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About JetBlue

Booked your tickets with JetBlue Airways? Then before proceeding to pack your luggage and board the flight, it’s crucial that you find out every important detail about JetBlue Airways baggage policy. The airline works very hard to provide a seamless experience to all its passengers, even infants and pets. Further, it is one of the major airlines of America and is headquartered in Long Island City (a borough of New York City). As of now, JetBlue flights serve 104 destinations in America and 2 destinations in Europe.

Baggage Allowance Policy   

Here comes the guidelines explaining the major key points of the JetBlue Airways baggage rules, which every passenger must adhere to. Make sure you take a thorough read of the following to avoid any chaotic scenarios. 

  • The carry-on baggage allowance allows one personal item bag and one carry-on bag, except for basic fare. 
  • Baggage that exceeds the checked baggage limit, will be subject to excess baggage fee. 
  • If your package gets lost or damaged by the airline, then you are entitled to compensation as decided by them.
  • JetBlue welcomes your household cats and dogs to travel in the passenger cabin, provided they do not disturb other passengers. 
  • Travel with your lap infants and kids without any restrictions, but make sure to provide the required documents to the airline. 
  • Your sports, musical gear will be transported safely by the airline, as long as its size and weight meets their allowance limit.

Carry-On Baggage Allowance 

  • As per JetBlue Airways baggage weight limit, all fare types include 1 personal item that fits under the seat in front of you. This could be a purse, daypack, laptop bag or approved pet carrier. Personal items cannot exceed 17″ L (43.2 cm) x 13″ W (33 cm) x 8″ H (20.32 cm).
  • In addition, all Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra and Mint fares include a carry-on bag that fits in the overhead bin. All wheeled and non-wheeled bags must not exceed 22″ L (55.88 cm) x 14″ W (35.56 cm) x 9″ H (22.86 cm). All such fares traveling domestically in the USA, are assured space in the overhead bin. 
  • However, Blue Basic fare ticketed passengers are not allowed carry-on baggage. If they do carry any luggage other than the personal time bag, it needs to be checked and will be subject to a baggage fee. The fee is USD 65 (if it is your 1st or 2nd checked bag), and USD 180 (if it’s your 3rd).

Checked Baggage Allowance 

  • The JetBlue Airways baggage guidelines says, before packing your luggage it’s best to learn about the allowance and avoid unnecessary chaos at the airport or otherwise. 
  • You can add up to 2 checked bags anytime, from the time of booking tickets to when you arrive at the airport. If your fare does not include checked bags, you can save money by purchasing them in advance on or the JetBlue app.
  • The checked baggage allowed must not exceed the weight limit of 50 pounds and dimension limit of 158 cm.  
  • All the luggages that exceeds the above said limit, will incur an excess baggage fee, as stated by the airline. 

There are baggage allowance exceptions for some selected destinations. Check out the same below: 

For flights to/from Cuba

  • Each customer is allowed to check a maximum of 3 bags, up to 50 pounds each. Boxes are not accepted.
  • Each checked bag cannot exceed 158 cm in overall dimensions. 
  • Each checked bag cannot exceed 70 pounds.
  • The fee for a 3rd (or more) checked bag is USD 150 and can only be applied at the airport or during check in.
  • Overweight bag fees apply to bags and boxes weighing over 50 pounds.

For flights to/from the Dominican Republic and Ecuador

  • Each customer may check a maximum of 2 bags. 
  • Each checked bag cannot exceed 158 cm in overall dimensions.
  • Each checked bag cannot exceed 70 pounds.
  • Overweight bag fees apply to bags weighing over 50 pounds.

For flights to/from Guyana, Haiti, Peru, and Trinidad & Tobago

  • Each checked bag cannot exceed 158 cm in overall dimensions. 
  • Each checked bag cannot exceed 70 pounds.
  • Overweight bag fees apply to bags weighing over 50 pounds.
  • The fee for a 3rd (or more) checked bag is USD 150 and can only be applied at the airport or during check in.
  • Each customer may check a maximum of 2 bags.

For flights to/from London

  • The fee for a 3rd (or more) checked bag is USD 200.
  • The 3rd bag fee can only be applied at the airport or during check in.

