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About Morelia

Morelia is the capital city of Michoacan, a central Mexican state. It lies on the banks of Rio Grande de Morelia between Mexico City and Guadalajara. Whether you book cheap flights to Morelia for a business trip or for vacation, the city delights all with its top highlights. Its historic city center, dotted with colonial buildings, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and worth exploring. Before you plan a trip to Morelia, get complete details on flights flying to this Mexican city.

Best Time to Book Flights to Morelia

Morelia has a warm and temperate climate. It remains warm year round. Summers experience heavier rainfall than winters. Tourists generally avoid the wet summer season due to the heat and the downpour. Hence, the best time to book flights to Morelia, Mexico is between January and April. These months are the best, owing to temperature ranging from 36℉ to 88℉.

Places to Visit in Morelia

Cathedral of Morelia
Morelia Cathedral

If you happen to be in the Old Colonial City, make sure to visit Morelia Cathedral that dominates its skyline. This notable cathedral, overlooking the main square, has a pinkish-brown color and was built with local trachyte stone. The interior flaunts Neoclassical retablos, a crucifix by Manuel Tolsa, a silver font, and several paintings from notable 18th century artists.

The Government Palace Morelia
The Government Palace

The Government Palace is located just opposite the Morelia Cathedral. This two storey building was constructed between 1760 and 1770 as a seminary. It has a beautiful facade and three courtyards. As you take a stroll around the building, you will come across a few murals, which were painted in the 1960s by Alfredo Zalce. These murals display the country’s various historic events, including the independence from Spain, and Mexican Revolution.

The Morelia Aqueduct Morelia
The Morelia Aqueduct

It is one of the city’s most prominent landmarks. This structure is supported by 253 arches, some as high as 10 m. It was built between 1785 and 1789 to cater to the city’s water supply, after a two year drought, as well as to provide employment to the local indigenous people. There are cobbled trails that run alongside, from where you get the best views of this remarkable architecture.

Popular Flight Routes to Morelia

OriginDestinationDurationBest Price
Mexico CityMorelia06h:00m$2,264
Puerto VallartaMorelia04h:20m$2,071
San DiegoMorelia06h:30m$5,256
Dallas / Fort WorthMorelia02h:30m$3,604

Popular Airports in Morelia

General Francisco J. Mujica International Airport (MLM) is the primary airport in Morelia that serves the city. It is a focus city for Volaris. According to 2022 statistics, the airport had received at least 1,172,700 passengers worldwide. Several airlines like Aeromexico Connect, Volaris, American Airlines, VivaAerobus, United Airlines, etc. offer cheap flights to Morelia, Mexico.

When Is the Best Time to Book Cheap Flight to Morelia?

The best time to book cheap flights to Morelia is between January and April, when the weather is manageable. If you are looking for affordable flight and hotel rates, set an alert and keep checking the airfare.

Which is The Cheapest Day to Fly to Morelia?

As per our research, Tuesdays and Fridays are the best days to get cheap flights to Morelia.

Which Time of The Day is The Cheapest to Book Flights to Morelia?

Early morning and late afternoon flights are generally affordable. You can also book a late night flight. For example, if you book cheap flights to Morelia which depart late at night or early in the morning, you might get a good deal.

Top Tips to Get Cheap Flights to Morelia

  • Round Trip Tickets
    On an average, round trip tickets are cheaper than one-way flight tickets. Book a return flight to Morelia, Mexico to save up to 12%.
  • Off Season
    Travel during the off-season or shoulder season, when the airlines decrease their price.
  • Set Price Alert
    The airfare constantly fluctuates. To get an inexpensive flight ticket that will save some extra bucks, set a price alert.
  • Identify the Cheapest Day and Time
    Generally, during weekdays airlines drop their price and increase during the weekends and holidays. If your travel date is flexible, book cheap flights to Morelia when the price is cheaper.


  • Which airlines offer direct flights to Morelia?

    Aeromexico, American Airlines, VivaAerobus, Volaris, United Airlines, etc. are some of the most popular airlines, operating direct / non-stop flights to Morelia.

  • Which airlines fly to Morelia?

    Aeromexico, American Airlines, VivaAerobus, Volaris, United Airlines, etc. are the most preferred airlines to fly to Morelia.

  • How to book the cheapest flights to Morelia?

    If you want to save cash while booking a flight to Morelia, travel during off season or shoulder season. The travel date should be at least two weeks later at the time of booking.

  • What time of the day is the best to get cheap flights to Morelia?

    Late afternoons, and early mornings are the best time of the day to get cheap flights to Morelia.

  • Which is the major international airport in Morelia?

    The only major international airport is General Francisco J. Mujica International Airport (MLM) which serves Morelia.

  • How much are return flights for Morelia?

    The best price we found for a return flight to Morelia is MXN$ 3,542. This is an estimated fare and the fare might fluctuate.

  • Does Morelia have an international airport?

    General Francisco J. Mujica International Airport (MLM) is an international airport that connects the city with both Mexican and international destinations.

  • What is Morelia famous for?

    Morelia is a historic capital city of Michoacan, known for its UNESCO World Heritage sites, colonial buildings, ornate cathedrals, and plazas.

  • Which language is spoken in Morelia?

    Spanish is widely spoken in Morelia, Mexico.

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Airports Near Morelia
  • General Francisco Mujica International Airport – MLM
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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

Calling before booking can save you big