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About Guayaquil

A city is an excellent option for a stopover on your way to Ecuador. If you’re contemplating an excursion by taking flights from Boston to Guayaquil, It’s one of the most renowned cities within Ecuador and the most transit hub for travelers. Guayaquil is accessible and is small, making it an ideal tourist destination. There are plenty of activities for travelers to keep them interested in their visit to Guayaquil. If you are visiting Ecuador for a minimal time, a trip to Guayaquil might be a good idea.

Best season to visit in Boston

  • Peak Season
    The ideal time for taking a trip to Guayaquil is during winter to spring, from June through August. The winter weather is warm and pleasant. Summer is the best time for outdoor activities, and lodging or other accommodation may cost more than usual.
  • Low Season
    Spring months are ideal when you can visit Guayaquil. If you’re on a tight budget and want to save money, then the spring season is an excellent time for you. You’ll find the most affordable deals on accommodation, and the attraction isn’t as packed. You’ll be able to enjoy your trip just like the locals.

Best flights from Boston to Guayaquil

These are some flights that offer cheap straight flights between Boston in the direction of Guayaquil.

  • Spirit Airlines
    Spirit Airlines is one of the well-known Airlines that provides their customers with excellent service. An average cost of a Round trip flight from Boston to Guayaquil is USD 159.
  • JetBlue
    JetBlue Airways are 3-star certified for the high quality of their Airport. JetBlue provides you with various amenities & their goal is to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. A typical cost for an all-around journey between Boston to Guayaquil is USD 445.
  • American Airlines
    American Airlines has vast experience in the Airline industry & is the world’s largest airline. The average cost for a round trip flight from Boston to Guayaquil is USD 4161.

Best places to eat in Guayaquil

Guayaquil is a city that has earned its reputation for gourmet dining and delicious food. Guayaquil is home to the best seafood across all of the United States. There are many eateries in Boston serving both international and local dishes.

NOE Sushi Bar - Mall del Sol
NOE Sushi Bar – Mall del Sol

Address :- Av. Juan Tanca Marengo # 100 Mall Del Sol, Joaquin Jose Orrantia Gonzalez, Guayaquil 090150 Ecuador

Price Range:- USD 2.00 – USD 79.98 each person

Caracol Azul
Caracol Azul

Address :- De Octubre 1918 y Los Rios 9, Guayaquil 090150 Ecuador

Price Range:- USD 19.99 – USD 46.64 each person

Gong El Sarten Chino
Gong El Sarten Chino

Address :- Centro Comercial El Dorado, Guayaquil 091003 Ecuador

Price Range:- USD 2.00 -USD 8.00 each person

Hotels to stay in Guayaquil

This city is among the most sought-after and exciting tourist destinations, and millions of tourists visit Guayaquil each year. The need for accommodation is crucial when traveling. It depends upon what kind of accommodation you want.

Hotel Del Parque
Hotel del Parque

Price Range :- USD 399.76

Hilton Colon
Hilton Colon Guayaquil

Price Range :- USD 93.28

Tropical Inn Hotel
Tropical Inn Hotel

Price Range :- USD 26.65

Things to do in Guayaquil

Enjoy the view from Cerro Santa Ana
Enjoy the view from Cerro Santa Ana

Take in the views of the city from Cerro Santa Ana, located at the highest point of the hill and one of the most popular places in Guayaquil. Up there, you’ll find adorable colorful houses, mini cafés as well as the lighthouse.

Walk amongst mangroves on Santay Island.
Walk amongst mangroves on Santay Island.

If you’re looking to get away from the bustle of the city and enjoy the peace and quiet, Santay Island is one of the best places to relax. There are villages with stilt houses and museums on the Island to help you learn about the city.

Parque Historico
Parque Histórico

A testament of rebirth of Guayaquil, Paraque Historico is a 8 hectares landmark divided into three parts featuring wildlife, urban architecture and tradition. It is a place where rural areas meet wildlife amidst modern aspects to encourage environment preservation, rescue and promotion of customs.


  • Do I have to wear a mask when I travel?

    All passengers shall follow the Covid-19 guidelines during travel, so wearing a face mask is essential. 

  • Does Airlines provide any food or beverages during flights?

    Food 26amp; Beverages are available onboard. In some flights, they serve you various meals, and some flights don't serve alcoholic drinks and food.

  • Can I change my reservation online after I Check-in?

    You can't alter the reservation once you have checked in.

  • What is the name of Boston's airport?

    Logan Intl. Airport (BOS) is the most frequented airport in Boston. 

  • Which airlines provide flights from Boston to Guayaquil?

    Boston receives the most significant number of flights from United Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta, United Airlines.

  • When do flight tickets from Boston to Guayaquil get cheapest?

    Prior to four and three weeks to departure.

  • What airlines fly direct from BOS airport to GYE airport?

    Delta Air Lines and American Airlines fly 30 direct flights between Boston and Guayaquil monthly.

  • Can I book budget hotels near Guayaquil Airport through the Internet?

    Yes, one can book budget hotels at Guayaquil Airport through the Internet?

  • Does Guayaquil City Airport have a nappy changing facility for babies?

    Yes, the newly developed Guayaquil City Airport has such facilities for babies and infants.

  • Which is the high season to travel from Boston to Guayaquil?

    The months of November, December, and January are considered to be the high season to travel from Boston to Guayaquil.

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Airports Near Guayaquil
  • Mariscal Lamar Airport – CUE
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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

Calling before booking can save you big