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About Alaska Airlines

Being a prominent airline, Alaska Airlines always provides comfort and an exceptional journey for all passengers. On that note, if you’re booking your flight with this airline and want to learn more about the Alaska Airlines baggage policy, take a read of this guide. Alaska Airlines is the fifth-largest American airline and headquartered in Seattle. It actively operates in 115 destinations in the U.S. and South America. 

Baggage Allowance Policy 

Before packing your luggage, it’s best that you learn about the baggage allowance guidelines of the airline. The Alaska Airlines baggage rule will help you learn about the allowed items and luggage. 

  • The baggage allowance depends upon the type of the ticket, destination, flight route, and elite member status. 
  • Additional baggage fees will be charged for all flights irrespective of the ticket type. 
  • Excess carry-on baggage will be charged as additional baggage and will incur an additional baggage fee. 
  • Checked baggage not meeting the allowed limit and size will incur an extra charge. 

Carry-On Baggage Allowance 

  • Alaska Airlines allows one piece of carry-on baggage and one personal item bag in both business and economic class. You must meet the allowed limit and size guidelines. 
  • Bags exceeding the carry-on allowance will be checked and incur a charge of $30 per bag.
  • The personal item bag is considered as the handbag, laptop bag or suitcase which should fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.
  • Lap infants are not entitled to any carry-on baggage allowance, as per the airline’s policy.
Carry-on Bag56cm×36cm×22cmNo maximum weight
Personal ItemNot disclosedNo maximum weight

Additional Items Allowed On Board

There are several items allowed on flights for free in addition to your carry-on luggage. Such items are: 

  • A hat, coat, or umbrella that easily fits under the seat or overhead bin 
  • FAA-approved car seat or stroller (if a ticket has been purchased for the infant)
  • A pillow
  • Reading material 
  • Food for inflight consumption 
  • Mobility aids and assistive devices (such as a wheelchair, walking stick, crutches, prosthetic device, CPAP machine, POC, breast pump, etc.)
  • Prescription medications 
  • 1 safely packaged case of wine (for Mileage Plan members on select flights)
  • 1 properly packed box of pineapples on select flights

Liquids, Creams, Aerosols & Powders

  • Up to 3.4oz (100ml) packed per TSA regulations is allowed as cabin baggage. 
  • More than 3.4oz (100ml) is allowed in checked baggage.
  • Also allowed if purchased after security at the checkpoint.

Checked Baggage Allowance 

  • The Alaska Airlines baggage policy states that a baggage fee will be charged on each checked bag. This fee will vary differently for all passengers depending upon the destination, flight route, number of checked bags, and elite member status. 
  • No single piece of checked bag (except musical instruments) must exceed 100lb/45.45kg in weight and size of 115 inches.

Alaska Airlines Domestic Baggage Policy

  • Economy: 50lbs and 62 inches per bag
  • Business Class: 50lbs and 62 inches per bag

Alaska Airlines International Baggage Policy

  • Economy: 50lbs and 62 inches per bag
  • Business Class: 50lbs and 62 inches per bag

Alaska Airlines Checked and Additional Baggage Fees 

FeesBag 1Bag 2Additional Bag
Standard Fee$30$40$100
Club 49 MembersFreeFree$100
Elite Mileage Plan membersFreeFree$100
Alaska Airlines Credit CardholdersFree$40$100
Confirmed First Class PassengersFreeFree$100
Passengers traveling in AlaskaFreeFree$100
Active U.S. military dutyFreeFreeFree up to 5 bags, then $100 per bag
U.S. military dependents on travel ordersFree up to 5 bags, then $100 per bagFree up to 5 bags, then $100 per bagFree up to 5 bags, then $100 per bag

Overweight and Oversize Baggage

According to Alaska Airlines baggage rule, if a passenger is carrying overweight or oversize luggage, then they will have to incur a fee depending upon the fee category they fall into. You can pay for overweight/size luggage fees at the airport or via the official website. Here’s a chart explaining the overweight and size fee: 

