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About Vistara

Vistara is an Indian airline founded in 2013. It is based in Gurugram and its hub is in Indira Gandhi International Airport. It is the first airline to introduce premium economy in India. Furthermore, the airline provides amazing services to its customers and doesn’t spend tons of money doing advertisements to promote itself. The airline provides a lot of services to its passengers to make their experience better. One of them is that travelers can check their Vistara Flight Status to check if their scheduled flight is on time or not. It serves 43 destinations worldwide with a fleet of 52 aircrafts including Airbus A320-200, Airbus A320neo, Airbus A321neo, Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 787-9. 

How To Check Vistara Flight Status?

To check out the flight status of Vistara, you can choose between accessing it via the internet or checking at the airport.

Online Method

  • Go to the official website of the airline
  • Click on ‘Plan Travel’.
  • Then you’ll see the option of ‘Flight Status’ under ‘Manage’.
  • Fill all the necessary details.

Offline Method

If you want to know information about your Vistara Flight Status, you can do that at the concerned airport. If you’re currently at the airport and haven’t checked the flight time yet, you may check the screen or ask airport staff at the information desk about the flight status.

How To Check Vistara PNR Status?

To check your Vistara flight PNR status, you can make a call to the airline or visit the official website of the airline. After that, enter your booking reference number in the check flight status box. By checking your PNR status, you will be sure that your booking is processed and your seat on the plane is confirmed in all instances.

Vistara Flight Status Descriptions

As per the Vistara status, passengers are provided with the fastest and most accurate information about their scheduled flights. This information is available on the travel screens at the airport and on the website. Here is a brief overview of this status, its meaning, and an explanation.

  • Scheduled –  It means that the flight is not airborne.
  • Delayed – It shows that the flight is delayed and not on its scheduled time.
  • Departed – It means that the flight has left the departure gate but is not airborne yet.
  • In Air – It shows that the flight has finally taken off. 
  • Diverted – It states that the flight has diverted its route from the scheduled destination to another location.
  • Recovery – Flight has departed from the diverted location and enroute the scheduled destination.
  • Landed – It implies that the flight has now landed on the destination.
  • Arrived – It shows that the flight has arrived successfully at the destination’s departure gate.
  • Canceled – It states that the flight has been canceled as per the Vistara flight status.
  • No Takeoff Info – This tells the passenger that the real-time information of a flight is unavailable. In such a case, passengers can contact the customer support of the airline for relevant details.

Importance of Vistara Flight Status

Flight status is of significant importance to everyone who is flying a given aircraft. Accurate information is needed for passengers to act appropriately and take measures if necessary. Although commercial airplane flights should always operate on time, there can be cases when they are delayed or canceled. This happens because of unexpected circumstances such as weather conditions, pandemic restrictions, technical problems etc.

It will be best to check your Vistara flight status before leaving home so you can avoid wasting valuable time in the airport. Plus, given the ongoing pandemic situation, it is advised to always check the flight status of Vistara ahead of time. To better accommodate the current travel restrictions, Vistara continually updates its flight status.


  • How can I check my Vistara flight status? 

    You can check your Vistara status easily by online method or offline at the airport. Visit only the official website to get the accurate flight information. 

  • How can I check if my Vistara flight is late?

    Vistara makes sure to update the passengers if the flight is late on their official website.

  • Is flight status information provided on the website of Vistara reliable? 

    The flight status information provided on the official website is completely reliable, and must be checked before leaving for the airport.

  • Can I get Vistara flights status at the airport? 

    You can get Vistara status details at the concerned airport. If you’re at the airport, you can either check the displayed screens or ask the airport staff for the information.

  • Where can I get the latest information on Vistara status? 

    You can get the latest information about Vistara through the website or directly at the airport. 

  • Is Vistara flight status based on real-time information? 

    Yes, the data provided for the flight status of Vistara is based on the real-time information and is completely accurate.

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