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About Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has a reputation for excellent customer service and in recent years has expanded its operation to 115 destinations, including cities in Mexico, Costa Rica, and its most recent new route to Belize. It is a growing North American airline with thousands of happy customers. The airline’s recent merger with Virgin America and its new membership in the oneworld alliance have taken its reach from regional destinations to global platforms. Another successful product of the airline’s hard work is Alaska Airlines First class. It ensures to offer premium amenities and an enhanced experience to all the guests traveling in this class.

Additionally, there is no such thing as Business Class in Alaska Airlines. Instead, Alaska Airlines has given it the name “First Class” to quote the upper cabin class of the airline. Given the name, this cabin class of the airline offers top-notch services and makes sure that all the First Class guests have an impeccable experience. Amenities such as priority boarding, premium lounging, delectable food options, entertainment and so much more. Check out all the services and facilities below.

First Class Airport Experience 

  • Being west-coast centric, Alaska Airlines is a leader in the region, and this extends to its hub airports. Ensuring a premier experience, all First Class fliers are treated to access to the Alaska Board Room, the name for its small network of lounges.
  • It is the only mainland U.S. airline to offer lounge access for First Class flight passengers, even if you are not a member of the Alaska Board Room. The airline has recently partnered with American Airlines, which gives First Class guests an access to American’s wider network of Admirals Clubs.
  • Alaska Airlines’ hub at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, offers three lounges in Concourses C, D, and N. Guests can easily book their lounge hours via airline app or through the website. 
  • Each lounge offers all-day fresh snacks and buffet-style meals as well as complimentary local beer, wine, and house spirits with additional alcoholic beverages and select food items for purchase. 
  • These lounges have beautiful views of the airport, fireplaces and plenty of places to relax. Plus, free Wi-Fi and access to PressReader online are included in all lounges.

Extra Flexibility 

Not just enhanced airport and inflight experience, but Alaska Airlines First Class also offers guests flexibility of baggage, flight cancellations and changes. Here are the facilities offered: 

Baggage Allowance 

Cabin baggage

First class tickets include one carry-on bag and one personal item like a purse or laptop carrier. The maximum dimensions for the carry-on must not exceed 56cm×36cm×22cm.

Checked baggage

As per Alaska Airlines baggage policy, two free checked baggage of 50 pounds in weight and 158 cm in dimensions is allowed for guests traveling in First Class. Any luggage above that may incur additional charges. Customers who have status in the oneworld alliance can check one additional bag for free.

Note: Baggage fees for transporting pineapples from Hawaii and wine from selected West Coast destinations for First class guests.

Baggage Allowance for First Class Infant Passengers 

When traveling with a lap infant, a diaper bag will count toward the standard carry-on limit of the ticketed adult passenger. Lap infants are not entitled to their own carry-on allowance. Infants traveling in the First Class cabin are not eligible for complimentary meals.

Earn more miles

When you book a first class ticket with Alaska, you’ll also earn 75% more Mileage Plan bonus miles than with the purchase of an economy class ticket.

Flight Cancellation 

  • If you’re booking a ticket in First Class, then sit back and relax hence you are free to cancel it. These tickets are refundable and have added benefits.
  • Such ticket holders are allowed to cancel the booking any time before the departure and do not even have to incur any cancellation fee. 
  • These passengers will receive the refund within 7-10 business days.

Flight Change

  • The airline has eliminated change fees for First Class flight fares. However, if you make the change on the same day of departure, then you must pay a change fee.
  • Although no change fee is levied, you may have to pay for the fare difference if the new flight costs more than the original one. If the new flight costs less than the original one, Alaska will refund the remaining amount, as per Alaska Airlines flight change policy.


  • If you are a First Class passenger, you’ll be one of the first to board the plane because you can board before Group A.
  • First class guests are always the first to board and also get expedited check-in and express security screening at select airports.
  • As a first-class passenger, you can use the priority check-in line at the airport. If checking in at the Seattle Airport, you can also access the new Seattle Spot Saver program for expedited security screening.
  • If you don’t have any bags to check then you can just check in on your mobile device and then head directly to security.
  • But if you have bags to check, you can take advantage of the special dedicated lines for First Class guests and elite members.

In Flight Experience 

Packed with luxury, Alaska Airlines’ aircrafts offer several perks for guests traveling First Class. Added entertainment options, extra meal options, legroom, and free beverages are some of the amenities offered during flight. 

Cabin & Seat

  • Alaska’s fleet consists of narrowbody Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 planes, fitted with wide recliner style seats in a 2-2 configuration. These seats are even used on the airline’s longest transcontinental destinations and flights to Hawaii. However, they are not very comfortable for such distances, even if the seat pitch is up to 41″in the First Class flight section. 
  • Although these seats are better than what other U.S. airlines offer in their standard domestic routes, they are far from the level of comfort offered in the widebody aircrafts, which include flat lie beds.
  • Window-seat passengers must climb over their neighbor to reach the aisle, and on really long flights,you might feel trapped without direct aisle access.
  • The seats are spacious with a storage pocket per seat, custom-designed Recaro leather seats with power outlets, generous recline, and up to a 41″ seat pitch for Alaska Airlines First Class. 
  • The airline has also added new details like footrests, tablet holders, and easy-to-reach cup holders for enhanced comfort. Individual reading lights and air nozzles are other amenities offered.

