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About EasyJet

EasyJet is a British low cost carrier that operates both domestic and international flights. It was founded in 1995 and it is headquartered at London Luton Airport. This airline is known for being one of the largest airlines in the world. With around 336 aircrafts, it operates 1,024 routes across 36 countries and 155 airports. It offers a Frequent Flyer Programme ‘EasyJet Plus’ and its members can enjoy the benefits such as priority bag drop, fast-track security and priority boarding. If you have booked your flight with this airline, you can check the EasyJet Flight Status to never miss any information about your flight. 

How to Check EasyJet Flight Status?

For both domestic and international flights, you can easily check the status of your flight. EasyJet provides two modes of checking the flight status and the two methods through which you can check the recent status of your EasyJet flight are : online and offline methods.

By tracking the data in real time, you can know if there are any delays or changes in the arrival or departure of the flight. Read below to know more : 

Online Method 

  • Visit the official website of EasyJet.
  • Go to the homepage and click on the ‘Flight Information’.
  • Then click on ‘Flight Tracker-Arrivals and Departures’. 
  • Now, you will have two ways of knowing the EasyJet online status : by entering the flight number or entering the origin and destination of the flight. 

Offline Method

  • If you want to check the flight status through an offline method, you have to arrive at the assigned airport and check the details on the screen or you can ask the airport staff regarding your flight as well. 
  • Also, you can directly call the customer service agent of EasyJet to know where your flight is. If you are in the airport, visit the airline counter to know the recent status of your flight. And the airline will provide you with the necessary information in real time.  
  • Also, if there are any changes on the flight schedule, the airline will notify you immediately through texts, emails or calls.

How to Check the PNR Status of EasyJet?

In order to check the PNR status of EasyJet flights, you can visit the official website of the airline or call the customer service agents of EasyJet. You have to visit the website and enter the reference ID of your reservation in the flight status verification box. When you check the status of your PNR, it helps you make sure your booking is processed and your seat on the plane is confirmed. 

EasyJet Flight Status Description

According to EasyJet Airlines, passengers can easily obtain the most recent and precise information about their scheduled flights. This status can be seen on the screen in the airport and on the official website of the airline as well. Have a look at the explained meaning of each Flight status Easyjet for your reference. 

  • Scheduled : It means that the flight is not yet airborne. 
  • Delayed : It shows that the flight is delayed and it is not on its scheduled time. 
  • Departed : It means that the flight has left the departure gate but it is not airborne yet. 
  • In Air : It shows that the flight finally has taken off. 
  • Diverted : It indicates that the flight has diverted to a new destination instead of the original destination. 
  • Recovery : It means that the flight has departed from the diverted location and enroute the scheduled destination. 
  • Landed : It implies that the flight has landed. 
  • Arrived : It shows that the flight has arrived at the original destination. 
  • Cancelled : It indicates that the flights have been cancelled. 
  • No Takeoff Info : This tells the passenger that the real-time information of the flight is not available. In that case, the passengers can communicate with the customer service of the airline to obtain relevant details. 

EasyJet Airlines Flight Status Importance

The EasyJet flight status is of great importance for the passengers as it permits them to stay informed about their flight schedules, including departure and arrival times, delays, cancellations and gate changes. Also, it is important as it guarantees the safety of its passengers. In case of any unexpected events for example Severe Meteorological Conditions or Security Threats, EasyJet can quickly provide relevant updates and instructions to the passengers through the status EasyJet flights notifications. Therefore, providing precise information and updates about the flight status is crucial to guarantee the customer satisfaction.


  • How can I check the flight status of my EasyJet flight?

    You can easily check the flight status of EasyJet flights as the airline offers both online and offline methods of checking the flight status. You can visit the official website or communicate with the agents to get precise information of your flight.

  • How can I check if my flight is delayed?

    The Airline ensures that only the accurate information of the status of EasyJet flights is shown online on the website.

  • Is the flight status information provided on the EasyJet website reliable?

    The flight status information provided on the official website is completely reliable and it is advisable to check the status before leaving for the airport.

  • How to check the status of my EasyJet PNR ?

    You can check the status of PNR of your flights through the official website of the airline. You can enter your Booking ID in the flight status verification box. Also, you can know if your flight reservation or seats are confirmed or not.

  • Can I obtain the flight status of EasyJet flights at the airport?

    You can easily get the EasyJet flight status details at the airport. If you are at the airport, you can check the screen or request for the information to an airport agent.

  • Where can I get the most recent information about the EasyJet Flight Status?

    You can get the real time information of EasyJet through the official website or you can directly speak with an agent at the airport.

  • Is the Flight Status of EasyJet based on the real time information?

    Yes, the details provided by EasyJet are completely based on real time information and it can be trusted to know the flight status.

  • EasyJet Flights are regularly cancelled?

    EasyJet is a reliable airline when it comes to operating flights without cancellation. EasyJet flights are rarely cancelled and it offers chaos free flying experience to all passengers.

  • What is the PNR Status of a flight?

    PNR means Passenger Name Record and it is used to identify the booking and the seat confirmation of a particular passenger. You can easily check your booking status.

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