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About Sun Country Airlines

It is very tiring to wait for your flight at the airport for hours and you also waste your precious time. But now you can check your Sun Country flight status from home to know the exact timing of your flight’s arrival and departure.

Sun Country Airlines is an American low cost airline. It is the eleventh largest airline in the US and is Based at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MPS). It operates more than 100 passenger routes between 81 destinations in the United States, Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, and has four focus cities that include Portland International Airport (PXD), Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), Dane County Regional Airport (MSN) and St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL).

Flight Status Descriptions of Sun Country Airlines

  • Scheduled–  Flight has not yet departed
  • Delayed– Flight is not on its scheduled departure time.
  • Departed– Flight has left the departure gate but may not be airborne yet.
  • In Air– Flight has taken off.
  • Diverted– Flight has been diverted from its scheduled destination towards a new location.
  • Recover – Flight has departed from the diverted location and enroute the scheduled destination.
  • Landed– Flight has landed.
  • Arrive– Flight has arrived at its destination gate
  • Canceled– Flight has been canceled
  • No Takeoff Info– The real-time status of the flight is unavailable. Contact the airline for all the information.

How to check Sun Country flight status?

The airlines provide two ways through which the passengers can check the Sun Country Airlines Flight Status: online or offline at the airport.

Check sun country flight Status Online:

In order to check the flight status of the airline, the passengers need to go to the airlines’ website and click on flight status. From there you can find all the necessary details about your flight. You can either search it by writing your flight number or name of the departing or returning cities.

Check Sun country flight status from the airport:

You can also check the flight status from the information display board or visit the airline counter at the airport, where the customer service executive of the airline will provide you with all the necessary information you need.

Importance of Sun Country Flight Status

Flight cancellation and delay brings a lot of loss to the aviation companies every year. But companies delay or cancel a flight only when the situation is unavoidable such as bad weather conditions, technical defects, air traffic clearance etc that can jeopardize the safety of the passengers and staff members. This often leads to a lot of tension and anxiety among the passengers as they have to spend a lot of time at the airport. Even though there is no way to prevent such situations, the Sun Country Airline advises its passengers to check Sun Country flight status before leaving for the airport to be sure and not waste their precious time.


  • How do you check flight status for Sun Country Airlines online?

    To check the status of your Sun Country flight status
    Visit the Airlines’ website 
    Click on Flight Status.
    Now you may search either by your flight number or the names of your departing or returning cities.
    Then you must click continue to get all the information.

  • Do the passengers receive an email or SMS about flight status from Sun Country Airline?

    No, the passengers do not receive free emails or SMS about the flight status from the Sun Country Airline.

  • What is the IATA code of Sun Country Airlines?

    The IATA Code of Sun Country Airlines is SY.

  • Do the passengers get compensation if their flight gets canceled or delayed by the airlines?

    If the flight departs from an EU airport and was canceled or delayed for 3 hours or more, the airline provides an adequate compensation of 600 Euro.

  • Can the status of international flights also be tracked online?

    Yes, you can track the flight status for Sun Country Airlines of both international and domestic flights on the company’s website.

  • How can I contact Sun Country Airlines?

    You can contact them through their toll free customer service number toll free: (800) 359-6786.

  • How can I make a flight enquiry?

    You can make a flight enquiry on the Sun Country Airlines’’ website using your PNR code.

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