Amenities and Facilities 

  • Blankets are available for guests traveling in the First Class cabin, but the airline doesn’t offer pillows or amenity kits on any of its flights. The lavatories are basic with no additional amenities, and the airline also doesn’t offer bassinets in-flights.
  • One unique facility given by Alaska Airlines, is that the guests can check-in the wine purchased at select West Coast wineries, free of charge in addition to checking the standard two bags.
  • Flight attendants are well dressed, friendly, and service-oriented providing a welcoming environment. All First Class guests get access to a dedicated “First Class flight attendant.” You’ll never be away from a helping hand—whether that’s to hang your coat, information about your flight, or a refreshing beverage.

Dining Experience 

  • With Alaska Airlines, all First Class passengers can enjoy local complimentary meals inspired by the West Coast—from snacks to freshly prepared meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, expect full tray service with porcelain dishes, linens, and silverware.
  • Alaska Airlines First Class individuals are allowed to pre-order their preferred meal online before a flight to assure that they get to choose from a large variety of available meals. 
  • On Short haul flights of 670 to 1,100 miles distance, first-class guests can expect a meal and dessert in-flight, if they depart between 5:00 am and 10:00 pm (no meal on some of those red-eye flights). These flights will have a choice of cold meals like fruit and cheese platters or a protein plate.
  • Long haul flights over 1,100 miles will have a choice of hot meals available such as their seasonal Autumn Squash Ancient Grain Bowl or pork and noodle bowl. Some long distance flights will also include an appetizer and additional snacks like a small bowl of warmed salted mixed nuts. 
  • On the airline’s longer transcontinental routes and flights to Hawaii, Alaska Airlines offers a printed menu with the day’s selection. Everything is hand-delivered from the galley with no carts brought into the aisle.
  • Pair your meal with the airline’s “West Coast winemaker program” and order your favorite glass of alcohol from the curated list of delicious, authentic beverages. These include white and red wine, which are both from the Pacific Northwest. The same regional attention is available in the craft beer selection. Other drinks include spirits like Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Woodford Reserve Bourbon. Also on offer are mixers, juices, soft drinks, Starbucks coffee and Teavana teas.
  • Additionally, Alaska Airlines believes in providing a sustainable and eco-friendly dine-in experience. They have partnered with Boxed Water Is Better to provide an optimum alternative to plastic water bottles. 

In-flight Entertainment 

  • Alaska Airlines does not provide personal monitors for inflight entertainment. Instead, passengers can access the free “Alaska Beyond” entertainment on their own personal devices. 
  • By using the online wireless internet signal, they can connect to entertainment programming including Hollywood movies and music. There are over 500 movies and more than 550 episodes of short-subject programs or sitcoms. Headspace meditation sessions are a nice way to relax inflight or be lulled into a nap.
  • Alaska allows passengers to connect to the inflight wireless internet signal for free texting. They can also pay to use the full internet by the hour or a flat price for the full flight.
  • The airline recommends that you carry headphones to enjoy streaming your favorite show. You must be considerate of your neighbor passengers and use a headset while accessing in-flight entertainment. 

In-flight Wifi Accessibility 

Onboard WiFi is available to access for all Alaska Airlines First Class passengers. 

  • Most Alaska aircrafts are equipped with streaming-fast satellite Wi-Fi, which is available for only USD 8. You’ll be able to stream, browse and chat on board, that’s more like what you’re used to on the ground.
  • Some aircrafts such as E175 and select 737 offer Basic Wifi. With this internet connectivity, you can keep up with emails, browse the web or shop online. However, you won’t be able to stream and download large attachments. You can purchase Wifi for only USD 8. 


With Alaska Airlines First Class, you get an advantage to deboard the plane first, once you reach the destination. You will be safely escorted to the ground and will have a right to access priority checked baggage claim upon arrival.


  • Does Alaska Airlines have a Business or First Class?

    There is no Business Class offered with Alaska Airlines. Instead, the airline offers First Class cabin fare for those looking to enjoy premium travel.

  • Does Alaska Airlines First Class have access to airport lounges?

    Yes, all guests traveling First Class with Alaska Airlines are provided free access to lounges, where they can relax and have complimentary food. There are three lounges in Concourses C, D, and N built at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

  • Does Alaska Airlines First Class have WiFi?

    Alaska Airlines aircrafts allows First Class passengers to connect with onboard WiFi. On most flights, there is a streaming-fast satellite Wi-Fi available for only USD 8.

  • Do seats in Alaska Airlines First Class lie flat?

    No, first class seats on Alaska Airlines do not lie flat. First class seats are generally wider, with more legroom and more incline, though there are variations based on the plane size and type.

  • Do I get a free meal in First Class on Alaska Airlines?

    Yes, complimentary food is served on all flights, with hot meals on flights over 1,100 miles and cold meals on flights between 670 miles and 1,100 miles.

  • What is the baggage allowance for Alaska Airlines First Class? 

    The First class passengers are allowed one piece of carry-on and personal item to take onboard. They are also allowed two free checked bags of 50 pounds each. 

  • Is there a dress code for Alaska Airlines first class?

    There is no special dress code for Alaska Airlines First Class. You may want to dress up appropriately, since you’ll be traveling in the luxury section of the plane.

  • Does Alaska Airlines offer amenity kits to First Class passengers?

    Blankets are available for First Class guests; however, Alaska does not offer pillows or amenity kits on any of its flights.

  • Do Alaska Airlines First Class passengers get free inflight alcohol ?

    All Alaska Airlines First Class get access to free bar drinks including beer, wine, and cocktails. 

  •  Does Alaska Airlines offer in-flight entertainment for First Class passengers? 

    Alaska Airlines does not provide personal monitors. Instead, passengers can utilize the free “Alaska Beyond” entertainment on their own personal devices, with access to around 800+ movies and TV series.

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