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Top 5 Scenic Road Trips in the US

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The United States is teeming with countless natural wonders, and a road trip is the best way to experience it all. However, from the history-lined thoroughfares of New England to scenic California shores, there are various panoramic highways across the country — and some captivating beaches — so we’ve curated a list of the scenic road trips in the US. So grab your car keys, take your car out from the garage, play some pop-up songs and turn up the speakers, get ready for the perfect road trip of a lifetime. 

1. The Overseas Highway, Florida Keys

Where– The Overseas Highway road trip starts in Florida’s southernmost portion and finishes at quirky Key West.

The Overseas Highway is the most beautiful highway, listed as one of the scenic road trips in the US. However, this drive is a feast for the eyes, blessed with eye-catching sights, certainly for those who are affectionate of the Turquoise ocean. The highways are stretched over 113-mile, filled with a plethora of sightseeing possibilities like the shimmering emerald sea and numerous coral reefs. Further, over the 42 sea bridges, the most iconic one is at the seven-mile bridge. You feel like you’ll get lost in the Atlantic ocean if you travel across it. 

Overseas Highway is the most beautiful highway in America.

Highlights– Catching a phenomenal sunrise at the Atlantic ocean is genuinely remarkable, and the twilight sky, smeared with luminous pinks, purples, and oranges, provides a captivating backdrop for your panoramic road trip.

2. Blue Ridge Parkway, Carolinas & Virginia

Where– Blue Ridge Parkway is a national parkway in the United States that links Mountains National Park in North Carolina with Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.

Blue Ridge Parkway astounds you with truly panoramic vistas- think about majestic cliffs ranges. However, the highway is stretched over 469 miles from 29 Virginia and North Carolina counties, with a worm road lined by the towering blue ridge mountain ranges. Throughout your scenic road trips in the US, you’ll get a glimpse of the Appalachian Mountains’ natural charm. 

Blue Ridge Parkway is a national parkway in the United States.

Highlights– There’s no doubt, everyone has seen images of the fascinating Linn Cove Viaduct, a twisted 1,243ft high bridge of Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. It is one of the most iconic spots of your drive. 

3. Pacific Coast Highway, California

Where– Pacific Coast Highway is the significant north-south state roadway that runs along most of the pacific seaside of the United States. Further, it stretches over 147 miles, starts in Southern California, and finishes at U.S. 101 in Leggett in Mendocino County. 

California’s seaside roadways stretched across the Pacific are conceivably beloved scenic drives USA,, blessed with expansive highways, fascinating panoramas, and amazing stop-offs. Instead of a car, I’ll recommend taking a road trip on two wheels with your loved one and appreciating the glistening sea vistas.

Pacific Coast Highway is the significant north-south state roadway.

Highlights– The most well-known aspect of the Pacific Coast Highway is its cliff-hugging highway, a stunning route that clutches the coastline and bends via Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove. Further, throughout your trip, you’ll pass through the famous photogenic trees in the U.S.– Lone Cypress and Cyprus trees-this is a remarkable sightseeing road trip.

4. Richardson Highway, Alaska

Where– Richardson Highway is one of the most beautiful highways in America, stretching over 368 miles that link the sprawling cities of Alaska, Valdez, to Fairbanks. Further, it takes approximately 7 to 8 hours to complete it. 

Richardson Highway is the best scenic drives in the USA and Alaska’s first major road, offering captivating vistas of the Chugach mountains. However, the linear and twisted roads lead you towards substantial snow-capped cliff ranges and broad fields. Further, the gigantic glaciers and elusive wilderness will amaze you and undoubtedly, it’s a feast for the eyes. Don’t just pass through the Thompson; stop here and appreciate the beauty of fascinating Worthington Glaciers. 

Richardson Highway is the best scenic drives in Alaska.

Highlights– There’s no doubt that you’ll encounter phenomenal vistas throughout the drive, and you have the opportunities to explore the impressive ice caves at Valdez Glacier Lake. Indeed, it’s an ideal time to see icebergs up close–it’s something that you’ll never forget. 

5. Hana Highway, Maui

Where– Hana Highway is one of the beloved wide open roadways in Maui, stretching over 63 miles, tracks the Hawaii Routes 36 and 360, link the Kahului with the scenic city of Hana, perched on the isle of Maui. Further, it takes approximately 10 to 12 hours to complete it. 

Hana Highway is Hawaii’s most scenic drive in the USA, shrouded with more than 630 twisted turns, exotic trees, glorious cascades and passing by popular tourist attractions. However, the narrow highway winds over 59 bridges with dazzling vistas of sheer cliffs to the azure sea. Indeed, you’ll feel like you’ll lose yourself in the tropical oasis of Maui’s rainforests. 

Hana Highway is Hawaii's most panoramic drive.

Highlights– The most well-known aspect of the Hana Highway is its numerous small waterfalls pouring into dark verdant waterholes shrouded by the dense, lush forest. 


A road trip is not just getting from point A to point B! It’s all about feeling freedom- you can stop wherever you want, taking in as much of the vista as you can while cranking up the music to match the moment. Indeed, the Us is blessed with countless opportunities for the best scenic road trips in USA, and the roads mentioned above are significant highways you must add to your bucket list. So plan a scenic road trips in the US and explore the eye-catching natural vistas and sightseeing opportunities like the shimmering emerald sea. 

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