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About Vueling

Founded in 2004, Vueling S.A is a low cost airline based at Viladecans in Great Barcelona with a hub at Barcelona-El Prat Airport. The airline has multiple hubs around the world such as Paris-Orly Airport in Paris, Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport in Rome and few more. The airline currently has 155 destinations with 125 aircrafts in the fleet.

Vueling Check-in Guidelines 

Vueling check-in policy offers flexible check-in options that enables customers to check-in at your own convenience. You can either check-in via the website or through the mobile app available on the play store. Those who seek assistance regarding their flight, they can check-in at the airport or at the self kiosk check-in as well. 

  • Vueling check-in is available for passengers from 7 days to 1 hours before scheduled departure. 
  • Airport counter check-in for Vueling flights are available from 2 hours to 40 minutes before the scheduled departure. 
  • Passengers can also opt for automated check-in which allows passengers to check-in automatically. 
  • In case a passenger is unable to check-in for a Vueling flight, it may be a case of overbooking. In this case, passengers will receive a complete refund of their flight booking or an alternate flight to their destinations as per Vueling check in policy. 
  • Passengers arriving less than 40 minutes before the flight departure will be marked as no-show. 
  • Passengers flying with British or Iberia Airways are also eligible for check-in 24 hours before scheduled departure.

Vueling Check-in Facilities 

The airline is adamant to offer feasible check-in facilities to passengers so that they can check-in anywhere as per their convenience. There are several methods to check-in for a Vueling flight. 

Vueling Online Check-in 

Vueling check-in is available as soon as you book the flight and it ends 50 minutes before the flight departure. However, if you want to check-in and receive a boarding pass, you will have to choose the seat. 

If you are travelling on Fly or Fly Grande bundles on International flights  or on Optima, Family or Timeflex fares on domestic flights, then you choose your complimentary seat selection. 

Those who are flying on the Fly Light bundle on international flights or Basic fare on domestic flights, will have free random seat assignment from 7 days or 24 hours in advance. 

  • Login to the Vueling website with your credentials. 
  • Retrieve the booking by filling your booking ID, ticket number, and last number of the passenger. 
  • Select the flight segment that you want to check-in . 
  • Select the preferred seat and purchase extra baggage if required before proceeding to do Vueling check in. 
  • Click on the Check-in button and lastly receive the confirmation on your registered email address. 

Exception to Web Check-in  

There are certain check-in restrictions that apply to specific passengers and bookings. The airline advises the passengers to check their check-in eligibility. 

  • Minors flying without an adult from Italy are not eligible for online web check-in. 
  • Passengers travelling with pets are also not allowed to check-in online.  
  • Passengers who have reserved an extra seat will have to check-in directly at the airport. 
  • Passengers with unconfirmed bookings are not eligible for online check-in. 
  • Passengers travelling with musical instruments or sporting gears also have to check-in at the Vueling counter at the airport. 

Vueling Mobile App check-in 

  • Download the official Vueling app on your mobile. 
  • Login to the app with your user Id and password and navigate through the interface to go through the Vueling check-in process. 
  • Click on the “Check-in” button
  • Insert the flight number, reservation number and last name of the passenger to retrieve the booking. 
  • Select the flight segment for which you want to check-in. 
  • Select additional options like seats, meals and other special assistance in your reservation. 
  • Lastly, proceed to check-in and receive a boarding pass on your registered email address.

Vueling Kiosk Check-in  

Passengers who haven’t completed web or app check-in, can still check-in and get their boarding pass at the airport. Once you reach the airport, go straight to the self-service check-in kiosk and avoid long queues. 

  • Enter the details of your reservation at the available self-service kiosk  check-in for the Vueling flight at the airport. 
  • Check-in and select seats before check-in. 
  • Once you are done, you can print or download your boarding pass.

Vueling Automatic Check-in 

The airline also offers Vueling automatic check-in to passengers so that they don’t have to wait for check–in time. Passengers who have booked their flight via mobile app are eligible to use the automatic check-in facility. This facility can be availed while making reservations starting from the app itself. This facility will automatically check-in the passenger 24 hours before the scheduled flight. 

Vueling Check-in at the airport 

Passengers who seek additional assistance or want to get your resolved can check-in straight at the check-in counter at the airport. The airline advises the passengers to reach the airport at least 2-3 hours before the flight departure to complete check-in without any inconvenience. Vueling check-in timing depends on destinations and time of the check-in. 

Flights Check-in Open and Closing Time 
To/From Schengen Area  Check-in Desk opens: 2 hours before flightCloses : 45 minutes before departure
To/From outside the Schengen Area Check-in Desk opens: 2 hours 20 minutes  before flightCloses : 60 minutes before departure

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I check-in at the airport with Vueling online check-in?

    Yes, passengers can check-in online or they can also check-in at the airport with the assistance of Vueling staff.

  • How early should I reach the airport to check-in for my Vueling flight?

    The airline advises passengers to reach the airport at least 2-3 hours before their scheduled flight departure to complete the check-in without any inconvenience or delay.

  • What is the last time to board a Vueling flight?

    The boarding gate closes 30 minutes before the flight’s departure. Passengers are required to present at the boarding gate at least 45 minutes prior. You will be marked a no-show if you fail to reach the gate.

  • Do I have to pay for seats in Vueling?

    As Vueling is a low-cost airline, thus, passengers have to pay a seat selection fee after check-in. However, you may take assistance from the Vueling staff at the counter who will accommodate you on a free seat if available.

  • Can a 9 year old child check-in online for a Vueling flight?

    No, as per Vueling check-in policy, unaccompanied minors are not eligible to check-in online and thus they have to check-in at the airport check-in counter with their guardians or parents.

  • Does Vueling offer automatic check-in facilities?

    Yes, Vueling offers automatic check-in facilities to all passengers. The facility can be available directly from the website or mobile app. This facility will allow passengers to check-in for the flight as soon as the check-in starts automatically.

  • Do I need my e-ticket to check-in?

    Domestic passengers do not need to show e-tickets. A print copy of your flight ticket is enough to get a boarding pass. An international passenger needs to have a print copy of e-ticket and boarding pass to clear the security checks.

  • What is the Vueling check-in time for the Schengen area?

    The airport check-in starts 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure and closes 45 minutes before the flight is airborne. Passengers should reach the airport at least 2-3 hours before to complete the check-in procedure timely.

  • Do I need to check-in online if I have baggage to check-in?

    If you have luggage to check-in, you need to go to the check-in counter assigned for Vueling at the airport.

  • Does Vueling offer self-service kiosk check-in?

    Yes, Vueling offers a check-in facility via self-service kiosks at all the airports. Passengers can avoid the long queues at the airport check-in counter and seek check-in and receive boarding passes from the self-service kiosks.

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