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About Eleuthera

There are over 700 islands spanning more than five thousand miles in the Bahamas archipelago. Among them, only 30 islands are inhabited. Each island here is blessed with stunning natural beauty. So, choosing one could be tough. However, Eleuthera, an often overlooked island, is the Bahamas’ hidden gem. Its pink sand beaches, jaw-dropping views, turquoise waters, and hearth-pumping adventure are worth seeking out. If you are exhausted with Orland’s fun rides, visit Eleuthera and experience its Caribbean adventure by booking an Orlando to Eleuthera flight.

Best Time to Book Orlando to Eleuthera Flights

Eleuthera experiences a predominantly tropical wet and dry or savanna climate. Its summers are long, hot, oppressive, and mostly cloudy and winters are cooler. The months between mid-December and April are considered the ideal months to visit Eleuthera.

Details About Orlando to Eleuthera Flights

Only Bahamasair provides one flight on selected dates for Orlando and Eleuthera. You may find a few connection flights as well. So, be flexible with date and time when taking a flight on this route. It takes 26 hours, with one or more layovers at Nassau, Houston, Miami, and Nashville. The average airfare for a Orlando to Eleuthera flight ticket costs around B$ 221 for a one-way trip and B$ 724 for a round trip. Furthermore, the nearest airports to travel between the two cities are Orlando International Airport and Rock Sound International Airport (MCO-RSD).

Best Restaurants in Eleuthera

Da Perk Cafe Eleuthera
Da Perk Cafe

Da Perk Cafe is an ocean-front, open-air restaurant in the Governor’s Harbor. Along with its excellent tea, coffee, and other beverages, it serves New York style sandwiches, toast, and rice bowls filled with grilled meats. If you want to enjoy your meal by the bay then Da Perk Cafe is the right place to be.

1648- An Island Restaurant Eleuthera
1648- An Island Restaurant

For excellent American, Bahamian, Caribbean, and seafood dishes, visit 1648- An Island Restaurant within French Leave Resort. However, tourists mainly visit the restaurant to soak up the uninterrupted views of the ocean and the hills. Come here late afternoon to admire the sunset views over the ocean.

Daddy Joes Eleuthera
Daddy Joe’s

Daddy Joe’s is a pocket-friendly restaurant, just a mile away from Glass Window Bridge. It is the perfect place to enjoy authentic Bahamian cuisine. If you are visiting them, then try their conch wrap, which is an absolute must. It has both indoor and outdoor seating.

Best Hotels in Eleuthera

Pink Sands Resort Eleuthera
Pink Sands Resort

Address –  G938+R77, Chapel St, Dunmore Town, Bahamas

Price – B$ 1,445

Coral Sands Hotel Eleuthera
Coral Sands Hotel

Address – G939+F37, Chapel St, Dunmore Town, Bahamas

Price – B$ 845

The Pilot House Eleuthera
The Pilot House

Address – Meridian Hwy, Rock Sound, Bahamas

Price – B$ 210

Places to Visit in Eleuthera

Sapphire Blue Hole Eleuthera
Sapphire Blue Hole

The Sapphire Blue Hole is an underwater cave filled with clear sapphire blue water. That’s how it got its name. It is also an interesting snorkeling site, highly popular among the tourists. Here you can spot Cuban cave shrimp.

The Queens Bath Eleuthera
The Queens Bath

At the Queens Bath, the strong waves of the Atlantic crash into the rugged rocks and spill over the naturally formed hot tubs. You can enjoy its warm waters or spot some sea life and shells that wash up with the waves.

Glass Window Bridge Eleuthera
Glass Window Bridge

The Glass Window Bridge is one of the landmark attractions in the Bahamas. It is often called the ‘narrowest place on earth’, as it is only 30 feet wide at its narrowest point. The bridge is surrounded by unique rock formations, which are a sight to behold.


  • How far is a flight from Orlando to Eleuthera?

    It takes almost 26 hours to reach Eleuthera from Orlando by flight.

  • What airline goes from Orlando to Eleuthera?

    Only Bahamasair offers one flight between Orlando and Eleuthera on selective days.

  • How much does it cost to fly to Eleuthera from Orlando?

    An average airfare for a flight from Eleuthera to Orlando may cost you around B$ 221 for a one-way trip and B$ 724 for a round-trip.

  • Which Airports will I be using to fly from Orlando to Eleuthera?

    You will board a flight from Orlando International Airport and Rock Sound International Airport (MCO-RSD).

  • What is the cheapest month to fly to Eleuthera?

    The month of June is considered the cheapest to fly to Eleuthera.

  • What is Eleuthera famous for?

    Eleuthera is mainly known for its elusive beaches, lighthouse, pink-colored sands, teal-colored ocean, and upscale luxury resorts.

  • Which language is spoken in Eleuthera?

    English is the official language of Eleuthera.

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Airports Near Eleuthera
  • South Eleuthera Airport – RSD
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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

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