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About Air France Airlines

Traveling by air and changes in plans can completely make your travel evitable. Some of the airlines have crafted exceptional policies which ensure a perfect trip out of which Air France flight change policy tops them all. Moreover, these policies are affordable and make your journey hassle-free. This airline came into existence on 7th October 1933 and has been pampering its passengers with world-class facilities since then. This guide will take you through all the details of Air France’s rules on flight change.

Air France is one of the best options to plan the journey ahead. It is one of the famous airlines based in Tremblay-en-France. Since 2013, Air France has served 211 destinations worldwideCharles de Gaulle Airport is Air France’s primary hub.

Air France Flight Change Policy

Air France flight change policy is flexible. Depending on the destination and class of booking, different fare conditions apply. However, in most cases, you can make changes at no cost, if you change the date/time, and destination. Some key notes are:

  • Air France change fee shall be applied if the changes are done after the risk-free period.
  • If the price of the new flight is more than the previous flight, the passenger must pay for the fare difference, along with change fee, if applicable.
  • The airline will reimburse the amount, if the fare for the new flight is lower than the previous flight.
  • Passengers are allowed to make changes in time, date, itinerary, destination, meal, and seats.
  • If the passenger has booked a round trip ticket, and wants to make any change in one-way, then the airline will charge the change fee for just one-way.
  • You must have to make the changes at least 24 to 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure.
  • If you have purchased a non-changeable ticket, then the airline will not allow you to make any changes in your reservation.
  • Passengers who have insured their tickets can make changes anytime they want.
  • Changing the destination immensely depends on the fare type you have purchased.

Air France 24 Hours Flight Change Policy

Air France 24-hour flight change policy allows its passengers to make required changes in their reservation within 24-hours of booking. Passengers do not have to incur any penalty or change fee for this.

  • Under Air France 24-hour flight change policy, passengers are allowed to change the time, date, destination, seats, and meal preferences in their reservation, with no change fee.
  • The 24-hour risk-free window is for all types of fare and destination. However, non-refundable tickets are not allowed to make some specific changes.

Air France Date Change Policy

  • Air France passengers are allowed to change the date of their journey. However, before you make the changes, ensure, the airline is serving on the day you wish to fly.
  • If the ticket fare of your previous flight is lower than the new flight, you have to pay for the fare differences.
  • For changes in group ticket, if you want to make changes in one ticket for an individual passenger, then the charges will be applicable to that particular ticket only.
  • All the date changes can be made without any change fee, if the person initiates the change request within the risk-free period.

Air France Time Change Policy

  • Air France allows its passengers to change the time of their flight. It can be done both online and offline.
  • If the time change is made for the same day, then the passenger doesn’t have to incur any change fee.
  • The time change policy for the same day depends on the availability of the seat.
  • Air France will allow you to make changes in time only if the fare rules allow the passenger to do so. Some tickets are not allowed for any modifications.
  • If you are changing the time in your already booked reservation at the airport, you will have to pay a fee of Euro 20, regardless of the 24-hours window.

Air France Seat Change Policy

  • Air France allows its passengers to reserve the seat of their choice, while booking the flight in the first place.
  • The option for the standard seat is available at no additional cost if the passenger is checking in online.
  • Air France seat change request must be initiated at least 30 hours prior to the scheduled departure.
  • The seat change fee depends on various factors, including the travel date, destination, and fare type.
  • The airline provides free change, if the passenger has purchased a Flying Blue, Silver, or Gold Membership. Children traveling alone and passengers holding Flex Fare tickets, can apply for a free seat change request.

Air France Name Change Policy

  • Air France doesn’t entertain name change requests, once the reservation is made and confirmed.
  • If there is a spelling mistake in the passenger’s name, then they must have to contact the Air France Customer Support Executive for further assistance. If the changes are done via the airline’s service center, then you may have to pay a name change fee.
  • The name correction should be made at least 72-hours prior to scheduled departure. If any change fee is applicable, then you have to pay for that.

How to Change an Air France Flight Ticket?


  • Visit the official website of Air France and then go to the “My Reservation” section.
  • Enter the ticket number along with your last name and then click on the search button
  • From the various options choose View and Edit reservation
  • Then, don’t forget to check for the flight that you would like to cancel or change 
  • If the option is still available then select view and Edit reservation.
  • Check for the flight which you would like to cancel 
  • Submit the refund request for the missed flight through the call.

Through the Customer Service

Reach out to the customer service by calling 1800 419 2033 at the Air France customer service number. If you have specific concerns about refunds and booking of your Air France online ticket then you can reach the customer service.

Air France Flight Change Fee

  • Passengers are required to pay an amount as a change fee, if the changes are not made according to Air France’s flight change policy.
  • If the passenger makes the changes in their ticket at the airport or at the airline’s city office, then they have to pay a fee of Euro 20 to get the changes done.
  • The passenger can reissue their tickets bought from a third-party agent directly at the city office or at the airport at a fee of Euro 50.


  • Can I change my Air France flight without change fees?

    You can easily make changes in your reservation if the changes are done within a 24-hours risk-free period. Moreover, if your ticket is insured, then you can easily make changes anytime you want, free of charge.

  • How late can you change an Air France flight?

    You can make changes in your reservation at least 24 to 72 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure. However, you may have to pay for a change fee.

  • How much does it cost to change an Air France Flight?

    If you make changes in your reservation after the risk-free period, then you have to incur a change fee of Euro 20 to Euro 50, depending on the fare type, destination, and time.

  • What happens if my new flight costs less than my original flight?

    If your new flight costs less than the original flight, then the remaining will be credited to the original payment mode.

  • How do I modify a reservation?

    If you are eligible to make changes in your flight ticket, then you can do the same by visiting Air France official website and following the instructions. If you are unable to change the reservation online, you can call the Air France customer support number.

  • Can I change my ticket, which was purchased from a third-party agent?

    Air France allows you to make changes for the tickets purchased from a third-party agent. However, additional charges may apply along with the change fee and fare differences.

  • Can I change my Air France flight the same day?

    Air France allows passengers to make the changes on the same day of the flight’s scheduled departure. However, they may have to pay a change fee, which depends on the fare type and destination.

  • Can I get my money back for the unwanted flight change?

    If the airline asks you to change your flight because the original flight is overbooked, or is delayed then Air France will offer you an alternate flight. If the alternative flight doesn’t match with your schedule, you can claim for a refund.

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