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About Guayaquil

Guayaquil is the port city of Ecuador and the gateway to the most sought-after Galapagos Islands. If you’re thinking about a trip by taking flights from Las Vegas to Guayaquil, it is one of the most well-known cities in Ecuador and the central travel hub for tourists. Guayaquil is the most significant city of Ecuador and is also the largest port of the town along the coast of the southeastern region.

A lot of tourists visit this stunning city due to its rich history and culture. Guayaquil is a city that has everything for its visitors. If you are looking for comprehensive city life, chaos, fabulous food, exploring the urban subcultures, and touring historic sites and museums, Guayaquil could very well be the place for you! It’s up to you as a tourist to what you’re seeking.

Best season time to visit in Boston

  • Peak Season
    The best time to take trips to Guayaquil is from winter to spring, from June to August. The winter weather is mild and comfortable. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities, and accommodation or lodging might cost more than usual.
  • Low Season
    The spring months are a great time to visit Guayaquil. If you’re on a strict budget and are looking to save money, spring is the best time to visit. You’ll be able to find the cheapest lodging rates and the attractions aren’t too crowded. You’ll have the chance to take your time and enjoy the trip as the locals.

Details About flights from Las Vegas to Guayaquil

The length of a flight departing from Las Vegas(LAS) to Guayaquil(GYE) is approximately 13 hours 55 mins. The fastest flights generally last 9 hours and 15 minutes. Services are provided by Delta Airlines, Avianca Airlines, Copa Airlines, and other airlines. In general, 191 flights run each week. However, schedules for weekends and holidays can change, so make sure to check ahead.

One-Way Trip
AirlinesAirlines Name One- wayAction
NKSpirit Airlines218.48 USDBook Now
AVAmerican Airlines 489.86 USDBook Now
UAAVUnited Airlines, Avianca Airlines464.64 USDBook Now
CMCopa Airlines742.91 USDBook Now
Round Trip
AirlinesAirlines NameRound-tripAction
alaska asUAAlaska Airlines, United Airlines873.32 USDBook Now
AAAmerican Airlines 1001.26 USDBook Now
UAF9United Airlines, Frontier Airlines770.73 USDBook Now
NKSpirit, United Airlines909.39 USDBook Now

Best Places to eat in Guayaquil

Guayaquil is an American city that has earned its fame for its gastronomic restaurants and exquisite cuisine. Guayaquil is home to some of the most delicious seafood restaurants available in the United States. There are numerous restaurants in Boston offering international as well as local cuisines.


Address :- Plaza Lagos Malecon Edificio Mirador, Guayaquil 090150 Ecuador

Price Range:- USD 34.99 – USD 80.14 each person

Le Gourmet
Le Gourmet

Address :- 9 de Octubre 414, Guayaquil 090150 Ecuador

Price Range:- USD 20.03 – USD 26.71 each person

Gong El Sarten Chino
Gong El Sarten Chino

Address :- Centro Comercial El Dorado, Guayaquil 091003 Ecuador

Price Range:- USD 2.00 – USD 8.01 each person

Best Hotels to stay in Guayaquil

Guayaquil city is one of the most sought-after, exciting tourist destinations. Millions of visitors come to Guayaquil every year. Accommodation is vital when traveling. It is contingent on the type of accommodation you’d like.

Hotel Del Parque
Hotel del Parque

Price Range :- USD 399.76

Hilton Colon
Hilton Colon Guayaquil

Price Range :- USD 93.28

Tropical Inn Hotel
Tropical Inn Hotel

Price Range :- USD 26.65

Best Places to Visit in Guayaquil

Malecon 2000
Malecón 2000

If you’re in Guayaquil concisely and want to do something memorable, you can make your way to the Malecón 2000. Malecon 2000 is a 2.5 km promenade along the riverfront that offers a stunning view of the Guayas. The riverfront promenades along the river during the week aren’t overly busy, but you will encounter many locals and their families swathed along the river’s banks during weekends. There are plenty of other activities to do when you’re enjoying the fantastic view and the breeze of Malecon 2000, including gardens and monuments, museums, restaurants, and shopping centers.

Las Peñas
Las Peñas

Las Penas is the most appealing neighborhood in Guayaquil, with the most significant number of historical homes and structures. Numa Pompilio Llona is among the most famous streets located in Las Penas, which shows its colonial style of wooden construction. If you ascend steps at the top of Cerro Santa Anna, At the top is an enclave of a church, as well as the lighthouse.


  • What's the time for an air trip from Las Vegas to Guayaquil?

    This flight route needs a minimum of one rest stop and will take at least 20h00m.

  • What's the cheapest date of the week when flying Las Vegas to Guayaquil?

    If your travel dates are flexible, consider traveling from Guayaquil during the week on Fridays since we typically get the lowest prices on the day of this particular route.

  • Which airports should I use when flying from Las Vegas to Guayaquil?

    Las Vegas airport is named Las Vegas McCarran and the only airport located in Guayaquil is Guayaquil Jose Joaquin de Olmedo.

  • Which would be the most trustworthy airline on the route that runs from Las Vegas to Guayaquil?

    For timely arrivals, Spirit Airlines is considered one of the most reliable airlines.

  • How do I find the code of an airport for Guayaquil?

    The IATA code for Guayaquil airport is GYE.

  • Are there any travel regulations for Guayaquil?

    Travel within the country is not a problem, but certain conditions might apply. Facial masks are a must It has a social distancing threshold of 2 meters Regional restriction measures in place.

  • How do I find the most efficient method to travel from Las Vegas to Guayaquil?

    The most efficient way to travel the fastest route from Las Vegas to Guayaquil is by plane.

  • What is the distance to travel from Las Vegas to Guayaquil?

    The distance between Las Vegas and Guayaquil is 5615 kilometers.

  • What is the duration of the flight time from Las Vegas to Guayaquil?

    There isn't a direct flight connecting Las Vegas Airport to Guayaquil Airport.

  • How can I tell the difference in time between Las Vegas and Guayaquil?

    Guayaquil is two hours behind Las Vegas. It's currently 22:59 in Las Vegas and 00:59 in Guayaquil.

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Airports Near Guayaquil
  • Mariscal Lamar Airport – CUE
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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

Calling before booking can save you big

Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

Calling before booking can save you big