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About Tbilisi

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is bursting with vibrant culture and iconic landmarks. From cobblestoned old towns to ancient churches, and old world architecture, there are lots to explore in this city. Its history seamlessly blends with modern urban culture. Even though Tbilisi has a turbulent history, associated with several invasions, the city has risen from the ashes. It now boasts diverse attractions that encompass both natural and contemporary haunts, stunning architecture, and mountainous backdrop. To explore this impressive city, tucked between Asia and Europe, book flights to Tbilisi.

Best Time to Book Flights to Tbilisi

The climate of Tbilisi can be classified as humid temperate. Its summers are hot, dry, and mostly clear and winters are long, very cold, snowy, and partly cloudy. It is better to avoid peak summers and peak winters. Book a flight to Tbilisi either between May to July or between September to October, when the weather is pleasant for sightseeing.

Places to Visit in Tbilisi

Narikala Fortress Tbilisi

Narikala Fortress

Narikala, a 4th century Persian citadel, overlooking Abanotubani, is the oldest fortress in Tbilisi. Most of its walls were built by Arab Emirs in the 8th century. However, an explosion inside the fortress in 1827 left it in ruins. The Church of St. Nicholas is right inside the fortress and is a must-visit.

Tbilisi Old Town - Tbilisi

Tbilisi Old Town

The old town of Tbilisi has undergone several reconstructions and yet you can still admire its original charm. The cobblestone streets, ancient landmarks, beautiful balconies, and eastern and western style architecture draw a large number of crowds to this part of the city. It is also home to an ancient sulfur bathhouse; so don’t forget to soak in the sulfur baths here.

Tsminda Sameba Cathedral - Tbilisi

Tsminda Sameba Cathedral

The iconic Tsminda Sameba Cathedral symbolizes the biggest Georgian Orthodox Church. This unmissable site dominating Tbilisi’s skyline, is located on Elia Hill and can be visible from any point of the city. It stands 84 meters tall, including the gold-covered cross above the central dome and is an absolute must-see attraction.

Popular Flight Routes to Tbilisi

DepartingDestinationDurationBest Price
YerevanTbilisi00h 30m270₾
AthensTbilisi02h 40m410₾
IstanbulTbilisi02h 20m408₾
ParisTbilisi07h 15m662₾

Popular Airports in Tbilisi

Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport (TBS) is the busiest airport in Georgia that handles 3,694,052 annual passengers. The airport is a major hub for Georgian Airways, Georgian Wings, Camex, and MyWay Airlines. More than 45 airlines operate from the airport with non-stop flights to over 25 countries across the globe.

Which is The Cheapest Day to Fly0 to Tbilisi?

Airlines tend to reduce prices on weekdays for flights to Tbilisi. To secure great bargains, it is best to set price alerts. Try to be flexible with your travel dates if you are seeking affordable airfares.

Which Time of The Day is The Cheapest to Book Flights to Tbilisi?

There is no exact answer for this. It is best to set a price alert so that you get notifications whenever an airline drops their price or there is a discount on airfare. However, generally, early morning and late night flight tickets to Tbilisi are cheaper comparatively.

Top Tips to Get Cheap Flights to Tbilisi

  • Compare Price
    Comparing airfare across multiple airlines and flight booking sites can increase the chance of getting cheap flights to Tbilisi. So before you proceed with final reservation, make sure you have done enough research.
  • Round Trip Tickets
    Return tickets are generally less expensive. If you are not planning to stay in Tbilisi forever and know the date, get yourself a return ticket.
  • Off Season
    Travel during the off-season or shoulder season, when the airlines decrease their price.
  • Set Price Alert
    The airfare constantly fluctuates. To get inexpensive flight tickets to Tbilisi that will save some extra bucks, set a price alert.
  • Identify the Cheapest Day and Time
    Generally, during weekdays airlines drop their price and increase during the weekends and holidays. If your travel date is flexible, book direct flights to Tbilisi when the price is cheaper.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What airlines fly out of Tbilisi, Georgia?

    Georgian Airways, Georgian Wings, Aegean Airlines, Air Cairo, Air Astana, Condor, EuroWings, Azerbaijan Airlines, IndiGo, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, LOT Polish are some major airlines that connect Tbilisi from major cities around the world.

  • Which countries have direct flights to Tbilisi?

    More than 25 countries, including the UAE, UK, Greece, India, Turkey, France, Germany, Kuwait, Armenia, Azerbaijan have direct flights to Tbilisi.

  • What is the best month to fly to Tbilisi?

    As per our latest research, we have found that airlines tend to reduce their airfare for flights to Tbilisi in the months of July and August.

  • What airport do you fly into for Tbilisi?

    Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport (TBS) is the only major airport that serves Tbilisi.

  • How can I find the best flight deal to Tbilisi?

    To get a cheaper flight ticket, book your flight at least two to four weeks before your trip. When you reserve your flight with, it shows you the best available price.

  • What is Tbilisi known for?

    Tbilisi’s turbulent history can be evident in its old buildings, historic neighborhoods, and museums.However, it is an up and coming destination for nightlife and entertainment, which is finding its way to both Asian and European tourists.

  • Which language is spoken in Tbilisi?

    Georgian is widely spoken in Tbilisi.

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Airports Near Tbilisi
  • Tbilisi International Airport – TBS
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