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About Katowice

Katowice, the capital of southern Poland’s Silesian Voivodeship, is the 11th most populous city in the country. It is the largest constituent in the upper Silesian Urban area. It was once a rural village, but in the 19th century, it turned itself into a modern industrial city, thanks to the coal wealth. Today, it is known for its industrial past and excellent art scene. Moreover, this mining city is now home to numerous museums, Neoclassical cathedrals, and several architectural wonders. If its attractions and mining past entices you, then book a Miami to Katowice flight and explore its rich past and dynamic present.

Best Time to Book Miami to Katowice Flights

Katowice has a temperate, ocean-moderated humid continental climate. During summer, the weather remains pleasant, partly cloudy, and suitable for outdoor activities. Winters in Katowice are freezing, snowy, windy, and mostly cloudy. The most ideal time to visit Katowice is between May and September.

Details About Miami to Katowice Flights

Traveling from Miami to Katowice? At present, no airlines offer nonstop flights between the two cities. So, expect one or more layovers at Frankfurt, London, Zurich, Toronto, and Warsaw. The aerial distance between Miami and Katowice is 8,447 km and takes approximately 15 hours. Airlines, such as Lufthansa, LOT Polish, TAP Air Portugal, and a few connecting flights operate on this route. There are 86 flights available.

To avail cheap Miami to Katowice flight ticket prices, book your seat with Lufthansa at the cost of Zł 1,248 for a one-way trip and Zł 2,430 for a round trip.

Furthermore, the nearest airports of Miami and Katowice are- Miami International Airport and Katowice Wojciech Korfanty Airport (MIA-KTW) respectively.

Here are some insights concluding flight fares on this route:

One-way trip
AirlinesAirlines NamePriceAction
LHLufthansaZł 1,248Book Now
LOLOT PolishZł 1,301Book Now
TP TAP Air PortugalZł 1,358Book Now
Round Trip
AirlinesAirlines NamePriceAction
LHLufthansaZł 2,430Book Now
TPTAP Air PortugalZł 2,585Book Now
LOLOT PolishZł 2,658Book Now

Best Restaurants in Katowice

Tatiana Katowice

Tatiana, a classic restaurant in Katowice, known for the relishing blend of Polish and European culinary traditions. Along with local fare that includes meat dishes, dumplings, and soup, its menu highlights unusual plates. Their lamb knuckle stewed in Polish vegetables and homemade Russian dumplings, stuffed with potatoes and cottage cheese are highly popular among the patrons.

Zaklęty Czardasz Katowice
Zaklęty Czardasz

Zaklęty Czardasz is a Polish restaurant, known for its creative approach to Hungarian cuisine. Diners mainly come here to enjoy their delicious main course within its exposed brick walls. Among its many Hungarian dishes, the famous Goulash that comes with red pepper and fried cabbage , is highly recommended. Don’t forget to leave some room for their burning pancakes.

Patio Park Katowice
Patio Park

Patio Park is where you can find elevated international recipes dishes up in a green ambience. It is also considered the best place in Katowice that serves the finest Polish cuisine. Their escallops, served on a toast with cranberries and pineapples, de volaille chicken, and veal with parma ham and pesto are must-tries.

Best Hotels in Katowice

Qubus Hotel Katowice
Qubus Hotel

Address – Stanisława Moniuszki 9, 40-005 Katowice, Poland

Price – Zł 620

Hotel Marysin Dwór Katowice
Hotel Marysin Dwór

Address – Józefa Pukowca 17a, 40-847 Katowice, Poland

Price – Zł 510

Park Inn by Radisson Katowice
Park Inn by Radisson

Address – Bytkowska 1a, 40-147 Katowice, Poland

Price – Zł 345

Places to Visit in Katowice

Silesian Museum Katowice
Silesian Museum

Founded in 1929 by the Silesian Sejm, the Silesian Museum is one of the popular cultural attractions in Katowice. It survived the Nazi attack and was reinstated in 1984. It has a wide collection of Polish paintings by famous artists, such as Stanisław Wyspiański and Olga Boznańska. Other exhibitions include the region’s ethnology, archaeology, and a collection of more than 35,000 pictures and daguerreotypes, most of which documented during World War I.

Nikiszowiec Quarter Katowice
Nikiszowiec Quarter

A walk on the streets of Nikiszowiec Quarter can take you to the time when Katowice was going through an intense industrialization phase during the 19th and 20th centuries. People from other parts of the country started settling down here due to the job opportunities and hence 250 neighborhoods were built for the miners. The Nikiszowiec Quarter is dotted with those buildings and offers you the best insights into the kind of architecture and history it had during its heyday.

Goldstein Palace Katowice
Goldstein Palace

Goldstein Palace is a beautiful Neo-Renaissance palace, built in the end of the 19th century by two brothers Abraham and Joseph Goldstein. It once served as a commerce chamber, a theater, and other institutions. However, it has been turned into a Civil Registry office. Due to its architectural style, it is worth a visit. Its golden staircases, a hall, and the opulent ceilings make it look appealing.


  • How long does it take to fly from Miami to Katowice?

    It takes 15 hours to reach Katowice from Miami by flight.

  • Is there a direct flight from Miami to Katowice?

    At present, no airlines offer nonstop flights between Miami and Katowice.

  • Which airlines fly from Miami to Katowice?

    LOT Polish, Lufthansa, and TAP Air Portugal offer scheduled flights from Miami to Katowice.

  • How much is a plane ticket from Miami to Katowice?

    The average airfare for a flight from Miami to Katowice is Zł 1,248 for a one-way trip and Zł 2,430 for a round trip.

  • How many flights are there between Miami and Katowice?

    There are a total of 602 weekly flights between Miami and Katowice, which means 86 flights daily.

  • Which Airports will I be using to fly from Miami to Katowice?

    The nearest airports of Miami and NYC are- Miami International Airport and Katowice Wojciech Korfanty Airport (MIA-KTW) respectively.

  • What is the best day to fly from Miami to Katowice?

    While traveling from Miami to Katowice, consider flying on a Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Friday. Avoid weekends and holidays since it’s more expensive.

  • What is Katowice famous for?

    Katowice is a mining city, best known for the coal mines, which were developed in the first half of the 19th century. At present, it has become the largest conurbation in Poland, which is one of the largest in the European Union.

  • Which language is spoken in Katowice?

    Polish is the official language of Katowice.

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Airports Near Katowice
  • Katowice Airport – KTW
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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

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