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About Atlantic Airways

Atlantic is the national airline of Faroe Islands and is headquartered in Sorvagur. Founded in 1987, this airline offers domestic helicopter services and international passenger services while operating from its primary hub at the Vagar International Airport. As of now, Atlantic Airways(RC) serves 12 destinations in countries across Europe. Additionally, the Atlantic Airways flights are operated as a subsidiary of Virgin Atlantic and the primary operations are overseen by the CEO of the airline, Jóhanna á Bergi. 


The fleet size of Atlantic Airways is 3 and consists of aircrafts made completely out of the Airbus family. 

Let’s find out the list of aircrafts employed for Atlantic Airways(RC):

AircraftIn Fleet
Airbus A320-2001
Airbus A320neo2

Atlantic Airways Flight Details

Flights Per WeekMost Popular Destination
229Vagar International Airport(FAE)

Popular Atlantic Airways Flight Routes and Destination

OriginDestinationDeparture DateBest Price
Sorvagur (FAE)Copenhagen (CPH)Jun 21, 2022USD 251
Billund (BLL)Copenhagen (CPH)Oct 05, 2022USD 343
Barcelona (BCN)Sorvagur (FAE)Sep 13, 2022USD 782
Lisbon (LIS)Edinburg (EDI)May 10, 2022USD 383
Reykjavik (KEF)Paris (CDG)Apr 06, 2022USD 221
Paris (CDG)Sorvagur (FAE)Nov 12, 2022USD 455
Mallorca (PMI)Milan (MXP)Mar 10, 2022 USD 233
Aalborg (AAL)Sorvagur (FAE)Nov 16, 2022USD 115 
Oslo(OSL)Sorvagur (FAE)Mar 05, 2022USD 359 
Barcelona (BCN)Paris (CDG)May 30, 2022USD 296

Top Airports Served by Atlantic Airways

  • Sørvágur Vágar Airport (FAE)
  • Kastrup Copenhagen Airport (CPH)
  • Billund Airport (BLL)
  • Reykjavik Keflavik Intl Airport (KEF)
  • Edinburgh Turnhouse Airport (EDI)
  • Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL)
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG)
  • Aalborg Airport (AAL)
  • Barcelona-El Prat Airport (BCN)
  • Palma de Mallorca Son Sant Joan Airport (PMI)
  • Lisbon Airport (LIS)
  • Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (ARN)
  • Keflavík International Airport (KEF)

Atlantic Airways Policies & Services 

Cancellation Policy

The Atlantic Airways cancellation policy provides flexibility and premium benefits, offering the passengers a convenient journey. Besides, with Atlantic Airways, you don’t have to worry about the refund or last minute cancellation. Here are some facts to understand the policy better:

  • The passengers are eligible to cancel their Atlantic Airways flights only if the booking is made from Atlantic Airways official website or via customer support. 
  • For bookings made via a third-party agency you are suggested to contact the concerned party only.
  • The cancellation is  allowed only if the booking is made 7 days prior to the scheduled departure date.
  • If the flight is canceled within 24 hours of reservation, then Atlantic Airways will not charge any cancellation fee. 
  • The amount of cancellation fee also depends on the flight route, destination and many more.
  • The Atlantic Airways 24 hour flight cancellation policy is applicable to both refundable and non-refundable flight tickets irrespective of the destination(domestic or international).

Refund Policy

  • As per Atlantic Airways(RC) flight cancellation refund policy the passenger is eligible for refund if the flight is canceled within 24 hours from booking. The refund will be generated back to the original source of the payment. 
  • If your ticket is non-refundable, then don’t worry. You are also eligible for a full refund if the ticket is canceled within 24 hours of booking.
  • The refund will be credited within 7-10 working days from the day of cancellation. And, in case the payment is delayed, you can get in touch with the airline’s customer support.
  • The refund of the Atlantic Airways flights ticket depends upon several factors like technical glitch, flight cancellation and many more. 
  • Passengers who are affected by the flight cancellation due to severe weather conditions or government travel restrictions can claim a refund, says the Atlantic Airways cancellation policy.

Baggage Policy

  • The baggage policy of Atlantic Airways(RC) allows one piece of carry-on baggage with a maximum weight of 17lbs and one personal item bag in both business and economic class. In addition, the dimensions of wheeled or non-wheeled bags must not exceed 55cm x 40cm x 25cm.
  • The personal item bag is considered as the handbag, laptop bag or suitcase which should be of the allowed baggage size to fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.

Checked Baggage Allowance

Baggage Allowance for Domestic flights within Faroe Islands

Cabin Class/ FlightAdult Child (2-11 Y.O.)Infant (0-1 Y.O.)
Low1 piece, 50lbs1 piece, 50lbs1 piece, 50lbs
Flex2 pieces, 50lbs2 pieces, 50lbs1 piece, 50lbs
Flex+2 pieces, 50lbs2 pieces, 50lbs1 piece, 50lbs

Baggage Allowance for flights to and from France, Italy, Spain, Iceland, and United Kingdom

Cabin Class/ FlightAdult Child (2-11 Y.O.)Infant (0-1 Y.O.)
Low1 piece, 50lbs1 piece, 50lbs1 piece, 50lbs
Flex2 pieces, 50lbs2 pieces, 50 lbs1 piece, 50lbs
Flex+2 pieces, 50lbs2 pieces, 50lbs1 piece, 50lbs

Baggage Allowance for flights to and from all other countries:

Cabin Class/ FlightAdult Child (2-11 Y.O.)Infant (0-1 Y.O.)
Low1 piece, 50lbs1 piece, 50lbs1 piece, 50lbs
Flex2 pieces, 50lbs2 pieces, 50lbs1 piece, 50lbs
Flex+2 pieces, 50lbs2 pieces, 50lbs1 piece, 50lbs

Carry on baggage for infants

  • Atlantic Airways(RC) will transport your infant’s child seat and stroller free of cost under checked baggage. Only one carry-on bag with a maximum weight of 50lbs is allowed in the cabin as per the airline’s policy.
  • The airlines also recommend the use of car seats to optimize your child’s safety as per the Federation Aviation Administration. 

