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About Bucaramanga

Bucaramanga, located on the Colombian Andes, is nature’s beauty. The city has many historical presentations infused with breathtaking landscapes. Moreover, the town features a tropical monsoon climate with an average of 22 degrees the whole year. Nevertheless, Bucaramanga has much cooler daytimes and warm nights, so you can expect to be breezy all day and warmed up at night. While taking a flight from Boston to Bucaramanga, consider flying around January to experience the city’s warmth and avoid October if you aren’t a fan of the monsoon.

All about Flight From Boston to Bucaramanga

The flight distance from Boston to Bucaramanga will be 2430 miles / 3910 kilometers. Traveling to Bucaramanga is one thing, and traveling in the appropriate season is another. Hence, the best month to beat the crowd is April with around 6% flight price drop, while December is a highly crowded month with an average price increase of 21%.You will have many options for the Airlines while traveling to Bucaramanga. That includes- Spirit Airlines, Delta, Copa, United Airlines, Jetblue Airlines. You will be flying from Boston International Airport and land on the Aeropuerto Internacional Palonegro.

The fast and cheap flights from Boston to Bucaramanga will cost you USD 186 or less round trip and USD 70 or less one-way trip. For that, you can book a flight with Spirit Airlines and reach in the shortest time. 

Places to eat in Bucaramanga

  1. If you’re considering a traditional eatery with some fire and beer, then EL GARAGE can offer the best.
  2. Do you go all mama-mia with spaghetti and pasta, Adriano? Then, go to RESTAURANTE LA TOSCANA and enjoy your favorite Italian cuisine in Bucaramanga style.
  3. Go and eat at  MERCAGAN PARRILLA for some spicy and delicious barbeque menu.
  4. For the typical Mediterranean, seafood, and wine, go to TAVOLO GOURMET.

Hotel to stay in Bucaramanga:

Bucaramanga is home to many iconic paradises that you can make your home when you plan your trip. The places listed below are affordable yet come with plenty of amenities to make your stay comfortable and stress-free. 

  1. Casa de Pinos
    The hotel is located in one of the best areas of Bucaramanga named Cabecera del Llano. The place is good for nightlife, including bars and restaurants to have a quick beer. Apart from that, the best thing is that the area is a hell safer than the whole city.
  2. Buena Vista
    If you enjoy night entertainment and love to shop all around, then this hotel is best for you. This hotel will give you an essence of Mexico City and the view of the heavens. 
  3. Ciudad Bonita
    Travelling with your pet? Worry no more! This hotel will take premium care of your sweet little munchkin for you. Moreover, the hotel provides solace, fused with various amenities like an outdoor pool, delicious breakfast, great rooms, and more. So, you can sip in your coffee and perceive the chills of the cityscape scattered around the city.

Things to do in Bucaramanga

  • Parque Nacional de Chicamocha
    A national park, also known as “Panachi,” where you’ll find tons of outdoor activities. The park features green landscapes, a deep canyon, and the dramatic slopes of the Andes.
  • Paragliding
    The city abounds with Thermal winds, hence the best place to try out your paragliding skills and capture delightful moments.
  • Nightlife in Bucaramanga
    If you’re a night owl and love to explore the places at night, then you’d be amazed to see what this city turns into at night.
  • Parque del Agua
    Hang out at this fun place with your family or explore the wildlife, tropical plants in the solo game. Don’t miss out on the light show at night.


  • What is the flight duration from Boston to Bucaramanga?

    The fastest flight from Boston to Bucaramanga will take 6 hours and 39 minutes. There are no direct flights available.

  • Is traveling to Bucaramanga safe?

    Like most of Colombia, Bucaramanga is a MEDIUM Risk travel destination. You are all safe if you focus on avoiding petty and opportunistic street crime by maintaining a low profile and avoiding any obvious displays of wealth.

  • Can you drink the tap water in Bucaramanga?

    Bucaramanga offers an excellent infrastructure, with drinkable tap water, reliable electricity, and fast broadband Internet service at reasonable rates.

  • Which Airports will I be using to fly from Boston to Bucaramanga?

    You will board a flight from Boston Logan International Airport and land at the Palonegro International Airport.

  • What is the best day to fly from Boston to Bucaramanga?

    For the cheapest flight deal from Boston to Bucaramanga, consider flying on Mondays and avoid leaving on Fridays, as it's usually the priciest day. When returning to Boston, Monday is the cheapest day while Tuesday is the most expensive.

  • Do I need a passport to fly between Chicago and Bucaramanga?


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Airports Near Bucaramanga
  • Palonegro Airport – BGA
  • Camilo Daza International Airport – CUC
  • Mayor Buenaventura Vivas Airport – STD
  • Aguasclaras Airport – OCV
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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

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