine life, and several hiking trails. A visit to Ilulissat also means you can experience the native Inuit culture and explore its museums.

Best Time to Book Flights to Ilulissat

Ilulissat experiences a tundra climate characterized by lengthy, bitterly cold winters and brief, mild summers. It receives minimal rainfall, distinguishing it as one of the driest communities in Greenland. The period spanning from June to September is widely regarded as the best time to explore Ilulissat and enjoy its scenic attractions.

Places to Visit Ilulissat

Ilulissat Icefjord - Ilulissat

Ilulissat Icefjord

Kayaking in Ilulissat’s icefjord is one of the best things to do here. The Inuits have been kayaking here for thousands of years. When you book a kayaking tour here, you can get up close to the sheer ice towers. Kayak tours are available during the day and even at night during midnight sun season.

Whale Watching - Ilulissat

Whale Watching

Another must-do activity in Ilulissat is to take a whale watching safari. The Disko Bay area is home to a large number of marine life, including whales. The most prominent residents residing in its waters are humpback, fin, and minke whales. Taking a safari here with the iceberg backdrop is the best way to interact with these gentle giants in their natural habitat.

Oqaatsut - Ilulissat


Initially settled by the Inuit community, Oqaatsut is a small settlement of only 30 residents near Ilulissat. It was used as a whaling station and trading post. A trip to this Greenlandic settlement would give you a sneak peek into the daily routine of the natives. It is 23 km from Ilulissat and a skilled hiker can hit the trail to travel between Ilulissat and Oqaatsut.

Popular Flight Routes to Ilulissat

DepartingDestinationDurationBest Price
AasiaatIlulissat00h 25mKr. 1,087
QaanaaqIlulissat00h 40mKr. 5,294
NuukIlulissat02h 00mKr. 2,660
KangerlussuaqIlulissat00h 45mKr. 1,544

Popular Airports in Ilulissat

Ilulissat Airport (JAV) serving Ilulissat and Dikso Bay, is the third-busiest airport in Greenland and one of the busiest airports for international travel in Greenland. It is a hub for Air Greenland. According to statistics, it handles 83,930 passengers annually.

Which is The Cheapest Day to Fly to Ilulissat?

Due to its isolated location, only Air Greenland operates a few flights on specific days to Ilulissat. So, instead of checking for the cheapest day to fly to Ilulissat, find out when there is a flight operating to the city. Moreover, for cheap flight deals, book with an online flight booking agency.

Top Tips to Get Cheap Flights to Ilulissat

  • Compare Price
    When booking flights to Ilulissat or any airport in Greenland, it is best to find out on which days flights are operating. Once you find out the days, compare the price and book the one with comparatively cheaper fares.
  • Round Trip Tickets
    Return tickets are generally less expensive. If you are not planning to stay in Ilulissat forever and know the date, get yourself a return ticket.
  • Off Season
    While booking flights to Ilulissat, Greenland, pick the high season which is in summer. In Ilulissat, the off season is winter, which means you may not even get a flight or ship.
  • Set Price Alert
    Setting price alerts for flights to Ilulissat helps you receive notifications when there is a price drop. This way, you can make an informed decision on when to book a flight to get good deals.

Frequently Asked Question

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Airports Near Ilulissat
  • Ilulissat Airport – JAV
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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

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