Carry on pets

  • Atlantic Airways(RC) allows domestic cats, dogs, and birds having valid health and rabies vaccination certificates on all flights. 
  • However, the animal container must not exceed 18”L x 18”W x 12”H and maximum weight of 11 lbs and should be stowed under the seat of their owner. 
  • All the necessary arrangements should be made by the pet owners including the container/kennel of the pet. 

Booking Fee

A nominal service fee for Atlantic Airways scheduled flights is charged on flight bookings via the website. However, none at the airport or via third-party agencies.

Check-in & Verification

  • Atlantic Airways(RC) offers you an online check-in option via their website, from where you can print out your boarding pass and print your e-ticket from the comfort of your home. 
  • The web check-in opens up 48 hours prior to your departure date till 1 hour before the flight takes off. 
  • The airline also provides an interactive offline check-in option but only for Vagar, Copenhagen, and Billund, where you can print your boarding pass and baggage tag from the self-serving kiosks. 

Baggage Check-in

After the check-in process,  you need to get your baggage checked at the baggage counter no later than 45 minutes before scheduled departure.

In-flight Entertainment

  • Atlantic Airways(RC) provides you a whole package of entertainment from which you can choose what suits you best. They offer Atlantic AirFi which includes a wide variety of movies, music, and much more.  
  • The Atlantic AirFi offers an open access to all the passengers. With this option, you can watch your favorite movie or TV shows, and enjoy listening to the music on your personal device, by simply connecting to the airline’s Wifi.

Atlantic Airways Meal Policy

Atlantic Airways provides a wide array of in-flight meals such as snacks, beverages and freshly prepared dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which is available according to your flight duration and destination.

Customer Support

Passengers utilizing Atlantic Airways flights can call on their customer support number +298 34 10 00 or visit for any other queries.


  • The refund is usually initiated within 7-10 days of Atlantic Airways flight cancellation.

    Yes, Atlantic Airways(RC) offers wheelchair and other mobility services upon request at your departing airport, for those who are unable to ascend the staircase or else.

  • Do I need to show any documents while flying with Atlantic Airways?

    For international passengers, visas, passports, and other necessary documents will be required as per the Government guidelines for Atlantic Airways flights. 

  • Is it safe to travel with Atlantic Airways during Covid-19?

    Atlantic Airways(RC) strictly takes all the necessary measures and follows the Covid-19 guidelines to ensure a safe journey for each passenger. From sanitizing the aircraft after each journey to providing a PPE kit and checking the temperature of each passenger, Atlantic Airways ensures safe travel.

  • How to get a refund with a non-refundable ticket?

    To get a refund for a non-refundable ticket, you must cancel your booking within the specified time. If the passenger fails to initiate the flight booking cancellation within the allotted time frame, then the airline may charge the total ticket fare as a cancellation fee.

  • Can I bring my own food?

    Yes you can bring your own food. However, the container should be sealed perfectly.

  • Does Atlantic Airways provide in-flight dining?

    Atlantic Airways(RC) provides complimentary food and beverages on all flights, depending on the duration and destination you’re flying to.

  • Can I fly when I am pregnant?

    Pregnant passengers need to show the medical certificate which should not be 5 days before scheduled flight departure. The medical certificate must state that the passenger is fit to travel.

  • How much does Atlantic Airways charge for flight cancellation?

    If you cancel your Atlantic Airways flights within 24 hours from your departure date then a nominal fee of 100$ to 400$ will be charged. However, after a 24 hours time frame, a fee of 100$ to 500$ will be charged as per Atlantic Airways flight cancellation policy. 

  • Where can I check my Atlantic Airways flight status?

    You can simply visit the official website of Atlantic Airways(RC). There you can navigate to the Online check-in box, type your booking id or ticket number and your last name to get all the necessary updates.

  •  Does Atlantic Airways allow pets on flights?

    Atlantic Airways(RC) allows domestic cats, dogs and birds having valid health and rabies vaccination certificates for transportation on all the flights served by this airline. 

  •  Can I cancel my Atlantic Airways flight?

    Yes, You can easily initiate a cancellation request for the flight booked via, Atlantic Airways Call Center, or airport counters within 24 hours from the purchase. The cancellation would be applicable only on the eligible Atlantic Airways flights canceled within the allowed time span.

  •  Can I cancel my Atlantic Airways reservation for free within 24hours?

    If the passenger cancels his/her booking within 24hours from the date of purchase, they do not have to incur any cancellation fee. However, the departure date must be 7 days or more at the time of initiating the cancellation request.

  •  How much does Atlantic Airways charge for flight cancellation?

    The Atlantic Airways(RC) flight cancellation fee is 100$ to 400$ and would be applicable after 24 hours from the date of booking. However, your eligibility criteria for a refund or credit voucher depends on the fare rules applied to your flight booking. 

  •  How long will it take to get the refund ?

    The refund is usually initiated within 7-10 days of Atlantic Airways flight cancellation.

  •  Do I get a refund if my flight is canceled?

    You are eligible for a refund if the airline fails to provide flight service. However, the refund amount depends on cancellation, destination, technical glitch, and many other reasons.

  •  Can I make a cancellation request on the day of departure?

    Atlantic Airways flight cancellation policy allows you to cancel your booking on the same day of departure. You have to pay a cancellation fee, and the amount will depend on ticket class, reason, and many other factors.

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