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About Manaus

Manaus (MAO) is the starting point of the bewildering and overwhelming Amazon Rainforest. Before visiting the excellent gateway to Amazon, travelers did not expect Manaus to be a developed town. Manaus (MAO) is an ideal place for tourists. You can walk around the city without any guide. One of the most attractive aspects of this city is its European colonial architecture, colorful mosaic, friendly locals, and handmade crafts. After a thrilling trip through the Amazon Rainforest, Manaus (MAO) is a place you can relax and enjoy. The Amazon is the most incredible rainforest globally, and Sundays are the cheapest day to take flights from New York to Manaus, Brazil.

Best Time to Visit Manaus (MAO) 

The climate of Manaus (MAO) is constant all through the year. It is said that Manaus (MAO) is a place with only two seasons, dry and summer. From June to September is the ideal time for Manaus (MAO). It’s best for exploring the city, river, and rainforest. When you travel somewhere, you should figure out the low season & high season.

Best Flights From New York To Manaus

Moreover, Being the gateway to the Amazon rainforest, it is also well connected to major cities across the globe. The flight time between New York (JFK) to Manaus (MAO) is around ten hours fifteen minutes, and it covers a distance of around 3153mi. If you’re looking for a low-cost option and would like to save money on flights from New York to Manaus (MAO), here are some suggestions that will save you time, stress, and, more importantly, the cost of your next trip. 

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One- way
Airlines Airlines NamePriceAction
azul adAzul AirlinesUSD 504.34Book Now
Gol linheas G3GOL Linhas AéreasUSD 1204.96Book Now
Latam LALatam Airlines USD 694.42Book Now
B6azul adJetBlue, Azul AirlinesUSD 582.96Book Now
Swiss LXSwiss AirlinesUSD 7866.37Book Now
Airlines Airlines NamePriceAction
azul adLatam LAAzul Airlines, Latam AirlinesUSD 2046.42Book Now
Latam LALatam Airlines, Copa AirlinesUSD 2696.28Book Now
Gol linheas G3aeromexico anGOL Linhas Aéreas, Aeromexico USD 5225.33Book Now
singapore SQLufthansa LHSingapore Airlines, LufthansaUSD 7325.03Book Now
Swiss LXLatam LASwiss Airlines, Latam AirlinesUSD 14474.01Book Now

Cheapest Airlines

  • Azul Airlines 
    Azul Airlines is one of the well-known airlines in America & the busiest. Azul Airlines is a 3 star certified airline for its onboard and trained staff. It provides a nonstop one-way flight from New York (JFK) to Manaus (MAO), which costs starts from just USD 504.34.

Places to Eat in Manaus

If you’re looking to save money, it’s a good idea to try some inexpensive eateries in Manaus (MAO). Furthermore, it is renowned for its delicious cuisine bursting with exotic fruits that are plentiful.

Sabores do Chef Picanharia
Sabores do Chef Picanharia

Address :- Avenida Rio Jutai 19 Vieiralves, Manaus, State of Amazonas 69053-020 Brazil

Price Range:- USD 20.01 – USD 150.53  each person

Delícias do Pará
Delícias do Pará

Address :- Rua Joao Camara 34, Novo Aleixo Em frente ao chapéu goiano, Manaus, State of Amazonas 69098-165 Brazil

Price Range:-USD 20.16 – USD 80.64 each person

Caxiri Manaus
Caxiri Manaus

Address :- Rua 10 de Julho 495, Manaus, State of Amazonas 69010-060 Brazil

Price Range:- USD 6.72 – USD 14.11 each person

Hotel to Stay in Manaus

Nowadays, in Manaus (MAO), you’ll find some of the most desirable accommodation, so it’s so hard to choose one of them. If you’re looking for inexpensive accommodation to stay close to the mass transit like subways and bus terminals, here are some suggestions for the most excellent accommodation at a reasonable cost.  

Amazon Arowana Lodge
Amazon Arowana Lodge

Price Range :- USD 480.84 1 Room

Address :- Parana do Mamori Parana Do Mamori – Careiro – Zona Rural, Manaus, State of Amazonas 69067-370 Brazil

Manaus Hoteis - Millennium
Manaus Hoteis – Millennium

Price Range :- USD 480.84

Address :- Avenida Djalma Batista 1661, Manaus, State of Amazonas 69050-010 Brazil

Aldeia Hostel
Aldeia Hostel

Price Range :- USD 24.06

Address :- Rua Monsenhor Coutinho 857, Manaus, State of Amazonas 69010-110 Brazil

Places to visit in Manaus 

Teatro Amazonas
Teatro Amazonas

Teatro Amazonas is an Italian Renaissance-style Opera House, the city’s most recognizable structure, and a national monument. It is a stunning exquisite part of a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture at the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

Mercado Municipal Adolpho Lisboa
Mercado Adolpho Lisboa (Market)

The Mercado Adolpho Lisboa is one of the most famous national monuments of the city situated along the banks of Rio Negro. Mercado Adolpho Lisboa is an ideal place to visit due to its bustling activity and the jumble of stalls that sell local goods for a few dollars.


  • Which oe is the most reliable airline from New York (JFK) to Manaus (MAO)?

    For on-time arrivals, Azul Airlines is considered one of the most reliable airlines.

  • How much does an average plane ticket cost from New York (JFK) to Manaus (MAO)?

    The average price for Round-trip travel from New York (JFK) to Manaus (MAO) is USD 5225.33 and a one way trip for USD 582.96.

  • What is the cost of a one-way ticket from New York (JFK) to Manaus (MAO) by Air?

    Prices can range from USD 500 to USD 1000.

  • What airlines offer the cheapest travel from New York (JFK) to Manaus (MAO)?

    Azul Airlines offers the most inexpensive flights from New York (JFK) to Manaus (MAO).

  • How far is it from New York (JFK) to Manaus (MAO)?

    The flight distance from New York (JFK) to Manaus (MAO) is 3153mi. 

  • Is there any Direct flight between New York (JFK) and Manaus (MAO)?

    Yes, there is a direct flight available between New York (JFK) towards Manaus (MAO).

  • How long does a flight from New York (JFK) to Manaus (MAO) take?

    The shortest travel duration to get to New York (JFK) from Manaus (MAO) is 10h 15m.

  • Does Manaus (MAO) City Airport have a nappy changing facility for babies?

    Yes, Manaus (MAO) City Airport has such facilities for babies and infants.

  • How much baggage can I carry on a flight from New York (JFK) to Manaus (MAO)?

    Every airline has different baggage policies.

  • What is the cheapest day to fly from New York (JFK) to Manaus (MAO)?

    The cheapest day to fly from New York (JFK) to Manaus (MAO) is Wednesday, and the most expensive day is Saturdays.

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Airports Near Manaus
  • Eduardo Gomes International Airport – MAO
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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

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