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About Larnaca

Larnaca, a charming port city on the south coast of Cyprus, is one of the premiere seaside destinations in the country. Its main attractions revolve around sun, sea, and sand. But beyond that seaside attractions, Larnaca boasts an intriguing history. In its crumbling architecture, you can find the presence of both Turkish and Greek influence. Hence, before booking a Banjul to Larnaca flight, learn about this seaside city.

Best Time to Book Banjul to Larnaca Flights

Larnaca has a hot, semi-arid climate. Its summers are hot, muggy, arid, and clear and winters are cold, windy, and mostly clear. It remains sunny most of the year. The rainiest months in Larnaca are November to January. So, it is recommended to visit the port city in April, May, September, and October.

Details About Banjul to Larnaca Flights

Looking for a flight from Banjul to Larnaca? You can find 47 connecting flights on this route. Since there are no non-stop flights available, expect two or more layovers at Tenerife, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, and Athens. It takes 16 hours and 25 minutes to cover the distance of 3,458 miles from Banjul to Larnaca.

Additionally, an average airfare on this route would cost you € 490 for a one-way trip and € 910 for a return ticket. Furthermore, the nearest airports to travel between the two cities are Banjul International Airport and Larnaca International Airport (BJL-LCA). Here are some insights of Banjul to Larnaca flight fare:

One-way trip
AirlinesAirlines NamePriceAction + Lufthansa€ 490Book Now
A3 - Aegean AirlinesAir Senegal + Aegean Airlines€ 525Book Now
Round Trip
AirlinesAirlines NamePriceAction
A3 - Aegean AirlinesAir Senegal+Aegean Airlines, Aegean Airlines+Royal Air Maroc€ 910Book Now, Aegean Airlines+Royal Air Maroc€ 1,124Book Now

Best Restaurants in Larnaca

Grada Taverna Larnaca
Grada Taverna

Grada Taverna is a charming little eatery, which truly exudes a homely vibe. The friendly owner welcomes his guests as one of the family. The menu has so many dishes to offer that just one visit isn’t enough. Their oven lamb and lamb liver are highly popular among the patrons. You should also leave some room for wild boar and beef steak.

To Kazani Traditional Tavern Larnaca
To Kazani Traditional Tavern

With white-washed walls and blue doors, windows, and staircases, a visit to To Kazani will take you to a tavern in Santorini. It serves local cypriot delicacies in a very sophisticated dining area. The dishes here are of high quality and rich in flavor. It is ideal for both large groups and small gatherings.

Balti House Larnaca
Balti House

Balti House is an Indian restaurant, best known for its tandoor-based dishes. The celebrated chef of Balti House takes pride in his culinary skills, where he prepares and serves richly flavored Indian delicacies. Their nun, butter chicken, matar paneer, Kashmiri lamb curry, and biryani are absolute must. It is also a perfect place for quick bites, as it serves crispy pakodas (Indian fritters) and samosas.

Best Hotels in Larnaca

Leonardo Boutique Hotel Larnaca
Leonardo Boutique Hotel

Address –  Constantinou Kalogera 57, Larnaca 6021, Cyprus

Price – € 210

Best Western Plus Larco Hotel Larnaca
Best Western Plus Larco Hotel

Address – Πόντου, Larnaca 6301, Cyprus

Price – € 125

La Veranda Hotel Larnaca
La Veranda Hotel

Address – Michael Aggelou 3, Larnaca 6028, Cyprus

Price – € 72

Places to Visit in Larnaca

Agios Lazaros Larnaca
Agios Lazaros

Agios Lazaros or the Church of Saint Lazarus was built in the 9th century by Emperor Leo VI. It was restored in the 17th century. According to local legend, Lazarus rose from the dead and lived in Larnaca for 30 years. When he finally died, he was buried at the site of the church. It has four domes and the roof is supported by four sets of double columns.

Zenobia Wreck Larnaca
Zenobia Wreck

If you are a skilled diver, then Zenobia Wreck in Larnaca is a major attraction. It was a Swedish cargo ship, which capsized near Larnaca in 1980 on her first voyage itself from Sweden to Syria. At the time of sinking, Zenobia was laden with hundreds of lorries and trailers, which are now resting in the wreckage site. It is one of the top ten wreck dives in the world as voted by divers.

Larnaca Fort Larnaca
Larnaca Fort

Larnaca Fort is a medieval fort, built in 1625. This Ottoman-era fort was built as the main line of defense for the city. During the British colonial period, the fort was turned into a prison. It now has a small medieval museum that houses a small collection of weaponry and black and white photographs of the local area.


  • How long does it take to fly from Banjul to Larnaca?

    It takes 16 hours and 25 minutes to fly from Banjul to Larnaca. The aerial distance between Banjul and Larnaca is 3,458 miles.

  • Can I fly direct from Banjul to Larnaca?

    At present, no airlines have non-stop flights from Banjul to Larnaca.

  • How much is a flight from Banjul to Larnaca?

    An average airfare for a Banjul to Larnaca flight may cost you around € 490 for a one-way trip and € 910 for a return ticket.

  • How many flights are there between Banjul and Larnaca?

    There are a total of 329 weekly flights between Banjul and Larnaca, which means 47 flights daily.

  • Which Airports will I be using to fly from Banjul to Larnaca?

    You will board a flight from Banjul International Airport and Larnaca International Airport (BJL-LCA).

  • What’s the cheapest month to fly to Larnaca?

    As per our latest research, December and February are the cheapest months to fly to Larnaca.

  • What is Larnaca famous for?

    Larnaca is a seaside city, best known for its beaches, ancient architecture, museums, and history. With 10,000 years of history, Larnaca is dotted with artifacts that narrate its rich history and civilizations.

  • Which language is spoken in Larnaca?

    Greek and Turkish are the official languages of Larnaca.

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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

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