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About Aruba

Nestled in the Dutch Caribbean, Aruba is the most visited island by North Americans in Winter. From casinos to white-sand beaches, from wilderness to surfing and hiking in the Caribbean, Aruba is an island country, which offers incredible opportunities to make your trip from Las Vegas to Aruba perfect. Most North Americans book cheap flights from Las Vegas to Aruba (LAS-AUA) in winter because the island country has great adventure activities, fine resorts, and wilderness to offer. Also, for a perfect itinerary collect information regarding distance from Las Vegas, Las Vegas to Aruba airfare, places to stay, best spots, cheap eateries, and cheap Las Vegas to Aruba flights.

Spanish colonists nicknamed the island ‘Useless Island’, and they couldn’t have been more wrong. With a pleasant climate and minimum rainfall, Aruba’s turquoise water, luxurious resorts, water activities like- snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, and more, hiking trails, and exploring the wilder side of Aruba is a perfect getaway for tourists.

Best Flights From Las Vegas to Aruba

Looking at the growing number of tourists from Las Vegas to Aruba, several airlines have started offering services on this route. Plan a trip to Aruba and begin your journey to experiencing happiness in the ‘Happy Island’. But, there is only one airport in Aruba- Queen Beatrix International Airport (AUA), located in Oranjestad. Airlines offering flights on Las Vegas to Aruba (LAS-AUA) are- American Airlines, Delta, United, JetBlue, Air Canada, etc. However, there are no direct flights between Las Vegas to Aruba.

The cheapest one-way Las Vegas to Aruba airfare is USD 140.32 and takes 18 hours 30 minutes with 2 stops at Denver International Airport, Denver and Fort Lauderdale- Hollywood International Airport, Florida.

The estimated cost of one-way and round-trip flights from Las Vegas to Aruba (LAS-AUA) is given below

One-Way Trip
AirlinesAirlines NamePriceAction
NK B6Spirit, JetBlue Airlines140.32 USDBook Now
NK UASpirit, United Airlines195.75 USDBook Now
AAAmerican Airlines213.05 USDBook Now
UAUnited Airlines214.55 USDBook Now
B6JetBlue Airlines216.32 USDBook Now
DLDelta AirLines218.12 USDBook Now
UA B6United, JetBlue Airlines 225.47 USDBook Now
Air Canada AirlinesAir Canada622.93 USDBook Now
AirlinesAirlines NamePriceAction
AAAmerican Airlines 482.82 USDBook Now
DLDelta Airline 491.16 USDBook Now
UAUnited Airlines529.40 USDBook Now
B6JetBlue Airlines594.47 USDBook Now
Air Canada AirlinesAir Canada1247.09 USDBook Now
DLDelta AirLines3093.22 USDBook Now
AAAmerican Airlines3062.05 USDBook Now
B6JetBlue Airlines645.51 USDBook Now

Places to Eat in Aruba

Aruba has a sophisticated culinary scene. With over 200 fine-dining restaurants, cafes, bars, cheap eat trucks across the island; various international cuisines influence Aruba’s diverse culinary scene.

Whether you are traveling on a budget or can spend a good amount on fine dining, Aruba has it all.


2 Fools And A Bull


Mid-range Hotel




Best Hotels in Aruba

Mid-range Hotel




Places to Visit in Aruba

Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach

It is a nesting area for leatherback turtles, so the beach remains closed for visitors from March to July for the species’ safety. However, from August to April, the beachside resorts rent water sports equipment, where you can indulge in adventurous water activities.

Arikok National Park

If you visit this park, chances are, you can get a glimpse of Aruba rattlesnake, parakeets, and whiptail lizards. The caves, sand dunes, and limestone cliffs are the main attractions here.

Palm Beach

The glittering white sandy beach is jammed with surfers, beach bummers, and tourists during peak season. The beach has many high-rise resorts that offer luxury and water sport opportunities.

Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations

If you are thinking that the ‘Happy Island’ has just beaches to offer, then visit Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations. With hiking trails cramped with cacti and boulders, the rocks here look like birds and dragons.


  • What is the average cost of cheap flights from Las Vegas to Aruba (LAS-AUA)?

    The average cost of a one-way flight from Las Vegas to Aruba is USD 140.32, and a round-trip will cost USD 529.40.

  • When can I book cheap Las Vegas to Aruba flights?

    Though you are supposed to get cheaper flight tickets on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, airlines adjust their airfare for flights from Las Vegas to Aruba based on the date and time. So, it is better to visit lowestflightfares to know the cheap flight rates.

  • How long does it take to travel from Las Vegas to Aruba (LAS-AUA)?

    It takes 18 hours 30 minutes to reach Aruba from Las Vegas with two stops.

  • How many airlines offer cheap flights on the route from Las Vegas to Aruba (LAS-AUA)?

    Seven airlines offer their flights on this route each day- American Airlines, JetBlue Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Spirit, Air Canada, United,

  • Who provides discount and best offers on Las Vegas to Aruba airfare?

    Lowestflightfares offers discount and best offers on Las Vegas to Aruba airfare.

  • Which currency is used in Aruba?

    Aruban florin is the name of Aruba's currency, which is used in Aruba.

  • What language is spoken in Aruba?

    Dutch and the local language Papiamento are the two official languages of Aruba.

  • Are there any direct flights from Las Vegas to Aruba (LAS-AUA)?

    There is no direct flight between Las Vegas and Aruba.

  • Can I fly to Aruba now?

    Yes, you can fly from Las Vegas to Aruba. But you have to follow the basic COVID-19 protocols in Aruba. The guidelines are subject to change. Refer to airlines and government guidelines to know about the latest changes in guidelines.

  • Can I carry food in direct flights to Aruba?

    Every airline have different policies, to know more about it contact the respective airline.

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Airports Near Aruba
  • Queen Beatrix International Airport – AUA
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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

Calling before booking can save you big