Checked Baggage Fee

The baggage fee mentioned below applies to all the baggage purchased at the airport or 24 hours prior to scheduled departure.

Within U.S. Latin America and Caribbean

Fare Type1st Bag2nd Bag
Blue BasicUSD 35USD 45
BlueUSD 35USD 45
Blue PlusIncludedUSD 45
Blue ExtraUSD 35USD 45
MintIncluded (up to 70 lbs)Included (up to 70 lbs)
JetBlue Plus CardmemberIncludedUSD 45

Between the U.S. and the U.K.

Fare Type1st Bag2nd Bag
Blue BasicUSD 65USD 105
BlueIncludedUSD 105
Blue PlusIncludedUSD 105
Blue ExtraIncludedUSD 105
JetBlue Plus CardmemberIncludedUSD 105

Overweight and Oversize Baggage Guidelines 

In accordance with JetBlue Airways baggage policy, bags that don’t meet the dimensions and / or weight restrictions of checked baggage, are considered oversized and / or overweight luggage and will be charged as follows:

51 lbs – 99 lbs : USD 150 per bag
160 cm – 203.3 cm (including wheels and handles) :  USD 150 per bag

  • If you plan to check more than 2 bags, or any items that would incur an additional fee, you can add those to your booking starting 24 hours prior to departure or at the airport.
  • A golf bag, fishing rod, skimboard, skis or snowboard counts as one checked bag and can be added to your booking at any time. While it is subject to any checked bag fees for the fare purchased, it will not incur additional or oversized bag fees (as long as it’s within weight limits).

JetBlue Airways Baggage Allowance For Infants 

The JetBlue Airways baggage policy ensures safe and seamless onboarding of infants as well as children. Check out the following guidelines to avoid panic and priority boarding in the aircraft. 

Traveling with infants within the USA 

Customers traveling with a lap infant within the USA, may add this information to their reservation when booking online at If you would like to add a lap infant to an existing reservation, kindly visit the official website of JetBlue Airways.

Traveling with infants internationally

  • All customers, including lap infants, are required to have a valid passport for international travel with JetBlue Airways. Customers will be required to present the infant’s passport to a JetBlue crewmember prior to boarding any international flight.  
  • Customers traveling with lap infants and departing from an international destination (Exception: Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands) to the U.S. will be charged an infant fee. 
  • Remember that the infant fees vary based upon international point of origin. Should the customer be traveling roundtrip, the fee is only charged when flying from the international city to the USA.

Baggage allowance for infants 

  • One diaper bag
  • One stroller
  • One car seat

Age Requirements for infants

A child between the ages of three days old until their second birthday is considered a lap infant. There is no cost to add lap infants to a reservation. If the child has their second birthday between the outbound and return flight, a seat will need to be purchased for the return flight. 

Proof of age is required. Valid forms of proof are: 

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Copies on domestic travel are accepted
  • Immunization Record

JetBlue Airways Pet Policy

Travel with your pet cat or dog in the passenger cabin seamlessly. Read the following JetBlue Airways baggage guidelines below and get assured: 

Make sure your pet carries-

  • Necessary vaccinations and documentation
  • ID tags
  • Pet license
  • FAA-approved pet carrier (no larger than 43.18 cm  x 31.75 cm  x 21.59 cm ). 
  • Pet treats and chews 
  • A favorite toy that has your scent
  • Pet supplies for the trip
  • A preflight workout for your pet. That way they’ll adapt more quickly to their new surroundings and sleep better during the flight

JetBlue has the most legroom in coach, which makes it so much easier to slide that pet carrier under the seat in front of you; and it means there will still be room for your legs after you do. If you wish for more legroom space, then directly contact the customer support or concerned airport and make a reservation for the same. 

JetBlue Airways Special Baggage Policy 

Sports Equipment 

Prohibited Sports Equipment

The following items are not permitted on any JetBlue flight:

  • Antlers/horns
  • Balance gliders
  • Gas-powered scooters & scooters with spillable batteries
  • Hoverboards
  • Electric skateboards with lithium batteries
  • Kayaks
  • Scuba tanks with compressed gas cylinders
  • Stand-up paddle boards & paddles

Large sports gear with a handling fee

According to JetBlue Airways baggage policy, bikes, surfboards, and kiteboarding and windsurfing equipment will be accepted on domestic and international flights and count as a checked bag. They’re subject to a fee of USD 100 per item, per direction, in addition to any checked bag fee associated with the fare purchased.

