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About Reno

Reno, along the Nevada – California border, is an underrated city in northwest Nevada. It may not be as glitzy and glamorous as Las Vegas, but it houses some bright neon-lit casinos. Being one of the fastest growing cities, Reno receives more than five million visitors annually. A large number of tourists mostly book flights to Reno to explore the picturesque Lake Tahoe. However, it is also home to several excellent museums and other attractions.

Best Time to Book Flights to Reno

The climate of Reno can be classified as semi-arid, with hot, dry summers and cool winters. Tourists often visit Reno either between April to May or between October to November, when the weather is pleasant. Tourists booking flights to Reno to visit Lake Tahoe, plan their trips between March to May and from September to November.

Places to Visit in Reno

Lake Tahoe Reno
Lake Tahoe

Just 45 minutes from Reno, Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It is famous for its different shades of blue and green hues, mountains in the background, and ski resorts. The lake is on the border of California and Nevada and is one of the highest lakes in the USA, at 6,245 ft.

Animal Ark Reno
Animal Ark

Animal Ark in Reno is a popular wildlife sanctuary, famous among families with kids and wildlife enthusiasts. It rescues and rehabilitates those animals who cannot survive in the wild. It is home to numerous North American predators and several exotic species. Here you can meet cheetahs, bears, wolves, tortoises, etc.

Nevada Museum of Art Reno
Nevada Museum of Art

Nevada Museum of Art was founded in 1931 and is the oldest cultural center in the state. It houses the finest collections of arts from famous artists. The permanent and notable collections include works of E.L. Wiegand and the Sierra Nevada Grand Basin Works.

Popular Flight Routes to Reno

DepartingDestinationDurationBest Price
Las VegasReno01h 20mUSD 25
New York CityReno08h 12mUSD 345
Los AngelesReno01h 20mUSD 98
Grand rapidsReno07h 30mUSD 214
AtlantaReno06h 25mUSD 197

Popular Airports in Reno

Reno Tahoe International Airport (RNO) is the only major public international airport that serves Reno. The airport is a major hub for Reno Air and Logistic Air. According to 2021 statistics, the airport managed 104,654 aircraft operations and received at least 3,623,458 passengers worldwide, making it the second busiest airport in Nevada.

Which is The Cheapest Day to Fly to Reno?

As per our research, Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best days to get cheap flights to Reno. If you are planning to visit during festival season or on holidays, book flights in advance.

Which Time of The Day is The Cheapest to Book Flights to Reno?

Late afternoons are considered the best and cheapest time of the day to get cheap flights to Reno.

Top Tips to Get Cheap Flights to Reno

  • Round Trip Tickets
    On an average, round trip tickets are cheaper than one-way flight tickets. If you know the date of your return journey, book a round trip ticket to save at least USD 120.
  • Off Season
    Travel during the off-season when the airlines decrease their price.
  • Set Price Alert
    Airlines frequently increase and decrease their price. To get an inexpensive flight ticket that will save some extra bucks, set a price alert.
  • Identify the Cheapest Day and Time
    Generally, during weekdays airlines drop their price and increase during the weekends and holidays. If your travel date is flexible, book when the price is cheaper.


  • Which airlines offer direct flights to Reno?

    Delta, United, Spirit, and American Airlines are some of the airlines that offer direct flights to Reno.

  • Which airlines offer flights to Reno?

    Several major airlines like American Airlines, United Airlines, Sun Country, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Alaska Airlines, etc. offer flights to Reno.

  • Which are the most preferred airlines to fly to Reno?

    American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Reno Air, etc. are some of the most preferred airlines to fly to Reno.

  • When is the best time to book cheap flights to Reno?

    Weekdays, especially Wednesdays and Thursdays are considered to be the best time to book cheap flights to Reno.

  • What time of the day is the best to get cheap flights to Reno?

    Early mornings and afternoons are the best time of the day to get cheap flights to Reno.

  • Which is the major international airport in Reno?

    Reno Tahoe International Airport (RNO) is the major international airport of Reno.

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  • How can you save money on flight with

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  • Which language is spoken in Reno?

    The official language of Reno is English.

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Airports Near Reno
  • Reno-Tahoe International Airport
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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

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