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About Grand Canyon

It is the biggest attraction in the state of Arizona. It extends from end to end for about 277 miles and has rocky walls more than a mile tall that descend to its floor. The Colorado river is also located near it as well. It is an amazing place for tourism and adventure. Those interested can book flights to Grand Canyon and visit now. 

Best Time to Book Flights to Grand Canyon

The peak season for tourism to the Grand Canyon is during the summer as schools are closed and many locals and those from other parts of the country tour it during this period. 

Places to Visit in Grand Canyon

Yavapai Geology Museum Grand Canyon
Yavapai Geology Museum

It is located near the picturesque Yavapai Point along the very popular south rim of the Grand Canyon. The building that houses the museum dates back to 1928. The museum provides interactive exhibits and guided tours as well to tourists. It makes for a highly educational experience for all. 

Grand Canyon West Skywalk
Grand Canyon West Skywalk

It is a glass bridge that has been built in the shape of a horse shoe. It extends around 70 feet and is 10-foot wide. It is considered a thrilling experience but before walking on the bride tourists must store their personal belongings in lockers. 

Bright Angel Trail Grand Canyon
Bright Angel Trail

The trail begins near the Grand Canyon VIllage on the south rim and has 4,380 feet descent of around 4,380 feet to the Colorado River. It is a popular hiking spot in the region and is great for adventure lovers. 

Popular Flight Routes to Grand Canyon

Origin DestinationDurationBest Price
GuadalajaraPhoenix2h 45mUS $ 534
CalgaryPhoenix3h 03mUS $ 297
London (LHR)Phoenix13h 21mUS $ 1,406
MelbournePhoenix21h 05mUS $ 2,178
CairoPhoenix26h 51mUS $ 1,051
MadridPhoenix15h 30mUS $ 1,364

Popular Airports in Grand Canyon

The attraction has an airport nearby called the Grand Canyon National Park Airport. But it is not very active and most people prefer to use Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport when travelling to see the Grand Canyon. In 2022, it had an annual passenger traffic of 44,397,854. 

When Is the Best Time to Book Cheap Flight to the Grand Canyon?

The best time to book cheap flights to the Grand Canyon are during the shoulder season. This includes the months from March to May before the peak season and September to November after the peak season. The crowds are less and the weather is still tolerable. 

Which is The Cheapest Day to Fly to the Grand Canyon?

Going by our research, Friday appears to be the cheapest day to fly to the Grand Canyon. It can help to book flights at least three weeks beforehand to get cheap flights.

Which Time of The Day is The Cheapest to Book Flights to Grand Canyon?

Flights to the Grand Canyon which take off after midnight but before sunrise in the early hours have been found to be cheaper than those taking off at other times during the day.

Top Tips to Get Cheap Flights to Grand Canyon

  • Round Trip Tickets
    Round Trip tickets are usually cheaper than buying two one way tickets. If a tourist is aware of their return date then it is best to book round trip flights. 
  • Off Season
    Airfares drop considerably during offseason and shoulder season. So these are good opportunities to book cheap flights. 
  • Set Price Alert
    AIrfare is highly variable. Set a price alert to help reduce expenses. 
  • Identify the Cheapest Day and Time
    Flight ticket prices tend to dip during weekdays and increase on holidays and weekends. If travel schedules are flexible, book flights when they are cheaper. 


  • What types of tourism are in the Grand Canyon?

    Adventure related tourism is common in the Grand Canyon. Hiking and camping are some things that are very popular in the region.

  • Can you raft in the Grand Canyon?

    Rafting is allowed in the grand canyon and Lee’s Ferry is a common point for rafting.

  • Why should tourists visit the Grand Canyon?

    It is considered one of the most spectacular locations in the world and has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has amazing scenic beauty to offer.

  • What city do you fly into for the Grand Canyon?

    Most people fly to Phoenix as its airport is nearest to the South Rim.

  • How many days do you need to see the Grand Canyon?

    It should take around 3-4 days to completely explore it.

  • Which part of the Grand Canyon is best?

    The South Rim is considered the most beautiful. It also has the most tourists as well as high accessibility.

  • What airlines fly to the Grand Canyon?

    Airlines like Papillon Airways, Qatar Airways, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, SkyWest Airlines, etc. have flights to the Grand Canyon.

  • What city is closest to the Grand Canyon?

    Two major cities nearest to the Grand Canyon are Las Vegas and Phoenix.

  • Is it safe to go to the Grand Canyon?

    Yes, it is generally safe but it is still important to follow all the guidelines and not get too close to the edge.

  • How do people get around the Grand Canyon?

    The shuttle bus services operated by the National Park Service are the best way to get around.

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Airports Near Grand Canyon
  • Grand Canyon National Park Airport – GCN
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