FeesOverweight Bags51–100lb/ 23–45.45kg)Oversized Bags159–203cm/63–80inOversized Bags204–292cm/81–115in
Standard Fee$100$100$100
Club 49 Members$100$100$100
Elite Mileage Plan members$100$100$100
Alaska Airlines Credit Cardholders$100$100$100
Confirmed First Class Passengers$100$100$100
Passengers traveling in Alaska$100$100$100
Active U.S. military dutyFree up to 70lbs, then $100$100$100
U.S. military dependents on travel ordersFree up to 70lbs, then $100$100$100

Baggage Allowance For Lap Infants and Children 

For carrying a lap baby or an older child, you must comply with airline’s guidelines in order to avoid unnecessary chaos. 

  • Lap babies are not assigned a seat, if an empty seat becomes vacant on a flight, then the infant may take it for no additional fee.
  • A diaper bag can be carried for free as carry-on luggage by the adult passenger. There will be no baggage fee charged.
  • Infants in a lap do not have their carry-on limit, according to the Alaska Airlines baggage policy.
  • Passengers can also carry a FAA-approved car seat or stroller free of charge, provided that they reserve their Alaska Airlines ticket with a lap infant or child.
  • Lap infants are not allowed in emergency exit rows, nor in the rows directly above and behind any departure row.

Alaska Airlines Pet Policy 

If you’re planning to travel with your pet, then it’s best to learn about Alaska’s pet policy before booking your tickets. 

  • Only carriers that are watertight from the base up and have sufficient space for the pet to walk and roam without hitting the roof are permitted in the cabin.
  • Alaska Airlines allows only small pets, dogs, and domestic birds in the aircraft.
  • To be transported in cargo, all dogs and cats must be trained and be at least 8 weeks old.
  • Under Alaska Airlines pet policy, the total mass of the pet and carrier is limited to 150 pounds.

Alaska Airlines Special Baggage Policy

Sports Equipment

Under special baggage policy, passengers are allowed to carry their sports equipment as checked baggage after paying the entitled charges. The equipment will only be carried, when it is safely packed in a hard- or soft-sided case specially designed for the purpose. 

  • Glass kayaks are not permitted. All other kayaks will be permitted with prior reservations only. The standard fees will be applied.
    The oversize baggage is waived off for following sport items:
  • Golf clubs
  • Bicycles
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Archery equipment 
  • Windsurfing Equipment
  • Surfboards/Paddle Boards
  • Skis/Snowboard
  • Skateboards
  • Scuba equipment
  • Pole vaults
  • Kiteboarding equipment
  • Hockey/Lacrosse equipment
  • Bowling equipment 
  • Boogie boards
  • The other sport items are treated as checked baggage and subject to standard baggage fees. The Alaska Airlines baggage rule for sport item entitled as checked baggage is as follows: 
  • Fishing equipment
    • Includes 2 rods, 2 reels, and one tackle box
    • To avoid an oversize fee, must be between 62 – 115 linear inches
  • Hockey/lacrosse equipment
    • Includes hockey/lacrosse sticks (if multiple, tape together) 
    • Includes 1 bag or box of hockey equipment (gloves, pads, skates, pucks, etc.)
    • To avoid an oversize fee, must be between 62 – 115 linear inches
  • Kiteboard equipment
    • 1 set can be checked as 2 separate pieces per single charge
    • Includes 1 kiteboard, and fin(s) up to 3 inches long), 1 leading-edge inflatable (LEI) kite or foil, 1 control bar with flying lines, 1 helmet, and 1 personal flotation device (PFD)
  • Pole vaults
    • Includes up to 2 pole vaults 
    • Dimensions must not exceed 6in x 6in x 17ft
      (the max single dimension is 8ft on flights 2000-2999 and 3300-3499)
  • Scuba equipment
    • Includes 1 scuba gear container and 1 tank
    • Scuba gear container includes 1 regulator, 1 tank harness, 1 pressure gauge, 1 mask, 2 fins, 1 snorkel, 1 knife, 1 spear gun, and 1 safety vest
    • To avoid an oversize fee, must be between 62 – 115 linear inches
  • Skis/snowboards
    • Includes 1 pair of skis with poles, or 1 snowboard
    • Includes 1 boot/helmet bag
    • If the bag contains additional items incl. clothing, standard fees will apply 
    • To avoid an oversize fee, must be between 62 – 115 linear inches
  • Surfboards/ Paddle Boards
    • Includes 1 surfboard or paddleboard case and up to 2 boards 
    • Must not be more than 115in (i.e., 9ft and 7in) long
  • Windsurfing equipment
    • Includes 1 windsurfing board and 1 mast, sail, and boom 
    • Max length of a mast is 15ft on Airbus 17ft on 737s, and 8ft on Horizon Air or SkyWest flights

