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About Liberia

Liberia is a small country in West Africa surrounded by golden beaches with red dirt roads that cross colorful fields, lush banana plantations, and vibrant villages. The tiny nation of Liberia is famous for its numerous waterfalls, nightlife, sandbars, surfable sandy beaches, wildlife sanctuary, and bustling market. It is relatively simple to travel around due to the shorter distance from one tourist spot to another. However, the widespread English-speaking community makes traveling effortless for visitors and helps them to interact with the locals. Before you book flights from Boston to Liberia, keep one thing in mind- be alert all the time. The crime rate is very high, and you cannot rely on local police. Libra is the most sought-after destination for backpackers.

Peak & Low Season:

  • Season of Peak: Peak season for Liberia runs from June through August.
  • Season of Low: In the low season, if you’re considering an excursion to Liberia within a budget, the period between late December to March would be the best time to plan your trip.

Best Flights from Boston to Liberia: 

When traveling from Boston(BOS) to Liberia(LIR), Costa Rica you should consider leaving on Saturdays and avoid Fridays if you are looking for the best rates.These are some airlines that provide Cheap flights from Boston to Liberia:-

  • Jet Blue
    Jet blue is one of the most prestigious and marvelous airlines that provide a fair cost for traveling from Boston to Liberia. A typical cost for airline tickets from Boston(BOS) to Liberia(LIR), round trip is just USD 420 and the one-way price is USD 211.
  • United Airlines
    United Airlines is a  well-known airline all over the world as it connects the US with the rest of the world. The cheapest cost for a round trip from Boston to Libra is only USD 448 and the one-way price is USD 213.

Best Restaurants in Liberia

Cafe Liberia
Cafe Liberia

Located in the Costa Rican cultural historical site, it is one of the oldest houses in Liberia. The home Zuniga Clachar is 150 years old. The cafe inhabiting the house serves a wide range of home cooked delicacies including sandwiches, ceviches, Kobe meat burger and freshly made salads. The cafe als has a lavish list of assortment of 100 percent natural cocktails. 

Posada Real Cafe
Posada Real Cafe

Serving mainly traditional cuisine, Posada Cafe is known for its up-scale atmosphere along with sumptuous cuisine. The service is incredible first rate along with the food served here. The wood-fired pizza and the burgers on home made-buns are top notch. 

Senor Patacon
Senor Patacon

This modern yet located in a traditional 150 years old house, was formerly a steakhouse. This French Restaurant is yet keeping up with the tradition of serving meat with mastered cooking. The menu also features fishes, ceviches, patacones, and delectable Caribbean Cuisine. 

Best Hotels in Liberia

Hilton Garden Inn Guanacaste Airport 
Hilton Garden Inn Guanacaste Airport 

Price Range :-  $ 136.44

Address :- Ruta 21 Frente al Aeropuerto Inter Daniel Oduber, Liberia 50101 Costa Rica

Hotel Javy 
Hotel Javy 

Price Range :- USD 77.09

Address :-Barrio Moracia 200 Norte del IPEC, Liberia 50101 Costa Rica

Hotel Boyeros
Hotel Boyeros 

Price Range :- USD 95.63

Address :- Between Avenue 2 and 4 At The Main Entrance Of Liberia City, In Front Of The Carretera Interamericana, Liberia 50101 Costa Rica

Places to Visit in Liberia

Parques Mario Canas Ruiz
Parques Mario Canas Ruiz

Stationed in the center of the old Town area of Liberia is Parque Mario Canas Ruiz. It is a fun place to have an encounter with street vendors, food trucks  and even witness live shows. In the park, The Central Church of Liberia is also located in the middle of the church that stands out with pure white color. 

Ponderosa Adventure Park
Ponderosa Adventure Park

Located less than 15 minutes away from the city, Ponderosa Adventure Park offers safari tours with animals like giraffe, zebras. This adventure also hosts multiple adventure sports like zipline over waterfalls and rafting. 

Rincón de la Vieja Volcano
Rincón de la Vieja Volcano

Just one hour and fifteen minutes away from Liberia, this incredibly active volcano Rincon de la Vieja Volcano which is located in the park with the same name. The huge park is also home to several hot springs, waterfalls, and hiking trails.


  • How many airports are there in Liberia (LIR)?

    There is one airport near Liberia (LIR)

  • How long does a flight from  Boston to Liberia Costa Rica take?

    A direct flight from Boston to Liberia average time takes 7hrs 14 min. 

  • What airlines fly direct from BOS airport to LIR airport?

    Some airlines that offer a direct flight from Boston to Liberia are Emirates Airlines, American Airlines & Delta Airlines. 

  • How many flights are there from BOS to LIR per week?

    With three different airlines between Boston to Liberia, there are on average 43 flights per week. 

  • Which one is the most reliable airline from the route from Boston to Liberia?

    For on-time arrivals, Delta Airlines is considered one of the most reliable airlines.

  • What is the cheapest day to fly from Boston to Liberia?

    The cheapest day to fly from Boston to Liberia is Saturday, and the most expensive day is Sunday. If going for an affordable approach choose evening flights rather than morning flights.

  • What is the airport code for Santiago airport?

    The IATA code for Liberia airport is LIR.

  • Can I carry my own food on Boston to Liberia flight?

    For exact clarification, do contact the specific airlines because every airline has different policies.

  • What is the earliest departure time for flights from Boston to Liberia?

    The first flight from Boston to Liberia flies at 05:00 am and arrives at Cali at 01:24 pm.

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Airports Near Liberia
  • Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport – LIR
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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

Calling before booking can save you big