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Best Restaurants in Indianapolis

by Tyla

Indianapolis is the most underrated city of America that serves various affordable, mouth-watering dishes. While vacating here, you might not want to spend huge dollar bills on food. But hey! You deserve to bite on that French soup you’re craving. Indianapolis is home to many excellent plus inexpensive restaurants. I have jotted down the cheap restaurants in Indianapolis for your ease.

Best Places to Eat in Indianapolis

About Indianapolis

Above all, the restaurants in this list mix different cuisines, cultures, and ethnicities, forming a plate full of deliciousness. Wait no more! Start preparing the list of meals you want to eat and cafes you want to visit from these eateries below.

Cheap Eateries

The Donut Shop (Bakery & Restaurant)

The place is open for brunch, lunch, and dinner. 

Are you a dessert lover? If yes, so, you realize how tempting the donuts can be. This bakery-cum-cheap restaurant has a variety of meals for every taste bud. Even if you don’t prefer donuts, you can enjoy their numerous in-house unique dishes. 

Apart from delicious listicles of donuts, the menu features spaghetti with meatballs, fried perch dinner, Bbq chicken breast, gyro platter, turkey, and beef Manhattan served with your choice of salad.

  • Phone: +1 317-255-3836
  • Location: 5527 N Keystone Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220, United States.
  • Price: The cost of food will be approx 4 USD – 6 USD.

Cafe Patachou

The place is open for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Cafe Patachou is one of the cheap restaurants in Indianapolis and is known for its eco-friendly menu and sustainable atmosphere. The locals say the restaurant has the best staff and serves diversified dishes. The most famous cafe foods are cinnamon toast, farm-fresh omelettes, or vegan Cuban Breakfast. 

So, plan your lunch date here, and don’t forget to order the chicken salad. In addition, the cafe is kid-friendly, and the meals are organic, so, it means you will have a healthy bite.

  • Phone: +1 317-925-2823
  • Location: 225 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, United States.
  • Price: The cost of food will be approx 10 USD – 12 USD.

Shapiro’s Delicatessen

The place is open for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Since 1905, this restaurant has served top-class delectable sandwiches. The food entails locally originated veggies and high-quality beef, loading crunchiness in every bite. So, the most iconic dishes are corned beef served with pastrami on rye, matzo ball soup, apricot rugelach, and tempting bagels.

  • Phone: (317) 631-4041
  • Location: 808 S Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46225, United States
  • Price: The cost of food will be 8 USD – 10 USD.

El Rodeo

The place is open for brunch, lunch, dinner, and curbside pickup. 

This restaurant serves authentic flavours of Mexican cuisine throughout Indianapolis. In fact, the place is known for its impressive dining and ambience. 

As a result, the most loved dishes here are nachos carbon, choriqueso, carnitas, El Rodeo dips, shrimp taco salad, and more. They also serve various tacos meals specially prepared for street-food lovers. 

  • Phone: (317) 862-8405
  • Location: 5636 Mutual Ln, Indianapolis, IN 46239, United States
  • Price: The cost of food will be approx 4 USD – 10 USD.


The place is open for lunch and dinner. 

Above all, this is one of the cheap restaurants in Indianapolis residing in the oldest historical neighborhood of Indianapolis. The place includes a daily rotating menu derived from the local farms at Bluebeard. So, the menu offers typical American cuisines featuring breakfast burritos with pickles and cheese, summer bacon, lemon spaghetti, roasted cauliflower, and pierogi.

  • Phone: (317) 686-1580
  • Location: 653 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203, United States
  • Price: The cost of food here will be 10 USD – 12 USD.

Bazbeaux Pizza

The place is open for lunch and dinner. 

Moreover, with a blend of traditional lip-smacking flavors, this pizza bar resides in the hearts of Indianapolis’ localities. Since 1986, Bazbeaux has served enormous pizzas with diversified toppings, along with salads and sandwiches. 

In addition, their affordable menu presents delicious meals featuring Pizza Alla Quattro Formaggio filled with rich dollops of ricotta and cheddar cheese, dripping over bacon and mushroom. Above all, their homemade creamy basil dressing is a must-try. 

  • Phone: (317) 636-7662
  • Location: 333 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46204, United States
  • Price: The cost of food will be approx 7 USD – 15 USD.

Caplinger’s Fresh Catch

This place is open for lunch and dinner.  

This family-owned 125 years old restaurant is the best seafood serving eatery. In fact, they present a variety of seafood paired with iconic drinks like fountain drinks, freshly brewed iced tea, and many more. 

Moreover, their pocket-friendly menu features fish sandwiches( fried or grilled), lobster, octopus, calamari, scallops, and more. In conclusion, you get the option to order fresh seafood daily and ask for any desired changes in the meals you want. 

  • Phone: (317) 288-7263
  • Location: 7460 Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46250, United States
  • Price: The cost of food will be Approx 7 USD – 12 USD.

Good Morning, Mama’s Cafe

The place is open for Breakfast and lunch.

Ex-gas station turned into a fantastic brunch eatery; this affordable restaurant is the best fresh morning start. Since Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this place serves the perfect meals for every morning cravings. 

For instance, the menu features fresh omelettes and savory French toast. In addition, the Mexican breakfast Tacos or Pasta spaghetti with eggs and pancetta bacon is worth a try. So, pair them up with freshly brewed coffee for mimosas for a complete meal.

  • Phone: (317) 255-3800
  • Location: 1001 E 54th St, Indianapolis, IN 46220, United States.
  • Price: The cost of food will be 3 USD – 9 USD.

Sushi Club

The place is open for lunch and dinner.

Sushi is a type of meal you can have at any time. Whether it’s brunch, lunch, or a late-night dinner, sushi is an all-timer. This particular retro, which is full of festive aura, indicates the typical Japanese culture. 

However, it also pertains to some specific rules. Yes, you read that right! The rule states plates after plates and another, made fresh to order for the set price. As the name suggests, the food menu includes all kinds of sushi you can have in a lifetime.

  • Phone: (317) 248-8103
  • Location: 7230 W 10th St, Indianapolis, IN 46214, United State
  • Price: The cost of food will be approx 5 USD – 15 USD.


While Indianapolis is a city sprawling with numerous attractions followed by plenty of delicacies, street food is still an “on go” option for many people here. Whether you’re a first timer or visiting second or third time, the city has an aura to charm you with its succulent meals every single time. So, take a trip here and enjoy your favorite meals at these cheap restaurants in Indianapolis or take them home for your boo.

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