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About Bogota

Bogota is the capital city of Colombia and the third-highest capital in South America. It is known for its rich culture and heritage. Further, it was founded in 1538 and still retains its historical charm in areas such as La Candelaria. Hence, when you take a trip to Bogota, spend ample time exploring the beautiful city. Additionally, before booking flights from Bodø to Bogota, it’s crucial to learn a few more things about the capital city. Whether it is a restaurant, a hotel, or a place you wish to visit, you can learn everything from the details below. 

Best Season to visit Bogota

The best time to visit Bogota starts from April, followed by January and May. These months mark the beginning of the holiday season. In addition, you may find the fares of accommodation expensive in these months. However, the month of July is the low season to visit the city.

Flights from Bodø to Bogota

When you plan your vacation, it’s advised that you book only the affordable ones. On that note, you can avail the best flights from Bodø to Bogota with Scandinavian and Lufthansa Airlines. The price for a one-way trip is USD 795 and for a round trip is USD 1,608. 

Moreover,  the airports for use in both the cities are Bodø Airport and El Dorado International Airport (BOO-BOG). The average distance from Bodø to Bogota is 5884 miles / 9469 kilometers. Also, your flight will also include 2 or 3 layovers in Frankfurt, Bergen, or London. Find out more flight details from the table below:

One Way Trip
AirlinesAirlines NamePrice
SKLHScandinavian, LufthansaUSD 795
LHWideroe, LufthansaUSD 933
SKTkScandinavian, TurkishUSD 1,338
KLWideroe, KLMUSD 2,106
UAWideroe, United USD 2,682
Round Trip
AirlinesAirlines NamePrice
SKLHScandinavian, LufthansaUSD 1,608
SKAVScandinavian, AviancaUSD 1,035
UAWideroe, United USD 2,663
KLWideroe, KLMUSD 3,203
UAScandinavian, United USD 3,850

Check out the top eateries, hotels, and attractions listed below prior to booking your flights from Bodø to Bogota, and you will board your flight from the Bodø Airport and deboard at the El Dorado International Airport (BOO-BOG).

Best Places to Eat in Bogota

Ushin Japanese
<strong>Ushin Japanese Grill<strong>

Cuisine : Japanes, Asian

Address : Cl. 24a #57-60, Bogotá, Colombia


Cuisine : Seafood, Mediterranean

Address : Ac. 82 ##12-72, Bogotá, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia


Cuisine : Seafood, Mediterranean

Address : Cl. 65 Bis #4-23, Bogotá, Colombia

Best Hotels to Stay in Bogota

Four Seasons Hotel Bogota
<strong>Four Seasons Hotel Bogota<strong>

Location : Carrera 13 85 46, Bogotá 110221 Colombia
Price : USD 352

Ibis Bogota Museo
<strong>Ibis Bogota Museo<strong>

Location : Transversal 6 27 85 Centro Internacional, Bogotá 110311 Colombia
Price : USD 38

Hotel Express 53
<strong>Hotel Express 53<strong>

Location : Calle 53 Numero 10-78 Calle 53 # 10-78, Bogotá 110231 Colombia
Price : USD 24

Best Things to Do in Bogota

La Candelaria
<strong>La Candelaria<strong>

La Candelaria is a famous attraction in Bogota. It is the historic center, where you can find more about the city’s history. The streets are colorful and bohemian and attract lots of tourists to take a stroll and explore more about the city.

The Gold Museum
<strong>The Gold Museum<strong>

The Gold Museum is a favorite tourist attraction. Over 500,000 tourists visit this museum annually. Moreover, this museum displays the selection of the huge pre-Columbian gold and other artifacts that explain more about the historic culture of this city.

Cerro de Monserrate
<strong>Cerro de Monserrate<strong>

Cerro de Monserrate is the most beautiful mountain in Cali. This mountain has a church on its top from where you can begin your adventure and enjoy the scenic view of the city. Also, this mountain has become the major tourist attraction in the city.


  • When is the best time to take flights from Bodø to Bogota?

    The best time to take flights and visit Bogota is around December to March. 

  • What is the average aerial distance from Bodø to Bogota?

    The total flight distance of this route is 5884 miles / 9469 kilometers. 

  • Is Bogota safe to spend a vacation?

    Bogota is a safe city in Colombia. However, it's best to follow safety precautions to avoid any unnecessary nuisance.

  • How long is the flight from Bodø to Bogota ?

    The average flight duration for this route is about 23h 54m.

  • What is the cheapest flight from Bodø to Bogota?

    The best flight price from Bodø to Bogota is offered by Scandinavian and Lufthansa Airlines. The one-way trip is availabe at USD 795 and for a round trip is USD 1,608. 

  • Which airports will I use to travel from Bodø to Bogota?

    Passengers will take a flight from Bodø Airport and land at El Dorado International Airport (BOO-BOG).

  • Which is the best day to take flights from Bodø to Bogota?

    The best day to take flights from Bodø to Bogota is on Wednesday, while Saturdays tend to be expensive. 

  • What is Bogota famous for?

    Bogota is mainly known for its outstanding hotel resorts, with elaborate pools and desert gardens, Southwest-infused fine dining, luxurious spas and championship golf courses.

  • How can I avail cheap flights from Bodø to Bogota?

    To avail cheap flights for this route, it’s best to constantly check Lowest Flight Fare’s website and also consider booking on the cheapest day. You can also find cheap flights during the off-season. 

  •  Is the US Dollar an acceptable currency in Bogota?

    Yes, the US Dollar is widely accepted in Bogota as well as all over Colombia. 

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Airlines Fly from Bodø to Bogota

  • Aeromexico
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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

Calling before booking can save you big