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About Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopia’s flag carrier Ethiopian Airlines is Africa’s largest airline in terms of passengers carried destinations served, fleet size, and revenue. Additionally, it is also the world’s 4th largest airline by the number of countries served. Since the airline carries millions of passengers annually, it is important for them to have an Ethiopian Airlines customer support number, which helps assist their customers.

Ethiopian Airlines Customer Support

The customer support of the Ethiopian Airlines varies country to country. Hence, whether you are in Ethiopia or somewhere else, the airline will be round-the-clock available to assist you with any queries.

For customer service, dian Ethiopian Airlines toll free number 000 800 100 7947.

Ethiopian Airlines Worldwide Customer Support Service

The airline has dedicated customer support service for each country where it operates its flights. Hence, even if you are traveling from somewhere other than Ethiopia and have any doubts or queries, you can still call them to get complete assistance.

CountryPhone Number
Brazil+55 19 4560 0377
Canada+1 613 701 6473
Egypt+20 800 000 9632
Ethiopia+251 116 179 900
France+33 974 5955 53
Ghana+233 24 242 6303
Puerto Rico+1 787 339 2238
Spain+34 518 899 948
United Kingdom+44 1753 967 980
United StatesCalifornia: +1 909 328 6127Florida: +1 352 436 1902Oregon: +458 204 1425

Waiting Time

The average time a person has to wait while calling Ethiopian Airlines Customer Service number is 3-4 hours. However, the time duration may vary depending on the availability of the agents.

Other Modes to Communicate

If you are not satisfied with a phone call, Ethiopian Airlines offers several other methods to communicate with the airline These options may include social media, email, chat bot, etc. Below is the list of other methods through which you can initiate a request or complain and expect a faster and more effective answer:

Social Media Support

Ethiopian Airlines makes its presence available on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Weibo. It is the most effective way to communicate and resolve your issue with the Airlines when you can not reach out to them via other methods. Connect with them via its official social media handle.


Whether you are satisfied with the service provided by the airline or you have issues or queries, you can share with the airline directly, via its Feedback bot. Visit Ethiopian Airlines website and click on ‘Feedback’ present in the page’s right side corner.

Although there are several ways to communicate with the airline, calling them directly is the best way to resolve your issues.

How Lowest Flight Fare helps customers resolve their issue with Ethiopian Airlines?

When you connect with Lowest Flight Fares, for any Ethiopian Airlines reservation issue for booking made with us, we communicate with the airline directly and resolve your issue immediately. If you need to cancel, reschedule, book, re-book, or claim refund, we’re available to assist you in having a quick solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do customers call Ethiopian Airlines Customer Support number?

    Passengers call Ethiopian Airlines for several reasons, which include booking or managing flights, cancellation and refund related information, issues related to Ethiopian Airlines reservations, baggage claim, damaged or lost baggage queries, information on making arrangements for specially-abled passengers, children, and pets, complaints about Ethiopian Airlines Service, etc.

  • What kind of issue does Ethiopian Airlines Customer Support Executive Resolve?

    A customer support executive provides the caller with relevant information and assistance, such as information about flights, booking and managing flights, ticket and payment related issues, canceling or changing flight booking, refund related issues, information on service arrangements for specially-abled passengers, pets, and children, etc.

  • What kind of issues can’t be resolved with a call to the Ethiopian Airlines customer support executive?

    Ethiopian Airlines Customer support service can’t address if your item was lost outside a plane or gate. In such cases, the passenger is required to contact the Airport Authority.
    Apart from that, for passport, visa, ID & documentation, consult the immigration center. Ethiopian Airlines Customer support service is not entitled to resolve such issues.

  • What is Ethiopian Airlines’s toll free customer support number?

    The toll free number of Ethiopian Airlines is 000 800 100 7947.

  • What are Ethiopian Airlines’ other modes of support?

    If you are not satisfied with your chat with Ethiopian Airlines customer support executives, try to communicate with them via the airline’s social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook. You can also contact them directly at the airport Ethiopian Airlines counter.

  • How does help customers resolve their issues with Ethiopian Airlines?

    When you get in touch with us for any Ethiopian Airlines related issue for a ticket purchased from us, we will assist you better and resolve your issue faster. Whether you seek assistance for cancel, reschedule, book, rebook, refund, etc. related issues, we provide you with detailed information and resolve the issue.

  • How do I talk to Ethiopian Airlines Customer Support Service?

    Once you dial one of the customer support numbers provided by Ethiopian Airlines, you need to select your preferred language. Once you select the language and follow the further process, one of the executives will respond back with whom you can share your queries.

  • What are Ethiopian Airlines customer service hours?

    Ethiopian Airlines offers round the clock (24*7) customer support service. You may contact Ethiopian Airlines 24 hours helpline number at your convenience.

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