Overweight fees will not be charged, however any item weighing more than 99 pounds will not be accepted. The following items may be added during check-in (starting 24 hours prior to departure) or once you arrive at the airport. 

  • Bicycles
  • Kiteboarding & windsurfing
  • Surfboards

Large sports gear without a handling fee

You can add a golf bag, fishing rods, snow or water skis, snowboard or wakeboard as a checked bag during booking, when you arrive at the airport, or anytime in between. These items are exempt from the standard size requirements, so you won’t have to pay an oversized bag fee. The sports gear items are:

  • Fishing
  • Golfing
  • Snow skis & snowboards
  • Water skis & wakeboards

Other sports and recreation gear

While these items can be brought on board as or in a checked bag (depending on destination), they’re subject to the checked bag fees associated with the fare purchased, as well overweight or oversized fees if they exceed the requirements. The list of the sports items are:

  • Archery
  • Baseball
  • Bowling
  • Dodgeballs & other balls
  • Drones
  • Hockey & lacrosse
  • Hunting & shooting sports
  • Ice skates
  • Paddles & oars
  • Parachutes
  • Pole vaulting
  • Scooters
  • Scuba & snorkeling
  • Skateboards
  • Skimboards
  • Tennis rackets

Musical Equipment

Musical instruments as carry-on items

  • Blue Basic fares do not allow a carry-on bag. If you need to store a musical item in the overhead bin, be sure to book one of the airline’s other fares.
  • A musical instrument is allowed in place of one carry-on item, as long as it can be stowed properly under the seat or in an overhead bin, in accordance with JetBlue Airways baggage policy. 
  • The standard carry-on bag size limitations do not apply to musical instruments. If the musical instrument cannot be stored on board due to space constraints, the airline will help you get it checked at the gate. Such items will be delivered to the destination’s gate upon arrival.
  • The overhead bins of JetBlue’s aircrafts have full or partial dividers that can easily accommodate items up to 22″ x 14″ x 9″. Longer items, such as a guitar or tenor sax, may still fit in a bin with partial dividers. While space is not guaranteed, the crewmembers will make their best effort to accommodate your musical instrument. 
  • Overhead bin space is allotted on a first-come, first-served basis. For early boarding – and early access to the overhead bins – you can purchase an extra space seat. 

Musical instruments as checked bags

  • If the instrument is checked, it will be counted under the checked bag allowance and be subject to the checked bag fee associated with the fare purchased. 
  • There is no oversize or overweight fee for musical instruments as long as they do not exceed 381 cm, 165 pounds or the applicable size or weight restrictions for the aircraft. Otherwise, applicable excess bag fees will be applied. 
  • Damage to musical instruments will only be covered if the item is checked inside a hard-sided case designed to protect its contents, and only if permitted items are in the case.  
  • Any item checked inside a soft-sided container will be accepted, but not covered by liability.

Media Bags 

In accordance with JetBlue Airways baggage allowance, camera, film, video production, lighting and sound equipment that’s traveling with a customer representing a local or national television network, broadcasting or commercial film-making company may be accepted as media bags on a space-available basis.

Media Bag Rate and Limits 

  • Keep in mind, Blue Basic fares do not allow a carry-on bag. If you need to store an item in the overhead bin, be sure to book one of our other fares.
  • Regardless of the fare option purchased, media bag customers who check bags will pay USD 50 per bag starting with the first checked bag up to 99 pounds, including oversized. 
  • The media bag rate cannot be applied retroactively post-travel—it must be applied for and approved in advance. We reserve the right to revoke this offer at any time.
  • Media bag rates are not offered for interline or codeshare flights operated by other carriers.