Musical Instruments 

Passengers may also carry their musical instruments as allowed by Alaska Airlines. A standard checked baggage fee will be levied on each instrument and should be under the allowed size of 62 inches. The instruments allowed in the aircraft are:

  • Tabla
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Keyboard
  • Drums

Firearms Equipment

Under firearms baggage policy, passengers can carry firearms as allowed by the airline. All items must be suitably packed for transport. There is no limit to the number or type of firearms (e.g. rifles, shotguns, pistols) per case.Different firearm types may be in the same case as long as each type is properly packed. The following items can be carried as normal baggage allowance:

  • One rifle case with rifles, scopes, one shooting mat, noise suppressors and small tools
  • One shotgun case with shotguns
  • One pistol case with pistols, noise suppressors, one pistol telescope and small pistol tools

Damaged and Delayed Baggage Policy 

Alaska Airlines’ damaged and delayed baggage policy states that in case of damaged or delayed baggage you are entitled to get assistance from the airline.

  • If your baggage is damaged, then report it at the airport or contact the customer support immediately. 
  • If the airline is responsible for the damaged luggage, you will be compensated.
  • For all other issues, you must report in person to the baggage service office within 24 hours of landing flights.
  • If the baggage delay exceeds 24-hours, passengers can lodge a complaint with the airline.

Restricted Items 

Alaska Airlines baggage Policy is created to allow passengers to travel with convenience and also ensure that each traveler is safe throughout the journey. To ensure safety, a few items are prohibited in the aircraft.

  • Batteries
  • Battery-operated strollers
  • Camping equipment
  • e-Cigarettes
  • Explosives
  • Fireworks
  • Gun powder
  • Drain cleaners
  • Household items
  • Gasoline tools
  • Matchsticks
  • Pool chemicals
  • Sharp objects
  • Weapons
  • Firearms


  • Is it possible to pay for my baggage cost in advance? 

    Yes, Alaska Airlines’ baggage policy allows you to pay for your luggage ahead of schedule to save time. You may pay online or at the airport up to 24 hours prior to your flight.

  • How early can I check my luggage, if I am traveling with Alaska Airlines?

    Alaska Airlines allows passengers to check in at least 4 hours to 40 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of all flights.

  • How many free checked baggage can I carry with Alaska Airlines? 

    Alaska Airlines doesn’t allow free checked baggage. Instead a standard fee of $30 as your first bag and $40 for second bag, relying on the itinerary and cabin. Under Alaska Air baggage policy, the charges for additional bags will be $100.

  • What is Alaska Airlines’ extra baggage fee?

    Alaska Airlines charges $100 for an additional bag for all flight routes and ticket fares. 

  • What should I do if my baggage is delayed or damaged?

    If you are at the airport, you can go to the Alaska Airlines baggage counter and report about the issue. If the luggage is damaged and the airline is responsible, then Alaska will reimburse you.

  • What is Alaska Airlines baggage policy for economy class?

    Economy class passengers are allowed to carry 50lbs per bag. All passengers are allowed to carry one 1 carry-on bag and one personal item free of charge. The size must not exceed 56cm×36cm×22cm.

  • Can you check more than two bags in Alaska?

    Alaska Airlines allows two bags in its business class for all destinations and in economy class covering international destinations.

  • How can I pay the Alaska Airlines baggage fee?

    Alaska Airlines allows you to pay your baggage fee both at the airport counter and online via the official website.

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