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About Montevideo

‘Siesta town’ or ‘Ghost town’? What will you call this city? Beautiful but yet so mysterious, this city’s old town tour will let you notice this different culture of ‘closing-the-shops.’ Half of the shops get closed during the Siesta period. Still, you won’t be able to hear the whisper of a single person out there in blocks. Surprisingly, the shops are sealed with bars and boarded up even in the hustle and bustle of this city or in late evenings in the old town. Apart from all of this, the city has the frolic vibe, making you come for it again & again. With the plans to visit Montevideo you need to know the cheap flights from Boston to Montevideo, transportation, things to do, accommodations & eateries, and many more. See further for all of it.

Flights from Boston to Montevideo

The distance from Boston to Montevideo is 5417 mi and 13 h 40 min via flight. Located in South America, Montevideo has four seasons- summer, winter, spring, and fall. With the hottest month of January at 74°F, the coldest month of July at 52°F, the windiest month of November at nine mph avg, and the wettest month of September at 4.09″ avg. People love months from October to March because they mark the best time to buy tickets from Boston(BOS) to Montevideo(MVD).

Also, you can easily find hotels and flights at low prices before December because of the warmest weather. During carnival celebrations in January, the streets are generally filled with excitement, and it’s one of the best times to visit Montevideo.

The lowest season to beat the crowd with an average of 24% in price drop is JULY. The peak season is DECEMBER when prices increase to an average of 27% in price. The average price of the round-trip is USD 1147 and of the one-way is USD 798 or less. The airlines who run their services within Boston(BOS) to Montevideo(MVD) five times a day are American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines, COPA Airlines, LATAM Chile, Aerolineas Argentinas, Eastern Airlines LLC.

You can also benefit from LATAM Airlines, which offers the cheapest & fastest flight from Boston to Montevideo at USD 554.15 in October with 10hrs 20min of flight time.

Things to do in Montevideo

Often seen as underrated, this Latin American city is like none other. Not just socially progressive but also the most eco-friendly city is Montevideo. This city offers you a wide variety of museums, historical buildings, in-demand places that are Carrasco & Punta carretas and many other spots to visit like:

  • THE RAMBLA, this coastline is 16 km long, and the locals love to come here and spend quality time enjoying MATE (Uruguay’s special tea) with sunsets.
  • BEACHES, with various water sports and strong tides, the Playa Pocitos has a volleyball facility. Honda Beach is well-liked for Surfing, and popular among others are Ramirez Beach, Playa Verde, and Playa de Los Ingleses.
  • CIUDAD VIEJA & PLAZA INDEPENDENCIA, this place is the heart for locals of Montevideo.
  • MERCADO del Puerto, the Port Market are the most-welcoming markets and the one with historical significance is Mercado Agrícola (mam). Mercado de Los Artesanos is a market famous for handicrafts.

Best eateries in Montevideo

If you ever visit to Montevideo, do take a friend with you whom you can see eating and can say- oh what a glutton! This city is just not taking its excitement any low on juicy and tender beef. It can offer you delicious beef tartar and the best South American crafted beers across many breweries. The restaurants to must try here are Garcia restaurant, Baco Vino y Bistro and Baika Birras Uruguayas.

Hotel to stay in Montevideo

  • If visiting Boston to Montevideo for the first time alone or with family, here is all you need to know about where to stay.
  • If visiting for the first time, you surely should try Ciudad Vieja. You can also pay your visit to National Cathedral in Plaza Matriz and shop for vintage clothes and artifacts.
  • If you want to enjoy the crazy and thrilling nightlife, you can stay at Parque Rodo.
  • One of the best budget-friendly places to stay here is Cordon. If you think that it has gained fame for its low prices, then that’s a half-truth. The second half is terrific craft beer found here.
  • For family trips, you can count on Pocitos, which provides you with the best art décor at Edificio El Mástil and live tango every Friday night to give you a perfect refreshment.


  • What is the flight time from Logan Intl Airport (Boston) to Punta Del Este (Montevideo)?

    The total time to reach from BOS to MVD is 16hr 16min approx. For this extensive journey, be prepared to take your essentials like a neck pillow, comfortable clothes, snacks, etc., with you.    

  • Which time should I book my flight from Boston to Montevideo to save money?

    There is no exact time for cheap tickets, but you can look into months between October and December for budget-friendly prices. Also, compare your flight tickets and fares on different sites and airlines for better subjectivity

  • What is the best day to buy tickets from Boston to Montevideo?

    With the resources and data, Thursday is considered the day when the prices are often low, and Friday & Wednesday are also good days to book a ticket. But if planning on Sundays for a trip, you should be prepared mentally to give a blow to your budget. On Sundays, the prices are generally high.

  • Do airlines provide extra space carrying services between Boston to Montevideo?

    Many of the airlines provide extra space for sleeping but only in business class.

  • What is the earliest departure time for flights from Boston to Montevideo?

    American airlines at 05:00 am departs from Boston to Montevideo at the earliest.

  •  Which one is the most reliable airline from the route from Boston to Montevideo?   

    For on-time arrivals, LATAM is considered one of the most reliable airlines.  

  •  What is the airport code for Boston airport?   

    The IATA code for Boston airport, Boston Logan International Airport is BOS.  

  •  Can I carry my own food on Boston to Montevideo flight?   

    Every airline has different baggage policies, for exact information do check their website or contact customer service.  

  •  What is the high peak season time for Boston to Montevideo flights?   

    December is the high peak season to travel from Boston to Montevideo. 

  •  What is the low season time for Boston to Montevideo flights?  

    September is the low peak season to travel from Boston to Montevideo.  

Cheap Flights From Montevideo
Airports Near Montevideo
  • Carrasco International Airport – MVD
  • Capitan Corbeta Ca Curbelo International Airport – PDP
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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

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