Prohibited Items 

Items Prohibited in Carry-On Baggage

Customers may not bring aerosols, liquids or gels of any kind onboard the aircraft in their carry-on bags if they do not meet the requirements. This includes all beverages, shampoo, suntan lotion, creams, toothpaste, hair gel, and other items of similar consistency. Other items prohibited as carry-on baggage in accordance with JetBlue Airways baggage policy are: 

  • Sharp Objects
  • Sporting Goods
  • Guns and Firearms
  • Airsoft Firearms
  • Tools
  • Martial Arts/Self Defense Items
  • Explosive Materials
  • Flammable Items
  • Dangerous or Disabling Chemicals
  • Personal Air Purifiers

Items Prohibited in Checked Baggage

The following items are hazardous materials or dangerous goods and are not allowed in checked bags:

  • Firearms / Ammunition 
  • Television Sets
  • Balance gliders, hoverboards, electric skateboards, or self-balancing boards with lithium / lithium ion batteries
  • Batteries that are spillable (except those on wheelchairs)
  • Camping stoves
  • Chemicals
  • Chlorine for pools and spas
  • CO2 cartridges
  • Compressed gas cylinders (including fire extinguishers, air conditioning units, etc.)
  • Electronic/smokeless cigarettes
  • Explosives
  • Fireworks
  • Flares
  • Gas torches
  • Gasoline
  • Hydrocarbon gas refills
  • Liquid bleach
  • Liquid fuels
  • Mace / pepper spray
  • Magnetized materials
  • Matches (of any kind)
  • Motorized tools
  • Oxygen tanks
  • Pesticides
  • Poisons
  • Radioactive materials
  • Samsung Galaxy 7 Note devices under recall (per FAA guidance)
  • Scuba tanks 
  • Smart Bags
  • Speakers over 10 inches will NOT be accepted
  • Spray paint
  • Tear gas
  • Turpentine and paint thinner

Items Permitted in Checked Baggage

As per JetBlue Airways baggage policy, the following items are allowed as checked baggage: 

TSA-Approved Bag Locks

When using a bag lock, make sure you have a TSA-approved lock for your bag.


Inverters are permitted for travel in both checked or carry-on bags as long as:

  • The battery is below 100 watts
  • The inverter is in the “off” position
  • Precautions are taken to prevent activation
  • No other personal electronic devices are connected to the inverter
  • The inverter may not be used during the flight.

Portable Electronic Devices

All portable electronic devices allowed for transport in checked baggage (including smartphones and other devices) should be turned off and protected from accidental activation.


  • How early can I check my luggage, if I am traveling with JetBlue Airways?

    JetBlue Airways allows passengers to check in at least 3-4 hours prior to the scheduled departure of all flights.

  • How many free checked baggage can I carry with JetBlue Airways? 

    JetBlue Airways allows free checked baggage of 50 lbs. If your luggage crosses this limit, you will have to pay an excess bag fee. 

  • What is the JetBlue Airways baggage fee?

    JetBlue Airways charges a baggage fee on the luggage which exceeds the limits of 50 lbs, and also if a baggage is bought at the airport or 24 hours prior to departure.

  • What should I do if my baggage is delayed or damaged?

    If you are at the airport, you can go to the JetBlue Airways baggage counter and report about the issue. If the luggage is damaged and the airline is responsible, then they will reimburse you.

  • What is JetBlue Airways carry-on baggage policy ?

    JetBlue Airways baggage policy allows you one piece of personal item bag for all fare types. All fare types are also allowed one piece of carry-on baggage except Blue Basic Fare. 

  • Can you check more than two bags in JetBlue Airways?

    JetBlue Airways allows two bags in checked baggage free of charge, only if bought while booking the tickets. The 3rd checked baggage will incur a fee of USD 200 (flight to/from London) and USD 150 (for all other destinations).

  • How can I pay the JetBlue Airways baggage fee?

    JetBlue Airways allows you to pay your baggage fee both at the airport counter and online via the official website.

  • Can I carry my pet on the JetBlue Airways  flight?

    Yes, JetBlue Airways only allows cats and dogs in the passenger cabin. The pet must be kept in a pet carrier, under its owner's responsibility. 

  • What is JetBlue Airways baggage allowance for infants?

    As per JetBlue Airways  baggage policy, infants are allowed to take one diaper bag, one stroller, and one car seat.

  •  Is JetBlue Airways a good airline? 

    JetBlue is Certified as a 3-Star Airline for the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service. Passengers rate this airline for its prominent seats, amenities, food & beverages, etc, and service rating is for both cabin staff and ground staff.

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